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  • I don't know what you're talking about. SBI know what they are doing. It's been 3 years they are removing POI of the game where you had to fight for. It's been 3 years they are sticking to the same old bugs they don't care about. It's been 3 years the latency is a huge issue for "fair" pvp. It's been 3 years they are favoring fleeing over fighting. It's been 3 years they are pissing on there own moto "high risk high reward" after each update. It's been 3 years they are just making the game annoy…

  • Quote from Obelis: “We don’t feel this is ideal, as we would then create situations where players who don’t want to fight also don’t want to destroy the Demonic Shards, thereby creating a stalemate where one player tries to bore the other into destroying the shards themselves. ” Strange I thought running away to get out of combat after a fail combo to get health back getting out of combat/ kitting to death was the meta for small scale PVP for a really long time.

  • You're loosing IP ? => No You're loosing fame ? => No Game is getting update and you can improve your character futher ? => Yes Is the PVE fame mechanism going to change => NO Is the craft fame mechanism going to change => Hell yes for artifacts. Issue can only be about crafting cause again applying the change is retarded when there is no "respec" for crafting and there is not the same use/drop for artifacts.

  • End of ghost pulling.

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    Hey ok finnally you managed to remove ghost puling from the game. But did you ever consider why people where ghost pulling in the first place ? Answer is prety easy, cause your balance PVE in same cases is horribly wonrg. Might be a good idea to consider removing impossible packs of mobs or at least so fucking threatening you won't pass them with multiple attempt due to ... Albion RNG (consider lag, desyncronisation, retarded latency, bugged mobs, interruptable attacks even after death and so on…

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “around 70~80% are tome chests, not counting the final boss one, that is never a tome chest. To be fair with everyone, those tomes could be at least tradable, so that i can choose if i want the fame or trade it for some silver. Or just make it more like 50-50. To someone like me, who is already max spec on what i want, those are just plainly useless. ” Welcome in Albion a game that doesn't care about old players. But be happy ... at least you're not a gatherer or a crafter as…

  • I can understand the split decision for armors (fame). Cause in the end even if it's fair or not, with the respect mechanism, everyone is in the same boat and you can alayws "patch up" SBi bad decision making. But for the crafting ... Hell this is damn retarded. How many crafter in the game made only 1/3 of their fame for a weapon/armor only with T3 artifacts ? And it's not like there is a fucking "respec mechanism" for the craft. It at least had the good point of giving a use for some fucking t…

  • To sum up ... Issue isn't about IP. Issue isn't about faming. Issue isn't about money. issue is about esthetic on you spec tree ... ok ... Thanks god SBI made an update a couple of months ago where you can finaly see characters finger when you zoom in and have them nacked. I wouldn't imagine the drama we would have on our hands now otherwise ...

  • Impresive feedback. Thanks for the good work keep it up ...

  • Quote from Calesvol: “Twissa brings up a good point that I had not thought about, but while this addresses the issues with IP, it doesn't address the issue that Auto-Respec will no longer work with these items since they will no longer be max spec. Can we just convert to fame credits and let the players respec at this point? ” So basically ... you're complaining because you will be able to : => increase you gear futher => earn more fame for a time (no 20% respect penality for the fame earned in …

  • Quote from Retroman: “We generally would like to prevent giving additional fame to the existing player base, because it makes it even harder for new players to keep up. However on the combat-side we can be a bit more lenient and give a few extra levels, to guarantee no player ends up with less Mastery Bonus after the update. ” Yeah you're right, it wasn't already worth to have 100 on every branch for a weapon or armor, and you made it even less relevent. Again the "neeby neeby" but for the peopl…

  • Rat meta on horizon

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    Quote from Arison76: “Quote from Sinwut: “Quote from Arison76: “honesly it would be not problem if you would be just send back to your dung after fail but you are going to use this new anfa... sth ... Imo i do not really see usage of those crystals that why i made this post cause i love those dungeons and i do not want them to be destroy by that stupid mechanic ” I don't think you understand the point of these dungeons...... ” Correct me if i am wrong, but the point of this dung is to bring 1 VS…

  • Roads of Ava Feedback

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    Yeah welcome to poney simulator 2.0. SBI provided us with empty maps, and nice booster. I will feel like racing a horse now ... awsome.

  • satchel cost is wrong

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    Made some testing. 8.3 satchel. Fame bonus is good. +43% like intended. But the cost is wrong. Cost should be : Mob fame * Bonus fame (1,43) * 2.4 (satchel cost) At moment cost is : Mob fame * 1,25 (bonus fame apearing is logs) * 2,4 (satchel cost)

  • Pls Nerf Helmet of Valor

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    I though avalonian gear was supposed to be better and stronger in most content than other gear. The difference between both gear is going to be the price. Let's see how common they'll be once you can't easilly get them like nowadays.

  • Did you try to : => unlock everything. => get 1B money => Trade you spé for respe points => change cluster => use all the respec point to get max level ?

  • Fame Split Crafting/Combat

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    It would then mean you could also spend it somewhere else and then getting a "free" amount of respec points. But if you take in considération IP wise : Max spé in artifact armor gives now +300 (with orther armors max) / 240 (without other armors) After the update you'll get : +20 (masteries) +83*2,2 = 182,6 (spé of the main armor) + 83*4*0,1 = 33,2 (spé of other artifacts armor) total is 235,8 (or 295,8 without other armors maxed) In the end, you loose about 4 IP on you gear. The only difference…

  • The moment I couldn't use it was the moment I : 1. already had a boost due to joining the map 2. had outlaw But to me both seems intended.

  • Don't worry arcana W is going to change everything in the game.

  • Can't wait for new spells on par with cursed beam, hoarfrost, energy beam, empowerd slam, energy drain, to get in the game.

  • Name : Melaween Issue : Lag spikes Over the past few days the game became unplayable due to lag spikes over and over again. I'm at a point my screen spend more time frozen then running normaly. And obvisouly I'm still at 120ms ping in game ( which is as relevant as gear description btw, can't trust it) All other online games I tried 0 issue. 17ms ping, no packet loss +ultra setting everything's working perfectly except Albion.