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  • I'm starting to think AO is just the realization of a gedankenexperiment to see how much shit people are willing to eat before they finally throw down their napkins and excuse themselves from the table.

  • Those numbers are the base energy cost. The actual energy used scales with ability power.

  • Quote from Hairless_Bear: “I'm not a huge fan of the halberd changes just because it doesn't feel like a halberd. The main spells are all named spear. Spirit spear. Forest of Spears. Traditionally the halberd is not a spear. It is a polearm. ” They really need a polearm-specific branch for the destiny board instead of trying to shoehorn the halberd in with spears and the glaive with swords.

  • Quote from Lensar: “You can say it's not a problem now, but in two days we're going to see a chitstorm of posts complaining about people logging out and camping boss mobs for XP. ” Bump for the prophet here, hopefully it's not drowned out by all the threads complaining about people logging out and camping boss mobs for XP.

  • Disputing your exaggerations and specious reasoning isn't trolling, despite what your inner victim is telling you.

  • Had he been able to zone, he would've easily escaped. Had he not even been there in the first place, he would've easily escaped. Are these possibilities also ruining PvP? The fact is, that guy had no chance to mount up with you and your merry band of men piling on. He was caught between a rock and a hard place and not even your imagined "I ESCAPE" button would've saved him.

  • Lensar posts video to support argument that escape on a mount is an "exploit" and ruining PvP. Video shows guy with fastest mount in the game dying like a dog without even trying to use said "exploit". Devs still ignoring Lensar; there may be hope for this game yet.

  • It's absurd that the game likens dying people to exploding spaceships, but the way you frame it, items randomly blowing up actually sounds like a good idea. Dying should always be a loss (at least a personal one) no matter how you look at it. The scenario you describe is most likely to represent the outcome for the larger group in a fight, in which they lose a few people but still win the day due to numbers. Preventing trashed equipment only emboldens people who already have little chance of los…

  • Open worlded PvP MMORPG

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    Quote from Zerosum: “But the game is largely dead, mostly because of the developers and party because if you get a late start, you never get caught up because of griefers which means you only have people quitting the game and no one coming to play it. ” AO is on that same path to ruin. Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it.

  • The only thing they're a confirmation of is that a game is poorly designed and inadequately secure so as to suffer from exploits and cheats.

  • Open worlded PvP MMORPG

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    Quote from PvPer: “Does anyone knows a good open worlded PvP MMORPG true to its' title? ” If there were, there sure as hell wouldn't be anyone here to tell you about it.

  • Quote from molleth: “I think the other main suggestion for fixing naked scouts does more to solve the problem: if you're dead, you see & hear nothing. ” This does nothing to address the problem, because killing the scout already provides them with all the info they need to accomplish their task.

  • How about a timer before joining instead, during which you contemplate whether you can trust the people inviting you so that you've only yourself to blame if you end up dead.

  • Public ban lists serve no purpose, not even as deterrent, yet self-righteous clowns desperate for entertainment never stop asking for them.

  • Quote from Talion: “Should you encounter any more people doing this from now on, feel free to report them to together with ideally a videothat also shows the time that video was taken. We will then take appropriate action. ” SBI running a 24-hour witch hunt because they can't be bothered to change a single value in an xml file today. Quote from Korn: “The reason why our development pace is so fast despite the fact that we are a small team is that we are taking an agile a…

  • Quote from Hannibal_Barca: “Considering the fact you do solo these in Low Tier with 5 people ” You know you're a nuthugging zergling when you start referring to 5 people as 1.

  • This games foundation is....

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    This game is made by Millennials and it shows.

  • Quote from Jonathan_Silverblood: “Unless you are looking for defence, in which you can forge them to have defense by using their passives. ” True, but that option is available only for the heavy line.

  • Quote from Jonathan_Silverblood: “I'd say, that frankly, the shield should have higher armor and magic resist values than the shoes and helmet combined. ” Helms and boots have no armor/magic resist, so it already does. Offhand items should have active abilities (a block ability would be an obvious choice for shield), and supposedly they used to, but I guess keeping the combat simplistic and boring is the M.O. of the Quote from Bercilak: “5 full time employees who are doing noting else then worki…

  • Quote from terean: “Anyway, I've hired a merc and a tinkerer. But they are nowhere to be found? ” Probably quit after realizing what a clown their employer is.