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  • Quote from Erika: “The issue i have with gathering gear is its not regular gear, you can kill stuff while gathering and level up those specializations, and most of the skills on them are also found on other gear, so as a gatherer you cant be leveling up useful skills/specializations while gathering, instead you put on gathering gear for that gathering bonus. They should just remove gathering gear and make the gathering bonus inherent to the gathering tier you have unlocked, let people gather in …

  • Fishing players.

    Veeshan - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Easy fix is not be stupid enough to run that close to an enemy territory. Also in that situation you can easily see the spear cming and can be dodged it not the quickest skill in the game these guys were just half asleep or not expecting it which is on them. The guys just exploiting people feeling of being safe in the black zone like not only are they running right next to an enemy territory there also not paying attention aswell as laziness to cut so close to shorten there trip timer. Thats all…

  • Quote from JuiceCures: “IMO put it back to how it was and just add 25% skill loss when you die as a Red. ” And that one way you kill a game off as once developer found out a couple years ago. There was a game 2 years ago called tree of life this game offered free world building and PvP the penalty for death for non pvp players was 3 random items and red player would drop everything they had on them. It had a decent crowd of people and game population reached 3k people logging in per day which wa…

  • Quote from Korn: “It's a cool suggestion that we discussed a couple of times. The key downside is that it would fragment the market as identical, fully repaired items could still differ in their max dura. An alternative way would be to have a very small trash chance every time you repair an item. Same net effect, deals with above problem. We feel that the current sinks, namely salvage, study, PvP and black market corruption, are quite efficient and can be tuned up of required. ” I dont think its…

  • Problem with banning gold sellers they dont realy loose anything since they dong have character progression and all that, banning somone who put in months of work for buying it on the other hand is a much more of deterent.

  • Quote from Rizzo: “Quote from Veeshan: “Should just temp ban then perma ban anyone who buys gold and make a banhammer page or notification on the log in screen so people get enough of a heads up not to buy gold, Its easier to stop people buying gold than it is to stop them selling it. ” f that.. perma off the rip.. then their name should be thrown into the mud live on global saying "name" banned for buying gold. lets get some comedy out of it. it might even scare other people away from even thin…

  • Should just temp ban then perma ban anyone who buys gold and make a banhammer page or notification on the log in screen so people get enough of a heads up not to buy gold, Its easier to stop people buying gold than it is to stop them selling it.

  • Server starting? Wow

    Veeshan - - Feedback & Suggestions


    didnt even get to finish my farming stuff waiting 9 hours to log in for my farming and got 90% though it before it crashed lol

  • Todays 1 Gig download

    Veeshan - - Bugs


    1 gig download server up for not even an hour and its gone again lol

  • No PvP server will eventually mean no Crafters since there stock will become useless because no items are removing the economy, with no crafters means no Harvesters and so on.

  • After reading this i had a though that may be interesting concept for the main continent. What if the royal continent zone color could be changed on a regular basis on who owned what plot of each tile. So either allow the territoy owner on each tile set the zone to either red rules or yellow rules or have it if the average reputation of all the guild member that owned the plot would decide weather or not the zone tile would be yellow rule set or red ruleset So guild that have - reputation would …

  • I was talking bout this exact same thing with items not repairing to full hp earlier today in discord with the guild. Its a good idea it was actually imployed in an earlier game called Mabinogi. In Mabinogi everytime an item was repairs per durability point there was a 2-10% (Depending on how skilled the blacksmith was) chance that durability would be destroyed hence reducing the max durability of an item. Eventually items would be destroyed or salvaged or what not when dura got to low and they …

  • Suggestions list

    Veeshan - - Feedback & Suggestions


    its not fine 150, zone only like 600 across if you travel diagonally you can make half the trip invulnerable. invun bubble should only be there to see if there a group camping the other side of the gate while u load

  • Suggestions list

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    Remove the invin bubble when you move 25m away from the gate you came in on.

  • You guys suck, fix the servers

    Veeshan - - Rants


    Goldseller DDOS are real

  • I only farm in black zones, have no quarm with dieing since i pay my gear off in like 5-10 minutes of farming in there. Dont need anything above tier 4 which cost like 10k to purchase including mount which you get from clearing a single mob camp

  • Thats what happens when you declare war on gold sellers, Its happened in every game, Devs try and counteract gold sellers, Gold seller DDOS the game until either they get bored or the devs revert what they just did to counteract them. Server DDOS attacks has been the major course of server instability and unable to log back in.

  • Counter it with a potion that provides immunity to Slows/CC for a duration of time

  • Kinda wish fame unlocked skill points and the skill points you put into abilities and all that to level up so you could pick a little more higher lvl skills required more skill points per unlock so it scales up. Can split skill points into catagories too for example Combat, Harvesting, Crafting and so on. Tjis way they would feasably be able to offer respec options for players to switch weapons or armor without having to relevel everything

  • Also like to say artifact crossbows just seem rather underwhelming compared to base line ones. Weeping Repeater E - Drops a landmine that has a longer CD than light crossbow and less damage. it also explodes when anyone goes over it including allies which can negate the effect ontop of that, I beleive it does have a slightly larger aoe but not a whole lot to make a difference. Boltcaster E - is a single target high dmg skill that builds up dmg overtime as its channeled. But compared to snipe the…