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  • I just submitted a PR for making the network device configurable. Thanks for this! I would like to be able to send the data to a more configurable back-end without the need for a message queue. I think an API writing to a database would be sufficient and more simple. Having the client stay separate from ingestion will help. Having used Go professionally I think it is a great fit for the client, but I wouldn't want to build a non-critical web-app with it.

  • Quote from Lllaaazzz: “Quote from Kyuss: “Staxxxey's channel was fun. Her first time in <live streams> very revealing, how she was figuring stuff out. Those were during an alpha though. Her last series of vids are more compact and to the point. ” looking for a guys channel, no offense ” The sex of the creator matters? Only males are capable of making videos? Follow one of those religions that thinks women are property? Which is it?