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  • State of the Studio 2018 and beyond

    Bercilak - - News Archives


    Dear Albion Community, Albion Online saw a successful release in July 2017. To get ready for release, during beta testing, our team size almost doubled to more than 50 people. Now that release is behind us, we are reducing the team size to levels similar to those at the start of pre-release beta testing. 31 people in total, supported by talented freelancers, will constantly improve and expand the game. This goes hand in hand with our strategy to fully focus on the game’s original core vision: wi…

  • We right now do not know exactly what we will do next Halloween. However our plan is that most of the rewards will NOT come back next Halloween to make them even more valuable. Kr, Stefan

  • Lag Issues Fixed

    Bercilak - - News & Announcements


    Dear players, we are happy to report that the lag issues that have affected some players over the past weeks have now been fixed. All our servers are stable, and the lag spikes are gone. For those of you who have not closely followed our updates on the matter, here is a short breakdown of what happened: - A short time after release, we were heavily targeted by DDOS attacks, likely orchestrated by so-called gold sellers who did not like the fact that we are taking strong action against them. We r…

  • Update 13th August, 02:55 UTC There are currently disconnects happening; play it safe.

  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

    Bercilak - - News Archives


    You can stay informed about the current server status here or by following our new Twitter account @AlbionService.

  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

    Bercilak - - News Archives


    Dear Albion Community, In the first two weeks post launch, our servers had some performance issues, causing frequent reboots and some zones in the game being unavailable due to overcrowding. We have dealt with these issues and announced compensation for this here. Unfortunately, on Saturday, August 5th, we had a short DDOS attack followed by an extortion attempt, which we of course did not comply with and immediately reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies. This was followed by heavy D…

  • Hello guys, this was a fast setup yesterday, we know that with some changes we can improve the ping over the next days. Kind regards, Stefan

  • Update 16:21 UTC 8/10/2017: We are currently setting up new technology, this will lead to plenty disconnects during the next 60 minutes!!!

  • Zitat von DrShocker: „Zitat von Bercilak: „Actually we have made an important step towards DDOS mitigation during todays daily maintenance. “ LOL and 10 mins later the game is down from a DDOS hahaha .... come on man “ We have not changed anything but we used the downtime for testing a new setup. I cant remember where but somewhere in my last posts here or on discord I wrote that with a lot of luck we may have something in place by tomorrow. If this helps I cant even say. Sorry for choosing the …

  • Zitat von Cryoes: „Zitat von Laronnar: „Keep crying. Keep staying here complaining. Or just leave for ur own good. Ur posts dont help at all, useless sea of tears. “ Zitat von Bercilak: „Zitat von Cryoes: „What a waste of time. The only time you guys actually act or do something is if it effect your pockets. “ Hi Cryoes so overall you are right we are a company who has to pay its peoples salary. Maybe a few things which might change your mind slightly: - So far all our companys earnings I did in…

  • Zitat von Anduril: „who gives a f@#$ bercilak fix your damn game don't play Sherlock holmes and post it thinking most of the player base gives a damn about that “ Hey, trust us the last days the developers have invested long hours to get the DDOS under control. Thats why we might have a solution soon, dont want to promise too soon. And although we had a lot of trouble with the release we tried to also fix ingame problems as well with two early patches:…1.0.327%20-%…

  • Zitat von Snapple: „Zitat von DomVanDamn: „not impressed at all by this video, when he said 7 bans in one day not bad (sigh) your pissing in the wind. “ Getting 7 gold sellers banned in one day is something for a normal player. “ Sorry for misscommunication, that was just this incident alone. The last banwave was ca.800 accounts in case you missed the news.

  • Zitat von Enoon: „You guys should advertise in your loading screen that you have banned hundreds of accounts because of gold buying. Most carebares don't visit game forums that's why they still buy gold not knowing they will get banned. “ Yes you are right, we thought maybe to add a popup message the first time you join the game?

  • Zitat von Cryoes: „What a waste of time. The only time you guys actually act or do something is if it effect your pockets. “ Hi Cryoes so overall you are right we are a company who has to pay its peoples salary. Maybe a few things which might change your mind slightly: - So far all our companys earnings I did invest mainly into new hirings to increase the quality of the game - From all 50 employees we have 45 who are working on the game itself. The rest is managing all other topics, like for ins…

  • Just to share a quick story with you guys. - Yesterday Snapple informed me about someone who did contact him on discord to sell Silver. - Instead of banning him right away ... - ... we thought it may be more interesting to play along and find out who he is ingame. - So Snapple was pulling out some great actor skills and did pretend to buy something But see for yourself he was so kind to record it on Video:…85584d3b2d…

  • DDOS Incident

    Bercilak - - News Archives


    Hey guys, just wanted to share some information on the current DDOS situation: A friendly letter we received.…85584d3b2db3db16f56d163f8 This is one of 20+ servers during the last days.…85584d3b2db3db16f56d163f8

  • Ein Online Spiel vor DDOS Attack zu schützen ist etwas schwieriger als eine Webseite das vergessen viele immer, wenn sie mal "DDOS googlen". Wir arbeiten gerade an einer Lösung diese ist leider auch nicht sooo schnell implementiert. Wir haben direkt nach den starken Angriffen vom Sonntag damit angefangen und mit wirklich viel Glück wenn alles klappt können wir diese eventuell morgen nutzen. Wie viel diese bringt ist bei so einem Thema auch immer schwer vorauszusehen. Wir hoffen das beste. Und ei…

  • Hello guys, let me share a few words - Did I handle the situation well? - No I did not. - Why not? - I was unsure what was the right thing to do here! (we always want to do everything right at least) - +Stress through the current DDOS situation - +trying to take care of issues myself when I get PMed in Discord > Overload of things I do. - Did I overreact when I noticed that the guys wanted to make a huge drama out of it? - Yes (I was literally pissed off) - There was a big misunderstanding which…

  • Maybe it helps The Current FOTM Tank Build with a nice description An older Great Hammer Build from Kostan Just because its a Hammer Thread, my favorit Hammer with a Build from Albions most famous fisher: Kind regards, Stefan

  • Removing silver trade completely will not be an option right now, as it is too important. But we may limit the amount you can trade to your progress in the game > The more fame - The more silver you can trade. Kind regards, Stefan