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  • Congrats, It's a great success for SBI, but the downside is that we have now so much instanced content the open world is pretty much vast and empty, even considering growing population. Reasons for that are many, but most of them come down to the single reason - hideouts and corrupted dungeons. While i can't really blame players to enjoy single mode game, the invisibility shrine and disconnection between open world and pvp content is having major impact on the original game style - hardcore, ope…

  • Co to za gówno post?

  • konto

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    Tak da się, domyślam się, że chcesz sprzedać konto, bo często ludzie o to pytają z tego powodu. Daj nick postaci, pogadam z kolegą z SBI żeby Ci ułatwił sprawę

  • I know, Why is the other issue NAB? What's the point of such design? If my item is higher quality than the market's buy order I should be able to see it from the 'quick sell UI' window. I can still sell it using a workaround so, I don't really understand your point, please elaborate

  • @Mytherceria The other bug that is here forever: You have an item of 'good' quality in your inventory. UI does not show item of 'normal' quality to allow you to quick sell, unknown.png You have to search this item in the list to match the buy order of 'normal' quality. unknown.png I hope that will be put in the backlog as well, it ain't game breaking but it's been here since we've got the new UI

  • Yeah, this seems to be new that orders are not consumed in a proper manner, but the fact that you can't quicksell items of higher quality was here for a very long time, you need to search this item on the list and only then you can sell. If you need more explanation on what I mean i can do short video or take few screenshots

  • More castles and outposts is awesome news, Amazing that you were able to to make it happen before s10 starts, it will change life of many guilds. Great job, keep it up team

  • So this was probably reported around Oberon Release. I can't recall exact moment when you updated the logic how the quality is taken into account, but I remember it was changed few times since the release. Problem description: Black market buy orders are not consuming sell orders of higher quality. Evidence: YzhScrt.png Workaround: cancel sell order, search the list manually and sell the item / quicksell Result: Item is sold for the buy order price. Please fix, thanks

  • Well I don't really understand what do you mean by 'healers will never get debuffed', but I don't think it's possible to rework heal debuff and I couldn't read anywhere we are switching back to dps/def debuff like it was originally (the only design that makes sense to me however abused by solo bombsquads). So i would like to understand how is the heal going to be debuffed after rework as we won't have two values like with dps. Another thing is as you are actually confirming what I've written in …

  • Lek na cale zlo - Avium Otwiera Rekrutacje!

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    Quote from Dahlinbrand: “@glokz Siema moge do gildii ? ” pal gume randomie

  • Quote from DildoSwaggings: “He means the people that loaded chars inventory in 8.3 on a mule just to feed fame... ” That's violation of rules and it is bannable regardless whether there was a bug or not.

  • Quote from keeperofnature: “Imagine wanting the devs to spend development time on this shit. Smh. IMO best would be full pvpfame rollback and ban obvious abusers ” Abusers? You mean like playing the game and killing others? Lmao

  • This is ridiculous, The lategame goal of the game is to burn silver into PvP fame, now you remove PvP fame gained during a patch day when all the players power gamed, which means you basically RIP off silver from players. What really grinds me? Is that you have presented no technical explanation why it can't be done. I demand technical explanation behind it and prove that it cannot be done otherwise!!

  • BTW. Not only BA but also VO boosted KFC to get Crystal. 100% legit no scam

  • Alliance Point Sharing

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    Removing alliance points sharing could work if we put more caps on terri limits. Then regular alliances will grow, however smaller guilds will have to 'slave' for large guilds as it used to be before. On the other hand they still do it through NAPs, with the only difference of having limited options to access guild content like zvz. It's a lesser evil to have something that isn't fun but under control rather than leaving it uncontrolled and acting like it's not happening. Source: I run small gui…

  • Quote from Lewpac: “Gvg points are fine , just make it so players don't earn points for a guild the first 4 weeks they are in it. They can still play , so a guild can recruit a replacement 5th for a team or bring a new team in.... But no points are earned by new players til they have spent 28days in guild. Then being back Ava mages and Constucts to the open world and roads and let them give season points. Add some outposts to the roads too and were good to go for season 10 ” Nobody says gvg is b…

  • The number of castles and outposts is damn too low ! Just look how the new map plays out in rank distribution, you have a lot of points in the game but it's very highly correlated with high levels of cgvg. Open world needs way more objectives to diversify both geographically and time-wise season points collection. It's not a problem for largest guilds, but it's pretty bad balance if t5 zergs defend hideouts, just because they are 2 mins away from the castle that is defended by 300 people. Game j…

  • Lek na cale zlo - Avium Otwiera Rekrutacje!

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    Nawet we wiadomościach było, a TVP1 100% legit no scam FULL HD tvpis215b61.png

  • Link doesn't work Too soon ?

  • @Elsa have you only banned those who bought the gold from stolen visas or also those who RMT silver earned in game on 3rd party e-commerce sites like ebay etc. ?