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  • I admittedly do not play HCE content but have always felt they are balanced strangely. The fact skip sets are required to finish the map in time makes no sense. Skipping or skip sets in general should not even be a thing. Full clears should be required for bonus map and timing adjustments as needed to account for that.

  • Corrupted has driven a ton of PvP activity and are absolutely needed since this is literally the only solo PvP activity that exists. It has also been proven 10x over now that people were wanting this non zerg content. Now they just need to keep tweaking it to make shard breaking less simplistic and they will be in a good balance place. People that focus on Corrupted and 2s gates don't do much OW zerg shit anyway so if that content was gone they just would move on to another game.

  • Mindless 10v1 ganking has been slowly killing the BZ for awhile now. Until they solve this by putting mechanics in to heavily discourage this behavior you will always have a large portion of the playerbase that avoids the risk. Looks like instead SBI is just going to increase the Royal size for these players. I do agree though additional incentives need to be added to BZ to balance the risk. Queen made the BZ out of whack because the zergs get the best content in game at extreme low risk while a…

  • I have never understood how people enjoy the repetitive mindless nature of PvE. Albion is one of the few games that provides players the opportunity to play against other real people thinking on the other side. Additionally since Albion is a virtually 100% craft provided market the economy would absolutely collapse if you people trying to kill PvP got your way.

  • Easiest change would be just categorizing PvP fame between HG, Corrupted, OW, and GvG. The high fame earned from high level Corrupted should certainly still count in full though.

  • Knight armor is the glaring issue with all the broken builds. Without 30 second windwall all these builds balance would be fine. Windwall needs to be a channel and it will be balanced. Still work for ZvZ but no longer be a method for brainless small scale resets. Please look at knight armor. @Retroman

  • Desecrate is decent but agreed the root itself is virtually non existant. Most other damage ranged classes have much better separation abilities available. A buff on root duration would make sense.

  • ZvZ is fun to watch? That is hysterical. ZvZ's are massive shit show cluster fucks which you cannot even tell what is happening most of the time. Corrupted would have huge viewing potential if they created an environment for more consistent fighting. Increased contact rates and limit easy ratting and Corrupted stream views would take off.

  • No one calls for frost nerf because the frost itself is not really an issue that is only made OP because of the most broken item in the game knight armor still existing as is. They need to make that a channel to remove this ridiculous easy mode play in Corrupted/HGs that is essentially riskless. If frost actually had to fight without resets it would be just fine balanced. Channel of wind wall still keeps it a valid item in ZvZ where it was truly meant to be played but removes the craziness of lo…

  • Veteran Question

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    The average player is way dumbed down now and are just part of the massive zerg compared to "back in the day". Some of this is just do to the sheer quantity of players now and some more due to all the game mechanic safety provided from playing in massive alliances.

  • There are just a boat load of builds with massive mobility that have huge advantages of consistent resets when fights go badly. One flaw right now is the only counter to huge mobility is also playing huge mobility. Why isn't there better and more reliable options for slows? The leather helm slot howl slow ability should be major buffed so it has a much longer duration of slow and much longer hit radius. Mobility has got to be king in low man PvP for ages now give some sort of counter to builds a…

  • Nature cancer

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    I have noticed a severe lack of people using purge in Corrupted which is mystifying. Mage robe is continuing to be massively slept on especially in Slayer.

  • Nature cancer

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    Are you running Slayer or Stalker? I love fighting natures but havr not seen any in Slayer for 4 days now.

  • Total Net Worth stat

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    Draed if you hover over your inventory value you can still see your equipment value separately as well. Net worth would be interesting but that would end up severely buried in their QoL list.

  • You should get the infamy but yes you lose out on the PvP fame as currently designed. There are a few threads about this concern going now so let's hope the Devs takes notice. You certainly should not be able to suicide in HGs or Corrupted to deny your opponent the deserved kill fame.

  • Probably option 1 but these shut downs are announced in game ahead of time right? Should not get yourself in this situation.

  • Plenty you can do against bow. Use reflection or purge. Or kite during E. Point is that is a fight encounter. This sitting on trap stuff is just garbage. But yeah I said the option as well is just to leave and break shards. Doesn't take away from my original point though of do we want a trap troll approach to be a thing?

  • I think anyone who runs Corrupted with any frequency has seen the trolls that just sit on fire traps with CC and graveguard armor. I am all about build creativity but do we really want builds to exist that can kill players while doing 0 damage themselves? The slow of the fire trap is great but the damage is way over tuned. The damage piece should be drastically nerfed. The environment should be a helping assist from time to time not the sole reason players win. As of now most people just leave t…

  • Le knight armor.

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    100% agree the mindless mobility shit is terrible. No need to execute the use of defensives well or position correctly because you can always just leave/reset. Terrible gameplay.

  • Agree. Should not be able to suicide in HGs or Corrupted. There is actually 0 reason to do so other than deny your opponents fame that they earned.