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  • Quote from Democles: “@Mytherceria i was able to extract, open and fully download, but I'm back at needing a code to proceed but the code never arrives in my email. ” It might take up to a few minutes for the email to be sent but please also check your spam folder in case it ended up in there. If you still don't get the email then please message

  • @WDAVIDHURTADO if you don't have option to extract the files you might need to install some app for that, search for unzip in playstore or some of file managers might have this options as well.

  • Quote from Krisnasatria: “I cant found sanbox fill in my phone ” If you can't see this folder you need to start the game if you haven't already - it will create the folders and you can extreact the content there then. @eversonau patched clients are always available in Known technical issues and workarounds - links are autoupdated after every release.

  • Hey guys, we've got a little workaround till the proper solution is implemented: Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi everyone, Our devs are still working on the issue to bring you a fix version as soon as we can. For the moment, we can offer a workaround, where you can download and extract a content file to your devices. Instructions: 1. Download file: 2. Extract '' to: \Android\data\com.sandboxinteractive.albiononline\files\content 3. Start the ga…

  • Hey guys, sorry for no updates - devs' been looking into your reports and are still investigating issues with patching. Will let you know as soon as we have a solution!

  • Quote from Covid2021: “Kupilem konto premium i nic nie mam. potwierdzenie platnosci na email jest. POMOCY ” Napisz na

  • Quote from Tayheaven: “Now the game just crash, either 10 seconds after entering game phone goes black screen or just close the app. Thanks for the hot fix... such an unpleasant experience with this game. As a new player Im highly frustrated as the company claims that the game is a succesfull cross playform product. Well its obviosly not. Dev's dont answer to anybody and just saying - ''Sorry" after hot fix is not going to help in any way. Everybody have limits of patience but this game is alway…

  • Wrong client version (macOS)

    Dagother - - Bugs Testserver


    Hey, it will be resolved once we get a new version deployed to the test server (most likely tomorrow).

  • Pytanko

    Dagother - - Ogólne pytania i dyskusje


    Quote from ozilos123q123: “Jest możliwośc pobrać z innego żrdódła lunchera albiona-czy tylko z tej, potrzebuje mega ponieważ nawet na steamie mi wyskakuje komunikat 0xc00007b fix, może to przez lunchera. ” Launcher i klienty w temacie Known technical issues and workarounds

  • Quote from hazo: “ERROR on download ” Po kliknięciu na przycisk Retry, launcher powininen kontynuować ściąganie aktualizacji od ostatniego pliku.

  • Hope the update works.......

    Dagother - - iOS Test Forum


    With today's patch, the installation file for both Android and iOS will be reduced to ~70 MB and once installed the game client will download remaining content. Today for the first time now it will download the whole content but with future patches, it will only update changed files, so no more downloading the whole content (~2gb) but only the relevant changes.

  • Cześć! Siarka i Mgła to śródsezonowa aktualizacja gry, która wprowadza nowych wrogów oraz pułapki w Przeklętych Lochach, możliwość łowienia ryb oraz nowe ryby w Ścieżkach Awalonu, ulepszenia Zamętu i inteligentnej kolejki do klastrów, zmiany balansu walki, nowy Oryginalny Pakiet Ozdobny, nowe przepisy, ulepszenia rzemiosła i rzeźnictwa i znacznie więcej - szczegóły na stronie aktualizacji tutaj. e7d66ddbcdc9fab3ff8f2d6c732fd64563dc9a19.jpeg Oficjalne ogłoszenie. ~ Dagother

  • Error client

    Dagother - - Bugs


    Quote from H4ns0: “Why am I having this error? ” "Authentication timed out" means EAC couldn't verify your client - I assume you're starting the game via Albion-Online.exe instead of launcher? If you want to start the game client directly you need to use launch_albion_online.exe but I recommend just using the launcher in case there's some patch.

  • Pomożecie?

    Dagother - - Ogólne pytania i dyskusje


    Quote from ozilos123q123: “Cześć, jestem nowym graczem w Albionie - chciałem zagrać w grę i nagle pojawia się błąd 0xc00007b, Co zrobiłem: Ponownie zainstaluj Microsoft Visual 2005/2008/2010 Pobrałem .net microsoft, ale nadal nie działa, ja próbowałem pobrać jakieś pliki, które miały zapobiec temu błędowi, ale to nadal nie działa. Bardzo podoba mi się sama gra - chcę w nią zagrać, proszę o pomoc ” Zainstaluj i daj znać czy pomogło czy dalej wysk…

  • Hey @Ehji please check the guide in Easy Anti-Cheat Troubleshooting Guide

  • Bug, Mi personaje atrapado

    Dagother - - Bugs


    @SKLucifer Hello, if you've get stuck because of a resource, please report it with #bug command in game e.g. "#bug I got stuck here because of a resource." You can use /stuck command to teleport to nearest exit, just keep in mind it will take a few minutes to finish casting. google translate: Hola, si te quedas atascado debido a un recurso, infórmalo con el comando #bug en el juego, p. "#bug Me quedé atascado aquí debido a un recurso." Puede usar el comando / atascado para teletransportarse a la…

  • Hey guys, you can press on the "Retry" button and it should resume download from the last file it stopped.

  • Cześć! Już za tydzień - 21 października, zostanie wprowadzony patch #7: Aktualizacja Śródsezonowa Siarka i Mgła. Aktualizacja prowadza wiele zmian, nowych wrogów i pułapki w Przeklętych Lochach, zwiększone możliwości łowienia ryb i nowe ryby w Ścieżkach Awalonu, Usprawnienia Zamętu i Inteligentnej kolejki do klastrów, zmiany balansu walki, nowe przepisy, usprawnienia rzemiosła i rzeźnictwa i znacznie więcej. Więcej informacji w ogłoszeniu tutaj. ~ Dagother

  • Hey, there were a few threads about this issue - with introduction of numeric cooldown timers it was changed to speedup the timer instead of reducing the initial time as it looked weird when you used a spell with cooldown buff (timer would jump back and forth). Problem is between equipment or buffs that reduce your cooldown just a bit and spells, currently we cannot make it so the numeric cooldown timer displays reduced cooldown based on equipped items or food buffs and speeds up when you use a …

  • Hey, sorry was testing something! Should work now.