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  • (kill fame/kills)/(death fame/deaths) What's the quality of your kills relative to your risk.

  • Wtf are any of these builds? Scholar cowl. Must. Then, Cleric Robe and literally any shoes but Scholar. The Scholar Cowl solves all issues for energy, is also great for PVE as a defensive both on bosses and grouping up tons of mobs, and is a fairly decent PVP item. Cleric is like Gaxe's best mate right now. High passive damage boost. Defends you against Retaliate and interrupts to Whirlwind for at least 3 seconds. And, with changes to Purging Shield, this becomes even more awesome because if you…

  • The complete lack of attention on battleaxe is astounding.

  • Zoning / login issues

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    Jumping on this thread too. Been a problem since update 6. Every other zone I get black screen for 20-30 seconds then dumped to login screen. And yes! 50 fucking % of the time that I zone, I get a black screen! Includes zoning to bank, zoning to island, zoning to AH, zone to town, zoning to open world, and my person favorite, which is running another corrupted dungeon after completing one. Nothing like being helpless for minutes on end while black screen to login screen over and over again. Also…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “average IP includes cape~ ” Which it shouldn't IMO. Wish they would remove cape's IP from the equation.

  • Nothing like getting a drop crafted by ole Ramranch there, which is why I hate having crafter names on items, which is also why I wear only gear crafted by my own character.

  • I've done a complete 180 on this. Originally I had the same opinion as OP, that this sort of BS needed to go. But, then I thought about this some more, and I think it needs to stay. At the end of the day, this is PVP. I don't care for this sort of PVP, but it is player versus player nonetheless. It's cat and mouse. I'm the cat, they're the mouse. I'm there to kill them and they are there to avoid me, and similar to what the guy before me said, I need to adjust my build to account for this new st…

  • Number of active accounts for a free to play game in which anyone can create an account and log in means absolutely nothing to me. Give us the number of active subscribers and/or those who bought gold per month. How many people are actually bankrolling this game versus sucking from the teat.

  • Quote from Georg51: “Hate to agree with evilz but him and Parallel are right. Yall carebears just want another theme-park mmo where everyone is safe and you never lose anything because it would hurt your precious feelings. On topic though: SBI needs to sharply curve the PvP fame rewarded in slayer CD's because it makes pvp fame earned elsewhere irrelevant. And before the hipsters argue that PvP fame is worthless to begin with.... try telling that to SBI who offer round table seats to pvp fame le…

  • Ganking is trash PVP, unless you're doing it solo. Any dudes in the top anything who thinks 10v1'ing some randoms is PVP are just the Adam Vinatieris of Albion. Sure, you hold the all time record for points, but at the end of the day you're just a kicker.

  • With the change to everlasting spirit, I think cleric robe will just be the new meta. Pajama Online continues! Besides, cleric is more Gandalf anyways.

  • Yeah, as a solo player, this update is make or break for me and corrupted dungeons totally miss the mark. These just seem to be over-engineered. There's just way too much going on. Right from the start, you get an option to sign up to be an invader from a demonic mechanism, which is clunky and lazy design. There should have been an more organic way to enable this. Then, there's just shit everywhere. From the actual mobs to the mobs you blow up to the furnaces to whirly fire things to bosses that…

  • Quote from BadlyBurned: “Quote from Calesvol: “Nothing reeks of carebear more than diving... ” Lol, what? No point in trying to argue if this is the kind of logic were using at this point. ” Way to remove all context from my statement. Also, sorry that your shoot a fish in barrel content was hindered.

  • Quote from Psyopy: “Bukem you're talking to carebears, don't waste your time. The game has been invaded by them and now they set the rules because they scream the loudest. The game has lost all appeal for me currently because the risk and adventure have been significantly reduced. Structured content is the new meta for SBI. Organic content is being banished in waves. ” Nothing reeks of carebear more than diving. Even in its purest form where you have a solo diver invading a solo dungeon, it's st…

  • What has become abundantly clear is that crossbow is the clear favorite as weapon type. With the AOE Q and knockback W. Basically just kite and spam Q using the refresh Q passive.

  • Quote from Georg51: “Some of yalls are gonna have a tough time in the real world, I'll tell ya that. ” Not really. World is changing my man. These same crybaby pussies have been finding their way into positions of power for some time now and creating safe spaces all over the real world.

  • What is the reasoning for banishing people? These are basically like solo DGs in terms of loot and fame, as far as I can tell. If the loot was like HGs, then banishing makes sense, but the only reason I would run this is for the 1v1 PVP. If I wanted loot or fame I would just run solo DGs.

  • Combat Balance Changes

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    Quote from Georg51: “@Retroman I like that you are giving Cursed Skull a rework especially considering the less than desirable Avalonian Curse staff which leaves us Curse players wondering wtf to do with it. And it's 100% a buff because I'd rather deal my damage faster than slower. But whats funny is no one talking about the nerf to Locus lol. ” The new behavior of Haunting Screams is not desirable though. Tested this a bunch tonight and the pathing is way too random. Feels like Bear Paw's E to …

  • Combat Balance Changes

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    Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “Quote from Chiefbrah: “Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “So less damage and less ability to apply that damage is a buff? I'd hate to see what you think is a nerf then. ” I guess reading isn't your strong suit.While they are nerfing the damage number, they're halving the time per tick which if you add up the new damage value they ends up being higher than the current values. You also get a total of 10 ticks in value vs the 6 ticks before ” I guess math isn't yours.25…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “I just want adrenaline boost to make you unreflectable and make axes to eat like 30% less energy so that i am not forced to wear scholar cowl / lymhurst cape like a god damn wizard ” I could totally go for this change to Adrenaline Boost as well. And, something still needs to be done about energy costs. The last changes helped, but I still find myself needing Scholar Cowl.