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  • Quote from Spread: “I like it. So if I buy one block at 10 and another at 12 and stack them, the variable will show an average price of 11? And if I split the stack it would again show the discrete values of 10 and 12? ” I think you just have to wait and find out exactly what SBI can offer. That would be my hope in a perfect world. My position overall is that anything in this direction is a huge improvement. Any help in tracking the prices we have paid for things in the past is a huge labor save…

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “What happens if I buy a block for 10 silver and then another for 11 silver? ” One would say 10 silver and the other would say 11 silver. So if they were in your inventory and the market avg price was 12 silver. You could use the Est. tool tip to see that the value was 24 silver and 21 silver was paid for it. People are constantly asking for things to help them track their inventory of items bought and sold. The most asked for thing is just for AO to keep track of …

  • This isn't America.

  • So, as with crafted by, this variable would be tracked on each individual item in the game. It is the last price that this specific and discrete item was bought for on the market. Display it right below Est. Market Value on the items info screen. So, say I go and buy 999 T4 Blocks for 9990 silver. When they get added to my completed transactions tab on purchase, each of the 999 Blocks will have its last price variable set to 10 silver. Then anytime I view that item again in the future I can see …

  • If you used the search bar to find the island, you probably didn't even miss-click. Search bar on the travel planner has been bugged for over a month now. It's really easy to click on the correct island and get sent to the incorrect island, and if you were expecting to pay a fee already you just click the button. If you didn't use the search bar though, and you weren't expecting to pay a fee, there isn't a lot more SBI can do for you than giving you the warning that you already chose to ignore.

  • After a long time I got into the game

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    Quote from Rangerrrr: “I feel like im witnessing a BPD episode and now I feel bad ” D1oMW7CXQAEmhcC.jpg

  • After a long time I got into the game

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  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Isnt it much more healthy to atleast receive a simple responce of "We didnt find anything suspicious" rather then getting absolutely nothing? ” No. If they didn't find anything and the player is still there, that is your "We didn't find anything suspicious." If they did find something suspicious, that isn't any of your business. It isn't a point scoring operation. You don't get a reward for getting people banned. There is no need to check up to see how many you got right/…

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Authority isnt always correct, you know. Providing 0 info on the matter does allow the reporters to be suspicious of SBI's actions. ” Your allowed to be suspicious of anything you like, but your entire position is based off you, a player, being right, and SBI, with many more tools, being wrong or not caring. They ban people all the time though. So isn't the simplest explanation that you were wrong? Doesn't that fit the facts of the situation much better?

  • Quote from HCEPositive: “I did and I get response that they will look into it and they will not provide info if the character reported will be banned or not, but its obvious that they were not since I can still see them in game on the same spot. ” What if you were just wrong the whole time and they aren't bots? Doesn't that also explain why they aren't banned?

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Borbarad: “No benefits to chaining really. ” I'm not convinced that the fact you can avoid the open world in between 2 instances with CDs, but can't with SRDs, doesn't constitute a benefit. ” That´s because SRDs are safe ” CDs are just as safe. Full stop.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “No benefits to chaining really. ” I'm not convinced that the fact you can avoid the open world in between 2 instances with CDs, but can't with SRDs, doesn't constitute a benefit.

  • Quote from cybron14: “up again. (i dont know what else to do to attrack attention of devs) ” An intermediate mount before the T8 Mammoth. Maybe a T7 Mammoth. Breath holding, not advised.

  • I am not sure that I am against them working the way they currently do, but it was a little wild to me that the player base just instantly accepted the way they currently work. If you do HGs you, generally, have to spend more time in the OW. If you do SRD or GRD you have to spend more time in the OW. Only with CDs do you get to enter, and they exist completely within a safe space for as long as you want. I don't think the idea that they are PvP zones actually merits a discussion with how easy it…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “" - T3 Roast Pork: Can heal up to 4% of the caster's max health per second - T7.3 Roast Pork: Can heal up to 14% of the caster's max health per second " Umm .... that´s a HUGE DIFFERENCE. That´s more than TRIPLE the difference between t7 and 7.3. That´s too much. This way will be huge disparity between rich and poor players. A huge one. For example look at beef stew. Beef stew T8 is 13.5% damage. And beef stew 8.3 is 17.5% The difference is 30% But difference between T7 roa…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “This change also reverts a prior change that increased drop rates of flat Tier 4 Randomized Dungeon Maps ” You should consider just leaving the map drop rates alone. The maps were too rare a drop, disregarding their place in crafting bags, and you should use them to train players on how maps work and get them more enthusiastic about maps in general. The "value" of T4 flat maps to players is really low as it is, but if players had more of them they would be more incline…

  • Quote from Poon_Hound_4_Eva: “After reading the linked post, I can say I've never seen extra off the gear. Does it work with T1 resources? I gather those alot for volume. Or is it because I'm on mobile? Sometimes mobile is problematic I'm realizing ” At the lowest end of GG, it is a very marginal improvement that is easy not to notice because you already have a more significant bonus from premium. Basically you are getting a premium double gather every other time, roughly, so with gathering gear…

  • Does Albion wants PVE players?

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    Quote from Midgard: “ Quote from Georg51: “Also, it's very telling about your personality when you make personal insults ” Yeah isn't it just ... ” Stop bullying the 12 year old. He gets bullied enough in school as it is.

  • Question about Yield Bonus from wearing Gathering Gear

  • [WTB] White Tiger Skin

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