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  • Blackhands and hellion shoes bug

    hypnoticshadow - - Bugs


    If you do hellion shoes, chain slash and black hand E, the second hit of the black hand is bugged, the hits starts but no damage and no push. Please fix hit.

  • Salve a tutti, la gilda Last Shadows cerca nuove reclute per le nostre attività di ganking. Non lo avevo mai fatto ma questa volta voglio spendere però due parole in più sul descrivere cosa esattamente facciamo nella nostra gilda sia per dare una idea ai nuovi giocatori sia perchè anche qualcuno dei vecchi non ha magari proprio le idee chiare dato che sulle nostre attività siamo molto riservati, allora: . Cosa facciamo: prima di tutto la nostra gilda si focalizza esclusivamente sul gank quindi s…

  • Hello, I searched in the posts but I was not able to find the answer, so sorry if somewhere there is. The Avalonians road how many maps are? And the things inside them as resources areas, hellgates, etc...are changing inside the same map or just the wormholes are changing? Thank you

  • Ok, when I wrote my post I didn't see the message of the Dev. Ok

  • Ok let's see what Devs say but they removed CC imunity and that's their responsibility. I don't see nothing bad in people trying to use tactics based on changes Dev did to the game

  • I have available from today 3 new available max level islands (5 farming plots) in Lymhurst. Interesting price. Let me know by pm

  • Quote from Nusiek: “Quote from Malkalma: “I like how the gankers are crying in this topic Talking about fair chances and shit haha. A PvP player in PvP gear want to PvP with someone who is a PvE player in PvE gear doing PvE. And you call this fair fight haha. Go play arena or HG and stop crying... You talk about HO like everyone has 3 in every zone. Let me tell you, in the clusters that I am using there is only one HO that I can use, and that's right near Merlyn's Rest... So stop crying, learn t…

  • Quote from RedXC: “Quote from Shippi: “Quote from CaptainBastard: “It seems like Albion recently step by step is getting more and more carebears oriented because 2-3 kids are crying and sending tickets or posting on redit. But my dear Devs careful because Albion is successful only thanks to the pvp full loot part beeing the only one on the market for now. The customers who are here (and are paying your salaries) play Albion mainly for pvp full loot.On the market you have hundreds of other MMORPG…

  • ----------- LAST SHADOWS is RECRUITING! ----------- >> What we are: we are a gank-focused guild >> What we do : we do well organized ganks with cheap gear. Our motto is "Low Risk High Reward" >> Why you have to join us: if you like to gank, to do silver and to pay your premium in less than 2 days , then you have definitely join us . >> What we can offer : we will teach you how to became a professional ganker, plus we have a in-build advanced loot-splitting system. If you gank with us, the only t…

  • Quote from Albanian: “Seems to be the wrong place for this thread. Since we have no "Humour" section, use "Rasnt" section for this. ” ...said the big alliance fan boy

  • Let's see . trash rate +30% after the first attacker so 5 attackers trash rate 100% guaranteed and change this ridicolous trash rate in 1v1 you kill a person alone trash rate less than 10% . N people attack 1 good, from the second attacker ALL attacking members group get -20% to IP so 5 attackers you get IP 1 and get butchered by a fisherman with his fishing rod. . Hideouts: a lot of beatiful speaks and promises the real situation is that hideouts are NOT for small guilds but ONLY for big guilds…

  • I still have a few islands available, contact me for more informations

  • Hello, we are the Last Shadows a ganker guild, if you are interested this is our discord: I also sent you friendship from discord, I will ask also to our EU officer to contact you

  • Hello for who is interested I am renting up to 6x5 = 30 farming plot in Lymhurst, contact me in pm for more informations!

  • you can try scholar robe, scholar hood if you want to play cheap

  • Quote from Majestic12: “So, I am wearing some armor now that is not far from 100. I understand that after I hit 100 with the mastery, I will start getting fame credits for respeccing. But if my mastery remains capped, I will only gain 20% of the fame value towards the mastery bar. (For example, if I kill a monste which gives 1000 fame, I will only get 200 fame towards that pool). I read that it is also possible to manually remove skill ranks from your bar by paying silver, which would then let m…

  • What to do ?

    hypnoticshadow - - Beginner's Questions


    Yuou dont need to stay in yz what i suggest find a casual guild that doesnt ask special requirements to enter and at least the first times you go in rz or bz bring cheap t4 gear so you can explore and lose only few coins if killed. Tha s my advice

  • Claws are not strong, also for gank except for mount are easly counterable a simple cleanse, double dash, invisibility, knock back etc...swords are definally out of their role fighter weapon must not all that mobility is silly

  • I hope so but the problem of the wormhole if they work as hellgates they will be just campered by guild/alliance that will make enter only their members. Be aware of this dear Devs.

  • The problem is that the new black zone are bad for new players and small guild because even if I like the design if you dont have a guild territory or hideout you need to make too much time on the horse, portal zones are without any interest. And no meaning in make home in the bz towns because prices to equip in the market are ridicolously expensive. Royals are more easy, 3m on the horse and from a city you are in a map that has some contents to do.