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  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from WoodyBirch: “Dear friends i ask u to vote up for Vanity skin for mammoth, truckers will apreciate that. Hail Satan. ” Bantha ” +1

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from SHARKY: “I think we already have it easy enough with them closing - there's absolutely no need for anything to tell you that 90 secs is up. ” i disagree. Only newbies go into solo dungeons, let´s be real. So having them have more safety is like " whatever " ” I disagree. I still do SRDs and the majority of those I've run into in BZ SRDs don't seem to be noobs.

  • I think we already have it easy enough with them closing - there's absolutely no need for anything to tell you that 90 secs is up.

  • Report

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    Quote from Diaokhi: “He also left dungeon in miliseconds without timelapse of teleportation. ” How can you possibly know this? You were dead. Honestly, sounds like to me that he left the party, then went off-screen to flag up, then when he came back you were looking at your inventory so failed to notice until it was too late.

  • Investment

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    I'm afraid I can't offer any advice in terms of crafting. The majority of my modest wealth has come from Referrers Mount Skins, which I've found to be a good, long-term, investment option. If you're not able to earn them through the actual Referral Program, then they are reasonably cheap during the first month of being on the market. Hold on to them for as long as possible and watch the value increase. When I say 'as long as possible' I really mean that. Of course, you need to choose wisely - no…

  • It disappeared 1,4kk from my inventory

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    Are you using a Satchel of Insight? The Satchel consumes silver as it increases your combat fame.

  • Ios version ?

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    Forum channel is here: iOS Test Forum You'll have to apply to become a beta tester though: iOS Beta FAQ

  • For me it’s high-tier SRDs via maps, using maxed out gear, auto-respect turned on, satchel turned on. Oh wait, I thought you said what’s my favourite way to drain all my silver down to zero. Either way, my answer works! And just as a side note - SRDs for me have meant dying more than I used to as I now get ganked often in the Open World travelling to and from SRDs. I’m sure when SBI have finished their data analysis they’ll announce that the amount of PvP has not diminished in the slightest sinc…

  • Quote from Apotosariel: “Quote from Forneus: “I'm not talking shit about brazillians. Facts is not talking shit. Stay ignorant and grow up. Money rules the world, not sentiment, in terms of money Brazil is not interesting. ” Money doesn't rule the world. Outside humans' minds, they have no intrinsic value. The world itself is much bigger and greater than humans. With the advance of science, this ought to be common knowledge already. ” The forum thread necromancer strikes.

  • Quote from Balintor: “I typed in /suicide i didnt know that you will lose your stuff, and now i lost my mount, my gear and lots of valuable stuff. Is there a way to get back my stuff? ” Look on the positive side - at least you won't make that mistake again!

  • Also, never ride naked. Pretty sure it was @Fusionbomb who informed me that armour protection extends to your mount. In other words, wearing armour adds to your mounts HP.

  • It gives your character extra weight carrying capacity, meaning you can carry a lot more items than on other mounts like the horse.

  • The fuckery

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    Quote from LootGoblin: “Quote from StarLord93: “I payed for this shit then you make it f2p and give me nothing of significance ” Paid $30+. Received premium time, gold, founder items that spiked in value, special avatar rings, an exclusive direwolf skin and the first letter of their name has a special style. ” Only Epic and Legendary Founders had special nametag borders: Golden Border ?

  • TestFight ios

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    You only have to read a few posts to know that TestFlight is full. Maybe you'll get lucky and get an invite once the inactive accounts are removed, but there's a lot of others waiting in that queue also.

  • Panda skin

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    Pretty sure it will be the next Recruiter skin. Seeing as we've just had the Recruiters Direboar skin, followed by Recruiters Direwolf skin, a Recruiters Direbear skin completes the set. EDIT: and as if Direbears weren't expensive enough already!!!

  • If it's your first purchase then you may have to wait a few days for the purchase to be verified, as there's a gold limit on first time purchases. It's a fraud measure. Obviously if it's not your first purchase then there's another problem. Either way, you should raise a support ticket: or email

  • fame nerf?

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    Yeah, but are you SURE you're not retarded?

  • I brought up the same issue with another player name a few months back: What's going on with this? Never got any answers!

  • Quote from Calesvol: “Number of active accounts for a free to play game in which anyone can create an account and log in means absolutely nothing to me. Give us the number of active subscribers and/or those who bought gold per month. How many people are actually bankrolling this game versus sucking from the teat. ” Why does that need to be public - what difference will it make to you? While I'm a paid-up subscriber who admittedly gets irked by non-premium players complaining about their lack of …

  • No, the only way would be via silver.