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  • 1h weapons are generally weaker and you see this much more in longer group fights. You don't really see 1h dps in high level cgvg. Some offhands, like taproot, are just very good in 1v1 situations such that they more than make up for the dps loss.

  • what chest piece were you wearing?

  • I don't imagine bots would be very good at pve in this game. The mobs actually do really high damage if you stand in thier telegraphed aoe spells and lots of solo dungeon mobs have those. Would also seem like the bot dev would need to have to tailor the bot to the specific build being used. So, you might be able to see if they all use the same build? What I think is more likely is that people are multi devicing or straight up going afk a lot because it's a safe zone. With the way portal closing …

  • Quote from Barathorn: “Hi Reculsion, The Wildfire staff is an artifact fire weapon so will take longer to master than a normal fire staff/great fire staff/infernal staff. It has a nice ability on the E that rolls a flaming sphere towards your enemies that looks great but currently isn't used much. If you open your destiny board and go to @ 11 o clock on the board you can see the staff section, and click on the fire node and see what all the staffs do. Just find one you like the look of and play …

  • Devs don't want HO busting to be profitable. If it was, mega alliances would dominate the game even more than they already do.

  • I'm curious where you are seeing these road zergs. I only ever see them in ho zones when the locals get stirred up. Gotten a few group fights in the 7ish player mark over gold chests, but nothing I'd call a zerg. Then again, some people call anything over 3 people a zerg.

  • Imagine being part of a mega alliance. Now imagine dodging anti mega alliance mechanics by splitting tags. Now imagine being upset that your exploit can be taken advantage of.

  • Retaliate bugged

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    The reflect is calculated before resistences. Hunter hood ability also boosts resistances. So if you are in cloth hitting a leather/plate enemy with retal up, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • It wasn't designed for gathering. Gatherers just used it for the double dash.

  • Scammer

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    If he wanted to hand you money, he would trade it to you. Your greed for silver caused you shut off your brain. Scammers are scum, but you need to own up to your personal responsibility at some point.

  • The vast majority of the unreflectable damage in this game as a delay between release and the damage. So, there is a gap where the attacker can no longer cancel out of the spell and the defender is able to activate a relect. The longer that gap is, the more of a hard counter reflect is. For snipe crossbow, you can cancel out of the cast if you see reflect activated to outplay the opponent. For light xbow, the reflecter has a large window to take an easy win that is out of your control.

  • Its ok for pve, but lackluster for pvp yeah. The E being blocked by terrain straight up disqualifies it from shining in a lot of content.

  • The implication on reddit is that he was a duel scammer on top being generally undesirable from things like cta dodging and not wearing correct gear. Seems a fair reason to give someone the boot. Giving him 24 hours to clear our would have been the more honorable thing to do though.

  • Where are you entering from? I've found it can be very feast vs famine depending on how close to a population center a road is. Even an extra zone or two away from a city or gate seems to make a huge difference in traffic.

  • Some kind of system is needed to deal with an invader that is set up in ratty gimic build. I'd just rather the system forces both players toward the middle.

  • The best fame is still tied to pvp in hg, but between random dungeons and hce there is much more open access to decent pve fame that is less prone to pvp. There are many casual groups finding success in the black zones without having to worry about territory ownership. Even territory ownership is just a small portion of ranking for season ranking. When the avalonian roads update drops, there will be high value areas where nobody can stake a claim and players can only move around in small numbers…

  • The strongest argument I see for banishment is to have a way to deal with being invaded by a high mobility gimic build or by another rat. You might win a fight by countering/outplaying the gimic only to have the invader use mobility to escape for a reset. Given enough opportunities, they might eventually have success. A rat could even just keep camping around trying to dive you on final boss. I'd rather have a system forced both players toward the center for pvp though.

  • 95% vs 5%

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    Quote from TomatoBisque: “But why is it all strike-through text. ” For extra eye cancer.

  • Quote from blappo: “all the problems stem from them losing their balls, and not disbanding all alliances in the first place. "We are disbanding alliances oh wait no the guys who run them said they dont want us to." ” Disbanding alliances would do nothing the mega alliances since they split up to dodge debuffs anyway. It would most kill nhoard alliances like arch who aren't really competitive to begin with.

  • Using Dungeon Maps

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    Maps don't reserve you the dungeon. They just create a fresh spawn, lead you to it, and have the created dungeon have tougher mobs and better rewards. Since the dungeon doesn't spawn till you are close, you are almost always the first in. You still have to deal with potential followers though. Sounds like in the next big update they are going to make the entrance close after a minute though. So, there will only be a small window where you can be followed.