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  • For the first time in a long time I agree and optimistic with the moves of SBI, the German machinery moving carefully and at the same time boldly their pieces. Free to play: The volume of new people will make the game again acquire that frenzy that had at some point and comes at the precise moment to stop the fall of natural population after 2 years of play, German machinery. Roadmap: Great, although obviously never meets all the proposed and sometimes are disappointments, I see in very good sha…

  • Se te va a llenar el guild norganonsito , hora de crear HH 2

  • Solo PvP|Overnumbered|GreatAxe|PairDagger|

  • Hola , soy un jugador antiguo y quizás te puedo despejar algunas dudas en cuanto a la compra o no del juego entre otras. Situación actual de albion: RegularSiendo un jugador nuevo la veras algo cruda... La población y contenido del juego ha disminuido bastante , considerando que es un juego free-loot y sandbox el frenesí y vertiginosidad del contenido están directamente relacionadas con la población y el balance pvp/económico que el juego posee , obviamente por efecto domino/sinergia todos los e…

  • Random Soloplays

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  • Pvp/Fails/Trolleo (2vs1 , troll, fail , 8vs1)

  • In this game there are too many carebears, products or not of the terrible imbalance of the alliances and the present pose of the game in function to the shields antizergs and numbers, which detonate in the cowardice to go to places alone, for obvious reasons. Being a ganker in the red zone is much but much more difficult than in the black zone The ganker player reverses his moveset in dash, cc or cd, while a fighter pks, reverses his set in damage or survival, then in a same skill level it alwa…

  • yes, dagger obtain a nerf in the next patch , see you doble daggers :´(

  • CLEAR that if there are changes, it is the same as making a nerf to a weapon / armor Do you prohibit it? Do not Can you continue using? Yes Eventually it will stop using as much as before, it is not as effective, it is not as good and it accommodates other combinations that were not possible before. That's waiting for the hypothetical rework of the weapon / armor, which will be the real solution to the problem.

  • Zitat von letwolf: „1. Twink & alt will be kicked out 2. Inactive staff kicked out 3. Semi-active moved to temporary other guild/ally 4. so you"ll still deal with 300 or 500 man zerg like now (with one change, that is this people"s alts just moved out, what actually wont bother you much when you gonna be rolled by the blob) ...are you guys really so narrow-minded, so you dont understand capping ally/guild size will just spawn a bunch of workarounds and nothing will actually change?! (btw I have …

  • The improvements are horribly slow. *Balance the single player Rework in the antizerg shield, it's simple, people are discouraged from solving only the open world, since in general 80% will feed the squad gankers and other small groups, too much reward, little risk, shorten that gap, you will see more just player in ow, more game dynamics and of course more content. *More achievements and titles, example: Title for those who achieve more than 1000 solokills with kill over 100k fame Achievement b…

  • Zitat von hamonteixeira: „Put all weapon skills on the bar and let the player choose between them during the fight. The same slot skills would have shared CD. This would allow the player to adapt their rotation to the targets more intelligently without break the balance. “ Is bad idea. Extremely difficult to balance.

  • 1 mes y le siguen dando up jajaja 1 MES! jajajajaajajaja luego para el que tiene o tenia dudas sobre los verdaderos tóxicos he aquí la clara evidencia.

  • Here is the opinion of a random guy about a great guild: You must let the old oak die in a dignified way or it will happen the same as with fricks.guild TC was great, fun, dizzy! At their best they had the same power and / or superior to a top alliance [between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 TC] >>> [POE] * At its best it was superior to any version of BA, it was able to take full advantage of all kinds members ; veterans and new players, hardcores and casuals, it was not based and di…

  • Fame Reward for being Active

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    Zitat von Sacrifice: „I never have tried HCE. I pve in open world only, where I know there will be alot of pvp. I am sorry you don't know where to go to fame and fight at the same time. “ I said "boring and monotous" not hard. In fact, is so easy... if for you pve is "great" cool bro, good for you How long have you been playing? I have played enough to know that pve openworld is a big garbage; monotonous, easy and boring. If you think otherwise it's because you're probably relatively new to the …

  • Fame Reward for being Active

    marg93 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zitat von Sacrifice: „Fame is so very easy to get. Why does everyone want a bonus all the time? “ Fame for Hce players ( carebears,caerleon players) is easy and "fast" For the other players, who wanna play the real game ( pvp risk openworld), pve is monotonous and so boring From time to time give them any small bonus , what is the problem?

  • Complete Rework to "the antizerg shield" for example: Offer new buff to those who are hit by 3 or more players when the solo player does not hit as long as it does not carry team gathering Offer more buff and strengthen the previous one when attacked by 7 players or more and please the same conditions as before. This is how you disincentive the ganksquad and encourage the sologank or the soloplayer, that the ability prevails over the numbers

  • 100% agree I do not want to extend too much, however just say that from my point of view all those problems will be at least 80% resolved under domino effect if this is done,Lets see: 1)Eliminate alliances, impose friendly fire or restrict them to 500-700 players. 2)Modify the basic mechanics of the antizerg shield, improve it. to discourage gank squad and encourage fights in similar numbers, always the one with the most numbers will have an advantage, it's logical, but let's ... give an improve…

  • Zitat von Bigboyz: „Just proves you haven’t read much of anything I wrote. Everybody grinding again = more content “ I understand your point, it has a certain degree of logic what you propose, however, beyond being a highly unpopular idea, it seems to me that it is just a capricious idea, pve = more content? That is not content, Fame is not fun, dizzying or anything, is the most boring aspect of the game, too much mechanical and monotonous. You are right that there would be more content, alludin…