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  • Quote from Hohange: “Stop spreading lias.@agonyclutch there is no way to make 400m fame or 400m siliver with solos in a week! ” I think if u run SRD in the roads it is possible to make 400m silver a week. The think is loot is RNG based so if u open 2 or 3 chest and get nothing that the impression u will get, they are not worth, but the think is that u get more rolls in a SRD than corrupted, loot in roads is 610% so I really think its pretty possible.

  • 21 October? Damn, I was hoping to get the next patch this week. =/

  • I tested the lifesteal food in 1v1 situation with dots and burst builds, it is not that good.

  • Problem

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    Since the test servers take previous saves from live server, if your haven't validate your account in live server when they update the test server, u won't be able to get in. You need to wait until they update the test server again with a recent save from live. Thats what I read about that issue, you wont get any e-mail related to test server, sorry =/ (I may be wrong)

  • Quote from xTalx: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “Quote from Phosphia: “Still pending a silver generation nerf in HCEs. SBI, you realise HCE players are generating 100-200M silver per week in 0 risk conditions, yes? Wake up please. ” u generate more with ratting Slayer which is also riskless and u not even need good gear..But don't hunt hce and not touch Slayer.. ” its not riskless... even if he manage to farm without dieng in the dungeon, he can die transporting the loot back to town etc etc... HCE sh…

  • I dont think lifesteal food is overpowered and don't even think its a good choice for small scale/solo fights to be honest. About the HCE, i'm used to spam hce maps and I'm happy with the chance, with higher tier maps we have more challenges and the lvl.18 seems good with the loot chest at the end. The problem is that we can't see how valuable the chest will be since the bm doesnt work in test server. If I could change anything about that it would be the design of lvl. 18. Maybe change the icon …

  • Filter in market doesnt work

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    When you filter an item by is name and tier it doesnt show the correct tier. I typed Bloodletter>T8 its shows by the least expensive (t4)

  • Fishing Sharks

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    You need at least T7 but i'm not so sure Only starter zones will have sharks, except the Thetford one, the zones that have a shark spots are: Mountain Cross, Forest Cross, Steppe Cross and Highland Cross. You can only fishing shark from the specific fish pool, they are located near the boat in those areas mentioned above, you may find those areas easy because theres a bunch of people/bots waiting for the shark spawn. Probably because sea water is rarer than fresh water so more people are fishing…

  • I'm more concerned about corrupted rats, since that requires little to no skill and you can do it in flat 4 or without spending much more than a million to get huge profit in return plus they are bothering those who came to a pvp dungeon to do pvp. Those who make that amount of silver at HCE are spamming maps and they have good knowledge about all maps mechanics. I'm pretty sure they invest a lot of silver into that. I was trying HCE some weeks ago and one or two mistake in a lvl 15 map is enoug…

  • I though that 1h dagger buff could not be purged, i'm missing wrong? How the nerf in mage robe will make 1h dagger better?

  • Theres some changes to CD and HG here but nothing related to crystals and rats, how long do think we will be able to see changes related to this area? Korn said that we can expect them quickly since you guys are already collecting data, but would be great to get a time, like, 2 weeks, next patch.

  • I agree with iRaw said, the corrupted dungeons was promoted to be an environment for 1v1 pvp and in reality it is not. If you want PVE the solo dungeons its the place for you, they already make harder for you to get doved. And in reality people are running in circles and the game incentives that, when they shouldn't even allow someone to run from a fight and get rewarded.

  • Stuck in Red Zone

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    Hi, what do you want to achieve with this post? Maybe if you show where u got stuck and how you will get better attention.

  • I think HGs are in such a bad state that I rather them to be removed complety from the game. A few months ago I was logging into the game just to play HG since they was quick and good fun. Kill the bat>kill the boses>fight enemy team>loot. Easy. But we got in a position which we are constantly getting stuck in a fight for 20minutes in almost every damn gate. Like people bringing swaps for everything, running in circles to get out of combat, all disengage based builds so they are garanted a swap,…

  • Rat meta on horizon

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    The problem is the crystal health I think, not allowing swaps it the way to go in my opinion, if you are running a build that you know how to play and understand your opponent weaknessess you should be fine with no swaps. I was complaining about crystals and I don't think they are that bad of a problem (besides low health), if you have map awareness its quite easy to outsmart the opponet.

  • Its quite confusing, I was asking a bunch of friends here and all of them have some thoughts as me. But i'm sorry for posting a wrong "issue" here. Thx for clarification.

  • In the item description it says "Energy cost reduction -9.5%", it means it was supposed to reduce the cost of abilitys right?

  • I think if you place your mouse in the number they show how much in silver are you equiped and how much are in your inventory, no? Did I get something wrong? Edit: yes i got something wrong

  • Muisak on test server still giving wrong bonus, instead of giving discount in energy reduction the item is increasing the energy used from skills.

  • lets say i'm a invader and the owner of the dungeon are using a "rat build", which consist only about mobility, healing and evasion and by a miracle I managed to get him but he is hitting the last shard, he just started. Because he doesnt want to fight hes build is focused in survability. If he brake the last shard even with me hitting him, can he escape? I was hoping for something different than a regular HG, where you need to fight to get the reward, as it is presented by now seems just like a…