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  • I watched the last few matches of the season 9 tourney, and one thing I thought would make the entire experience better for the viewers is if, instead of playing the entire match between two teams sequentially, you instead staggered the games between two matches. Old Way: R1:G1, 10 minute delay to let the teams rest, R1:G2. 10 minutes to let the teams rest, R1:G3, R2:G1, 10 minutes, R2:G2, 10 minutes, R2:G3 New Way: R1:G1, R2:G1, R1:G2, R2:G2, R1:G3. R2:G3 The downside is that you will probably …

  • I haven't really used the BM for a month, and this thread reminded me to go relist all my canceled orders. So I relisted about 50% of the stuff, and this morning 80% of it is sold. Which is pretty normal to me, It could help if you listed the 30day and 24 hour charts from the pull out for the items you think aren't selling. You don't need to give the name of the item if you want to be a sneaky little trader. The thing I did notice is that there were a lot of items that had broken through their m…

  • Boop Some way to set up multiple orders at one time, or to have order sizes be larger, would be greatly appreciated. Buy and Sell side.

  • I spent 10+ hours, a week ago, just removing orders from markets. Completed orders should be condensed during server resets. Just run a cleanup on the data base at the same time.

  • I think you answered your own question. Unless you can convince people to not play at all, they are going to play whatever the highest level they can that day. I think it's a good thing though. I know people don't enjoy losing. But, the way you get better is to play against people who are better than you. The only way it can be bad is if the really good teams vastly outnumber the not good teams. Then it is probably just a buffet table to pick up a little silver.

  • A game of lunacy

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    This is mean.

  • Quote from Murchael: “Nowadays there are many ways of earning a lot of money. All you need is desire. ”…0b7ddd5a92a941f39a997d774 Desire and a time machine, in this case.

  • Quote from Georg51: “Quote from Apotosariel: “I don't play Albion. Forum posting is a nice time killer while I am waiting in queues. ” At least you admit you're a shit-poster and your opinion is therefore irrelevant. ” I don't know about that. Self awareness is a positive character trait. Some people around here shit post constantly and have NO IDEA at all. It can be super ironic at times.

  • 1. Kill Person 2. Loot Person 3. Sell Loot 4. Buy Tomes of Insight The PvE fame for PvP activities, like hell gates, is also much higher and the activities tend to pay out in more Tomes.

  • Quote from Draedark: “Quote from Piddle: “So having high spec should make all your repair costs go up? Because that is what we think is important, being taxed on effective IP? ” Interesting, is this how it works currently? Repair costs being calculated based on % durability loss vs your effective IP? I guess repair mule alt would be needed to test this. ” No. It isn't. You pay a % of the IV based on durability loss and then reduced by the global discount.

  • So having high spec should make all your repair costs go up? Because that is what we think is important, being taxed on effective IP?

  • Quote from Midgard: “I just dont see how constantly bleating on about it helps anyone. ” I just don't see the point of talking about it says man with 3000+ comments, 5 of which are in this thread so far.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Piddle: “If a door needs a screwdriver and a pair of pliers in order for someone to get through it. Asking for a handle isn't a QoL issue. ” Agreed. All it should take is to turn the handle .. once for each door. ” That you don't understand, isn't surprising. You are literally supporting SBI rubbing sand in players eyes for no reason. You somehow seem to think the game is better for it. There really is no help for you. I can fully understand not really caring. Not…

  • If a door needs a screwdriver and a pair of pliers in order for someone to get through it. Asking for a handle isn't a QoL issue.

  • Fix the game for muted players

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    I'm going to just shut up now.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Tabor: “Maybe that's what we need though Midgard is another 50 people to create threads since the Devs have blatantly ignored this obvious and simple quality of life need. ” They’re aware. It’s a QoL improvement and not top of their backlog list by a long way I’m sure, but they’re definitely aware of it. Another 50 people creating new threads doesn’t change that ” People aren't making these threads to bring attention to the problem anymore. People are making these…

  • The way the roads connect the royals and outlands is a huge disappointment to me. They could have really opened the world up to players. Instead they are mostly little mazes that connect zones that weren't that far from each other in the first place.

  • Quote from DaarioNaharis: “imagine crying on forum about runes. omg ” Imagine needing attention so bad that you post useless and oblivious comments. If you want to be mad about stuff, be mad at whoever stunted your emotional growth to the point that you are incapable of discerning the difference between normal human conversation and crying like a baby. But, when you discover that the thing you hate most in the world is yourself, give yourself a break. It's probably your parents fault anyhow. Cry…

  • Quote from FirstTimeKarma: “Quote from Piddle: “Doubling the recipe cost of enchanting isn't a nerf to material production. ” Yes, it had no impact concerning the production at all - BUT it had a big impact on the consumption on of the materials (Runes, Souls and Relics). Edit: Nevertheless they could rework the transmutation system to make it more useful. ” The impact it had was that less materials were being used. Demand was reduced. Demand doesn't just rise because you make it cost twice as m…

  • Fix the game for muted players

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    If I am honest, I think 5 mutes shows enough of a pattern to just permanently mute a person. The fact that they allowed 30+ mutes and an additional 10 other interactions. I am not sure if SBI is soft on crime or if they are just masochistic. That you are crying foul over it is somewhat comical to me. Inalienable rights.......