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  • This banning definition is incredibly vague. If i go into a portal, i do 4 jumps and find a spot. i then go to discord and write to the guild "hey guys, got into x zone portal, go east, east, south and south and im there". Then Discord would be a tool, and the map i layed out would be breaking tos and get me banned with that definition. Same if i find a shortcut from my hideout to a royal city, then posting that shortcut in for the guild to use would be a bannable offense as well. Th…

  • Round Table raped me

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    I hope you read this when the drugs have worn off.

  • Monetization of AO

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    Bandwith and latency are 2 different things. Also considering the developers are Berlin based, then you can be pretty sure that using US based datacenters is done for a reason.

  • Thanks, a much better solution, but be prepared that most players wont understand it. (i still think the right solution would be to convert existing fame to credits and let the player decide how to distribute, but this works.)

  • first of all because the market price of tome is not fixed. Right now fame to silver ratio is lower for the satchels, plus its likely that tomes will become more expensive. you are assuming that tomes doesnt change in price, which i believe is a basic flaw in your argumentation. its like saying, why buy a t6 rune, when i can just buy 5 cheap t5 runes and transmute them. its all about the market price

  • while the sword damage was high, its really clunky to really use in pvp because of the low hitbox, and if the damage is crippled as well i dont see anything it does that a clarent or carving doesnt do better.

  • Again, unless i misunderstand what @Kornis writing here, then this is a big fuck you to those who does not have 100 in the armor arti lines august 12. i really hope im wrong.

  • Bullshit, if i understand this correctly then you are literally giving more than 100 million fame to veterans like me ? what is this..... if anything you convert the fame to credits for zero silver so people can allocate the fame as they want, but here you are literally giving guys like me who has 100 in all armors a giant amount of fame that i dont even need. Why do you fame boost the veterans like this ? makes absolutely no sense.

  • Thank you, and please keep it up.

  • This is the weirdest correlation between some bullshit out of game achievements and game design i have seen in a while. Absolutely no reason to be in every city, and i have at least 8 chars who never did that achievement and its not really because i dont like the game.

  • Increasing demand in the black market is also a solid idea that would at least increase your sell value. I personally would like to see Masterpieces actually being used in the game, but increasing demand on ah would be great as well because masterpieces really lack that "YES" feeling to craft. Just checked BM for a couple mp items. T7.1 Great arcane Normal: 333.000 - 10 sold pr day. MP 353.000 - 1 sold pr month. 7.3 witchwork staff Normal 1.5 mil - 1 sold pr week. MP no price, because over the l…

  • ?. This is about making something cool out of crafting, and creating a cash funnel from the major zergs to the normal crafters. Its making a market for very rare items, that zergs would be interested in, that dont have value to the small guilds. Effectively making money for small guilds and crafters. Masterpieces are rare, and noone will be able to have any form of fixed comp based on masterpiece items.

  • Background: Masterpieces are meant as a very rare "jackpot" craft giving the crafter that special much coveted item. In the game however Masterpieces doesn't really have a place that is remotely linked to their rarity. If you look at auctionhouses as well as the black market, masterpiece items are generally not much more expensive then its normal counterparts - with the exceptions of a few weapons. I want to make this change to add a easy implemented spice to crafting, and also added spice to ga…

  • @Korn. There is no pretty solution, because its really about finding a way to get actualy fights under a zonecap limit. the cleanest solution i see is to simply only allow joining the cluster qeue from a hideout if you are in the same alliance as the hideout owner. Then you are part of a existing force, or you quit the alliance to circumvent - but it will only give you one extra army slot and you will still be under the alliance leave/rejoin rules. It could lead to having 5 hideouts, one from es…

  • your solution would only promote alts, and not really solve anything.

  • Greetings, I am having the pleasure of being attacked of a megazerg, and currently the game mechanics stop fights from happening, and against the intention it is purely a numbers game instead of a fighting game. The core problem is the inability to rejoin a fight after first death, or after first cluster qeue zone out. Its not a problem that a superior number force attacks anything, but the game must allow the smaller army to actually defend themselves, and currently this is not the case. If you…

  • +1000 for the original UO map on the wall.

  • Cluster Queue

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    Quote from Korn: “Quote from Sinatra.SUN: “implementing mechanics that provides huge advantage to whoever is in the zone first, is promoting the worst possible form of gameplay there is. ” That is indeed a concern. However, what should counter-balance this is that right now, due to the cluster queue based strategy described above, the people who are in the zone first have a disadvantage if they have to defend an object in the zone that is not close to an exit. They'd have to pick between contest…

  • Cluster Queue

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    implementing mechanics that provides huge advantage to whoever is in the zone first, is promoting the worst possible form of gameplay there is. /F

  • June 3d what about a contest for next content update launch date. They went from 4 to 3 content updates a year, which is 4 months between updates. Its more than 4 months since last update, which means they are already over time, but still no announcements.