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  • Zitat von Midgard: „Zitat von solventh: „you are just being told that someone is buying them by the devs. i dont think we have proof if all the server gold comes from real money. “ And you have proof to back up your conspiracy theory? “ SBI on purpose keeps silver to gold ratio low, so that less people want to buy gold because they dont want to make money!

  • Zitat von Chowlin: „Why not give solo players a single zone they can enjoy 1v1 full loot content in. “ because solo isnt 1v1

  • Free-to-Play FAQ

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    Zitat von Captainrussia: „If im not mistaken - increased demand causes a price increase (yes), Im not sure that a good/service that costs more is an attractive prospect, and if people buy more of it - will will not bring down the price of gold, it will further increase it (buying a good/service increases the price, not the opposite). Selling a good/service decreases its price. “ you buy gold, you sell gold for silver,theres more gold on the market, hence the price drops, you are wrong buddy

  • Zitat von Sas3bg: „Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von letwolf: „Fame is too busted. Its just ridiculous. 400/400 is nothing near a challenge now “ yea before you only wanted to kill yourself doing same rotation, i guess that part was a challenge “ Taboska, why are you playing grinding game and complain about grinding ?? I dont see nothing hardcore in albion right now “ doing exactly same thing in exactly same location with exactly same mobs is not called hardcore, its retarded. Im playing full loot…

  • Zitat von letwolf: „Fame is too busted. Its just ridiculous. 400/400 is nothing near a challenge now “ yea before you only wanted to kill yourself doing same rotation, i guess that part was a challenge

  • Zitat von Drama420: „I think you should nerf them, “ Zitat von Drama420: „we are not asking to cut off new dg, but to boost roaming mobs and normal dungeons... try to read all next time, please “

  • Zitat von letwolf: „Fame in randoms is way way TOO MUCH. 900 k / hour + Best drops, it is too busted! And can farm it with 8.0 relatively cheap gear and there so many RDs so they not diving much. “ i agree, remove spec still need 200mil fame to be max spec, stop crying

  • Heavy visual bug makes the game unplayable

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    does it happen in other games? seems like your graphics card is literally dying

  • Settings reseting everytime we relog

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    When you have low settings pre fab selected, every time you restart your game, show effects changes to none from all so if i wanna see any spell effects i have to switch it every time, windows btw ran as admin

  • clearly gold supply is still quite high, hence people are buying gold because otherwise you wouldnt be able to buy premium

  • dunno, gotten plenty of fights, not in dungeons but due to increased movement on the map due to multiple groups looking for them, so idk about safe doing normal dungeons you want to kill yourself after a rotation, this ones are pretty fun to do, so once again, they should be good, and you shouldnt complain that grind is a bit faster because its 10x faster than it was at launch anyway

  • you already were able to pull around 500-600k per hour from certain dungeons so i dont understand that you are surprised, still need around 100mil fame to lvl up artifact

  • Zitat von Midgard: „ill increase gold sales to a point which surpasses the current starter pack sales “ starter pack is bascially 10$ + 20$ in premium and gold, so anyway it doesnt matter much.

  • silver shrines

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    I wonder whats the main idea behind putting majority of the silver in silver bags, non taxable, non boostable form but yea, right now shrine gives about 2k silver per activation, its literally dogshit

  • Zitat von Ankey: „Because nobody wants to run between several portals “ exactly, people will stick to their regions.

  • very solid future

  • Zitat von Starseed: „@PrintsKaspian Given the change to Soul & Relic drop rates today, the transmute prices are at a range where it's unlikely to be ever used. Will there be an update to the transmute prices? “ well its more of a hardcap on prices, not something you gonna use everyday

  • But it doesnt hurt starting players, since they now have a better place to pve at, complaining about starting players and then talking about lvl15 hce, because you are not making any silver with autorespec turned on like get real for a second you want safe fame? pay for it The argument that they should nerf fame because you gonna spend less money on respec is terrible

  • Zitat von Nietz: „The rich will still be gaining huge amounts of fame safely from caerleon while you just remove an option from poorer players. “ well, you still do make money if you are not using auto respec, if you want fame credits you have to pay for them, its really simple silver sink