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  • Quote from Tabor: “Or kite during E. ” imagine kiting 100% uptime spell

  • Quote from Gunnar216: “We want hardcore, character deleted on death permanently too. ” dont use "we" as "I" And there is a game for you, its called path of exile

  • there no reason for them to exist in the first place, you could literally add the silver upon looting or opening the chest

  • Quote from Idebenn: “Ice Shard is terribly overrated and very inefficient energy-wise, it also doesn't benefit anywhere as much from cast time reductions due to its already fast cast time and pigeonholes you into Royal Cowl. ” have you ever heard of scholar robe? frost is 100x better than fire for FF and do you know that if you kill mobs in a dungeon, you get mana back while fire q has lower damage than frost single target q just because you attack too fast to proc DOT And Ice shard does more dp…

  • Quote from Claye: “So start to add better servers, and most important relay servers on EU Region and Asia, to reduce lags and delay wich are kind of boring. ” i prefer to play on 200 ping and be in one world with everyone than have mutliple shit servers and low ping

  • Quote from Hostility: “Nice. Maybe now we can work on the 5 zone radius cluster queue at every cta timer in the game? ” no, maybe we can start ignoring zerg fests and just improve the game instead like with avalon update theres nothing more aids in this game than large zvz complaining about cluster queue while adding more guilds to their "coalition"

  • you purged yourself, just a tooltip bug

  • remember when hp was increased so you wouldnt get bursted? Heh, time to kill in especially 5v5 is just super broken anyway, everyone moved on from deathgivers to carving stalker jacket iron will, so this nerf is literally pointless and wont have any effect on anything

  • Quote from Ghostelmx: “Quote from Gabumon: “A strong HCE team doing 3 lvl 15 maps per hour can get around 4-6 mil per hour if they dont die at all. On the other hand, the top infamy guys, assuming they get 4 sucessful invades per hour, against T8 gear guys (not taking into account any 8.3 or very expensive item like chillhowl) can earn about 600-800k per kill (plus the dungeon loot, according to my friends, from 200 to 800k, so a middlepoint of 500k is good estimate) nets around 5-6 mil per hour…

  • Quote from Ghostelmx: “a player can get much more fame and silver (including loots of monters and chests) doing HCE wich is located at the city. ” fame yes silver not

  • Quote from Satyrns: “, everyone is building to try to counter dagger, that's why guardian helmet is so OP. ” theres at least 2 better helmet options vs dagger, so no.

  • Quote from blappo: “so you agree there are tons of things ignored in order to add feature bloat. rather than fix they add new ” No, they are actually doing both, which I clearly said multiple times. We've got a map rework this year, idk how can you spreading bullshit, unreal.

  • Quote from blappo: “like over a year ago and no info on plans. its called an example bruh, ” no, its called spreading misinformation. LOTS of things have been reworked and will continue to being reworked along with adding new features new bow is busted for zvzs - useless btw hOw aBoUt WhIsPeRiNg bOw, yea, lets ignore that the line has 4 viable weapons unused mounts? No shit, there always will be better and worse mounts, not every single one can be used, I see a great variety of mounts either way…

  • Quote from blappo: “Quote from PenguinSniper: “Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with SBI adding new content ” theres nothing wrong, the problem is new is prioritized over getting other things tuned right. Like factions all together are being used completely outside the scope of what they were probably created for, as most players dont go around taking outposts, instead we use it for ZvZ training mostly. which is fine, But factions could be great, but they have to make outpost a b…

  • Fuck CD's

    tabooshka - - Rants


    just have a build that can catch people running away 5Head

  • faction rework is planned from what they posted

  • Quote from Vesen: “Quote from tabooshka: “ clearly im being trolled right now ” Caeven, check again. ” still doesnt look any better

  • Quote from Tabor: “I am hoping this patch addressed the issue of always invading and never being invaded. I would like to be invaded from time to time as chances are that would be a better fight but when clicking the stone it is almost 100% just invading. ” yea, you can only invade people with less infamy than you and it seems like LOTS of people choose pve route or are low infamy, which is why you get insta invade everytime.

  • Quote from Vesen: “after checking your killboard ” glad you checked my alt that i dont pvp on clearly im being trolled right now

  • Quote from kheeta: “Quote from tabooshka: “its not overpowered though, I would argue that nerf to healing pot, tap root and guardian helm is a huge nerf to a kite weapon. ” lolwhat?it is busted like fck! crazy OP weapon with no counter play wanna look into eyes whom made such IDIOTIC update ” lmao