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  • ARCH are like orcs, if you kill them they will contaminate the land with their spores. From spores new ARCHlings grow like mushrooms. The more you slay the more will grow back.

  • @Blatta Now people do the same but with alts. I get that SBI gets more $$ for more subs so it's good for them. I don't expect any changes just like ArcheAge never changed. It won't change my mind that focus is bad for the game long-term.

  • You may bash him for "whining" but he is right. Focus is a cancerous mechanic that doesn't belong to the sandbox genre. While we do not have focus pots (like the Archeage) the multi account economy still exists and creates armies of dead souls that look good on dev spreadsheets but not in game. It ruined the economy of AA and it will ruin AO. Focus = Bad design

  • Fix nature staff. Im tired of this

    Sartaq - - Small Talk


    Pvp with great nature is fun but only 1 dmg spell is so fucking boring I dropped it. Even tho its op as fuck.

  • Cursed Staffs: New W-Spell: Grudge The Grudge: can be cast on any ally, and lasts for x. While it is active, every normal attack they make inflicts a Vile Curse on the enemy. I don't get it. Why would anyone use it? Seems useless...Especially since it's competing with other W spells whch are all way more powerful/useful.

  • I have got T4 to T6 in every weapon class/armor and honestly at this point I just can't find anything fun or unique enough to keep playing. Even if you watch duelers in Caerleon bank - everyone is using the same gimmicks. Skill design is one of the biggest flaws in this game. Designed for mobile-device combat, eh? When new stuff is gonna be added I hope it's not gonna be +10% dmg toggle or other bullshit. Combat is a mess. No amount of new pve/pvp content is gonna fix the simplistic combat with …

  • Man the gatherer hate is strong in this game. Look like a gatherer is the enemy no1 for all the edgy kids.

  • Quote from RockLobster: “Love the Feedback Korn. I will say, I like the game so far. I've joined a top fame guild with holdings in the Black Zone and I clearly see this is how the game is meant to be played. I was delighted for about a week until some of the less stellar aspects of this game came into clear focus. 1. The #s in a guild vs. How many people actually matter. Let's face it - once you're in the top 20 guilds with holdings in the black zone, you're only job as member #142 is to farm si…

  • People are obsessed with earning silver to buy stuff. I've got loads of silver but I have no will to buy expensive stuff I'm going to lose anyway. Even as a noob I earn more than I spend and hoard gold just for the sake of it. Chill and play sandbox. You can be at disadvantage economic wise and so what? Just like in real world, life goes on. Focus on things in game that you think are fun. Only this matters in the end. We will talk again in a year or so and let's see how many of those people who …

  • Auto-res cheaters in black zone

    Sartaq - - Rants


    I have witnessed player named X res himself in black zone (I have a topic about it in reports section) after I killed and executed him. He did res himself repeatedly to keep me in combat so I can't loot his bag. I have his profile saved. I hope someone from the GMs can check it and refund me my lost gear since after he ressed like 5 times he killed me with bare hands from full hp to 0. Thank you... Am I allowed to link his profile?


    Sartaq - - Rants


    Quote from Bercilak: “Hey basementwarrior, Topic 1: Zoom Hack - it is technically not possible to see other people on the whole map. - People still zoom out with Hacks very far but you have almost the same range as every other player with the name tags - If you see a screenshot of someone who zoomed out so far you will not see other players aside from the ones around you you would see anyway. - Aside from this we just recently banned 50 people for that. Topic 2: Bots - Right now the BOTs are rel…

  • Quote from Stravanov: “Quote from Sartaq: “Quote from Stravanov: “Quote from MagicBootyhole: “Quote from Stravanov: “Quote from Viper482: “ ” ” Then please provide another solution for this current clusterfuck of a game.Why won't the game function without making another server (EU)? Because people might get better ping?If you're going to make an argument, provide some answers to your logic. ” The answer is right there in your post where you quoted me:The whole idea of this game is that there isn…


    Sartaq - - Rants


    bump for justice

  • Quote from Stravanov: “Quote from MagicBootyhole: “Quote from Stravanov: “Quote from Viper482: “Either people leave the game or they open up an EU server, only two fixes for this. Makes too much damn sense which would be the better business choice. ” Yo the whole idea of games like this is that there isn't regionalized servers. Understand this plz. And stop asking for regionalized servers. ” Then please provide another solution for this current clusterfuck of a game.Why won't the game function w…

  • I'm constantly playing around 130 ping and it feels terrible for premium status game. From the info I have gathered on forums the server is locaed in the US. Why are EU players forced to play on US server? I thought the company is German. Did they totally drop the ball on EU playerbase? Are we such an insubstantial income that doesn't warrant a server or what? Am I forced to buy a proxy service + your premium to enjoy the game as non-melee weapon player?

  • Quote from Keinchi: “last time i run an expe with a Curse 1h/shield and plate ... that dude was amazing at keeping aggro and tanking. so no ... you don't need all Taunt and aggro generating passive. that curse tank was one of the best tank i had in an expe, huge aoe dps/aggro, seems like relatively high aggro thanks to his 4 curse stack. to be honest if i ever gonna tank i'd go with his build. it's different, and it's efficient. ” Well I was healing an expedition with curse tank and he was dropp…

  • I guess after a month or two the 90% of remaining active player population will be docked in Caerleon. It's already 4 or so times as populated as other hubs. How is it a good design?

  • I have regrets about not buying island in Caerleon. T1 city farm materials market prices are so damn terrible. I barely make any profit and whenever I go to Caerleon to check prices there the same mates are sold almost 2x higher. Fuck me. Is there even a point of the non-Caerleon cities?