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  • "Fricks is the most transparent and democratic guild." This isn't even remotely true. Sure the council casts guild votes on things but anything that matters they ignore the votes and just do whatever they want. They rarely keep you in the loop about anything until last minute. There's nothing democratic about this guild at all, the fact that they are in Bridgewatch in the first place when most of the guild wanted to go else where should be proof enough. Plus once you're elected council it's appa…

  • Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Deathikus: “You can make the trash rate of all items 100% and Arch is still going to 100v1 you bro. It's not about the loot. ” You aren't wrong. But, that is better than the current situation where they both get to do it for funsies, and also get the loot. You don't really want to put hard walls on activity, but to instead incentivize/disincentivize behaviors you want/don't want. Think more along the lines of disarray. ” Considering how radically this game has chan…

  • You can make the trash rate of all items 100% and Arch is still going to 100v1 you bro. It's not about the loot.

  • Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “Quote from Wilisch: “There is no where in this website to submit suggestions to Devs, the game seems good but a few things feel like they have been rushed much like these portal rules. <snip...> ” There is, you can post your suggestions here: Feedback & Suggestions ” My suggestion is stop wasting resources and time trying to solve player created problems.

  • Quote from Tabor: “If anything Queen certainly helped eat into the silver reserves many players had built up. ” Yeah that 200iq move to up gold purchases. I still laugh at all the people who thought removing GvGs was honestly going to make a difference in territory control for small guilds/alliances and even then one of the most common complaints about the GvG system was how ungodly expensive it was to even do them but now instead of regearing 5 ppl with gucci gear guilds are regearing hundreds …

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “2. Double reward for healers. So more players will queue as healers. ” Yeah we don't need anymore 50k total fame nature staves running thorns queing as healer than we already have. I don't see anything wrong with unlimited rewards in arena though. The books aren't sellable and it's not like you're going to be able to get more than like 10-20 an hour anyway. Personally I would also add a "tank" option to Q up as, this will help teams from getting 3 heavy maces and a soul sc…

  • Quote from blappo: “Quote from GluttonySDS: “Quote from blappo: “2 leaving the BZ you will still be volunerable while you are most worth it to kill perhaps a zone or 2 away from the portal shrines could go in aswell to help people leave BZ i wouldnt want 100% safety so maybe not invisibility shrines... but perhaps a 10% movespeed buff that disables attacking while active ” What about a system where you can flag yourself as "non-PVP" that way you can travel safely as long as you dont attack anyon…

  • Quote from Magpiedom: “3) From where do you start your gathering? (From an Outpost, a royal city, an outland city...?) Mainly Martlock ” Get the hell out of martlock if you aren't Arch bud. Not even worth your time out there.

  • 1) How do you like the current state of gathering? I used to only exclusively gather t5/t6 because t7/t8 was impossible to find during my play hours since it was all already gathered, in my year of playing i maybe saw a total of 10 t7 nodes at best and 1 or 2 t8 nodes solo. By solo I mean im not in a 20-40 man "gank/zvz" group that's running around combing zones and gathering one t8 node with like 10 people. Now I can gather quite a bit of t6-t8 and a few big nodes and several small nodes every …

  • I'm 400/400 Nature, 70/100 artifact Holy for redemption. Can play every 0200/0230 crystal timer.

  • @Amoebius76 Restarted, checked task manager and AntiCheat isn't running. After restart I now get "Unknown File Version" error. Unrecognized game client . Cannot Continue. Running repair now, after just having freshly reinstalled the game.

  • Not resolved. I'm now getting a "CreateFile failed with 32." Error: 30005 Yes I have repaired EasyCheat and this is a completely fresh install/update of the game

  • Crashes at launch saying it doesn't recognize the client version. Tried to repair and now every time i start the AO client it starts trying to download and program crashes with me unable to click anything. Update: Got to the point where it just said "CDN delivered outdated manifest" so i decided to uninstall AO and try to redownload the launcher from the official website. The download will not start, when I click windows it just redirects back to the main page.

  • Quote from OceanSpirit: “Is the issue food or equipment as a whole? Because arguing using T8.1 equipment in low level crystals makes more sense than just sayingT8.1 poison is strong. ” Blappo makes a good point. I would also add that druidic nature in low IP is borderline unplayable, but at higher IPs druidic nature is strong AF. I think if they simply made lvl 1 crystals a bit higher in IP things would be a little more balanced.

  • LF 5v5 Focused Guild

    Deathikus - - Guild Recruitment



  • Ah yes the good ole "if you can't beat em, join em" argument. It has nothing to do with cost. Low tier crystals are extremely gimmicky and a "solution" that pigeon holes players into everyone having to rely on these gimmicks is not really a solution now is it? If that's the direction and player experience SBI want to give players then it's their game and they can do what they want.

  • 400/400 Nature and enough spec to make Redemption work (if your team doesn't know how to play with a nature healer). I play from ~00:00 UTC to ~04:00 UTC.

  • Imagine a game being in a beta for 4 years