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  • No clue if spec affects it, i assume not. Either way - think it´s funny you are Roasting them because Roasting food takes a lot of time

  • Quote from ThirdEyePULSE: “Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from DookieCookie: “ ” ” ” well, they just nerfed range of explosive bolt from 15m to 13m. And buffed bows. Explosive bolt is crossbows only real kiting ability, which is very necessary in 1v1 fights. Every fight I've tried to go toe to toe with melee using crossbow I've lost, unless I was able to land my silence skill (which is also a skillshot, and can be tricky to land. 15s cool down and if you miss nearly everytim…


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    Quote from Hollywoodi: “It is at best amusing..if not sadly dissapointing 2 months people yell at each other about the purpose of crd / SRD, yet sbi could align all these people.. We see CRD as a place for .... And try adapt it to be... Content It would end the fights in forum and move the discussion to Problem solving, though silence on sbi side.. Are they afraid to loose player if they share their vision / intention ” All those that complain about corrupted dungeons - it´s just hillarious. Sbi…

  • Quote from Skelst: “So, I don't know where is that "no content" zone. I was trying out fishing in the Roads, I got ganked by solos, duos and blobs 4 times in 30 minutes and I died to the blob. I am not going back for sure. Because it is simply not worth it. But hey, maybe you gankers should start killing each other - there's an idea. If a gatherer is ganked 4 times in 30 minutes, how do you expect him to return? For what? Yes, if one ava fish was worth at least 50k, then maybe. But it's worth 1-…

  • Quote from Neef: “While the board sword does have more dmg the battle axe E has life steal, Just because adding in life steal doesn't mean that the board is auto better. ” Are you sure about that ? Cause axe vs swords, Q vs Q - axe loses HARD - i guess. Someone should test it actually. I am curious. Single target q vs single target q, and aoe q vs aoe q etc. Or aoe q on axe vs single target on sword. Someone go test it with noob chars : p

  • There already is endgame safe content in this game, and it´s called HCE. It´s a bit mind boggling that something like this exists, since it devaluates content in red and black zones where it´s a risk enviroment, and it instead promots staying in blue zones. Also, i don´t believe you have done " so much pvp " as you say you did, for if that was true - you wouldn´t care at all about other people, since if you know how to play the game, you are nearly immortal.

  • nah brah that´s mah jacket. I just dont think lifesteal will work with specter, but we shall see i suppose.

  • or put a little knight helm into every shoes / helm as ability that works only on you for like 2 seconds lul.

  • Sending email ingame would be a good idea

  • knight armor is cancer, but it somewhat makes sense. But quarrier boots needs to die there. It forces everyone to use them for chasing and escaping potential

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from DookieCookie: “I don't think there is anything wrong with crossbow Q. Crossbow has no mobility skill, so it needs to make up for it in damage before the opponent runs away. Plus it is a skillshot and does not always hit, making the average damage lower. And I don't know what crossbow Q you are fighting that does 600 damage. ” If compared to skillshots like the Heron spear E, Warbow E or Piercing shot (Bow line Q2), the difference between air travel time, hitbox…

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “lifesteal roast + specter jacket = love. ” That seems a bit OP to me. Lifesteal does not cause healing sickness and is not reduced by healing sickness if i recall correctly, and my guess is that specter jacket will be fixed that it wont offer lifesteal, otherwise yep - it would be stronk, way too stronk. And stalker jacket might see more play because of this.

  • Quote from deenne: “ratting should be skilled.. not abusing by 1-2 items and 99% times you are rewarded for being full retarded clicking 3 hotkeys not even in proper moment. hope SBI make it skilled not retarded noob friendly like it is now. ” I agree with that. I just want gathering gear to be banned corrupted. Otherwise soon it will become meta that EVERYONE will be using quarrier boots because they offer best chasing and escaping potential. Just ban gathering boots. That´s all.

  • Is HCE Being Killed Now?

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    Quote from xTalx: “Quote from Wolfestainn: “Quote from Fusionbomb: “scouts don't guarantee safety in avas, bud one example: (Hidden Content) ” Scout guarantees safety inside avalonian. U might get ganked but ur Kill sais 5 assits , u probably 6 gankers maybe 9 if the others didnt Hit, if a ava party dismounts on u guys , no chance.And in the ava parties we do we always have zvz gears as spare. I dont see why would someone panick run away like a pussy tbh, that's why they die cz they'r not confid…

  • What is wrong with guy ? 1) Doesn´t bother paying attention to hideout bubble even though it´s EXTREMELY CLEAR the bubble disappears once you move even a tiny bit from hideout. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT ? If you dont pay attention to that, there is no saving you. 2) Dude rides Transport Mammoth to BZ. Someone who doesn´t pay attention to game at all. ALSO, HE IS NAKED. NAKED in BZ ... on a MAMMOTH. Let´s be real. It was only a matter of time.

  • bump Selling items is the biggest chore in albion online. SBI, save us. Please, make it 2 clicks instead of 4. Or make a special feature in the game : Spend 50 milion silver so that you can sell items with 2 clicks instead of 4. Or even better. Spend 100 milion silver to unlock a special feature : Sell order all in your inventory. Hell, i would pay 200 mil for that.

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Quote from Borbarad: “Invade HCE, or reduce fame and silver by 70%. It´s safe content. It shouldnt be better than risky content ” c mon corrupted is safe content, too.. I honestly see no difference any more between corrupted Slayer on gaxe, T7 cape, burning man chest and 6.1 quarrier boots.. That entire set is 250 k 1 of 10 dungeons u get an intruder if u fast 1 of 20 intruders catch u on full rat build.. Under this consideration hce is actually more risk money wise .. ma…

  • It will be great for fun moments. 1v1 its crap. But for small scale content, or fight of 1 against many will be much more interesting. I like fighting outnumbered fights, and if its like 1 v 5 or 1 v 10, or 4 v 15 - this lifesteal will really shine there. Now the numbers will not have the ultimate advantage, which is very good. This might also affect people with better gear - suddenly, 8.3 might put more fight against 4.1 shitters due to lifesteal.

  • Invade HCE, or reduce fame and silver by 70%. It´s safe content. It shouldnt be better than risky content

  • yeaah spears arent rly good. I was suprised this dude was able to get 1 mil infame with them, so u can check the style Hi guys im in love with this game, add me to friends