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  • I think this is also relevant for royal items.

  • No thanks, enough grind as it is.

  • 1. Impossible to switch party leader back during cGvG match 2. Completely messes up killboard cGvG statistics (as each party leader has its own) 3. Nearly impossible to use target marks effectively if RNGesus was not on your side Suggested fix: after team transfer to cGvG instance party leader stays the same as was before the transfer.

  • Cluster Queue

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    Quote from Korn: “The key benefits of an open world system are that everyone can take part and contribute ” By being stuck in a cluster queue? And then, even if he makes it through, die in 1 fps slide show while being unable to do anything because this game is not really optimized for 200 characters on screen? Dubious pleasure as for me v0v.

  • Cluster Queue

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    I didn't really understand why SBI introduced these not really well working cluster queues instead of instanced 20v20 GvG fights like cities? The original approach for 5v5 GvG was that It: 1) gives a chance for territory claims even to very small scale guilds 2) avoids lags and cluster shutdowns like those in Eve Online (with no number limits for sov warfare). Then SBI completely abandoned this sane approach and we literally got a badly balanced gvg system, much worse than even good old 5v5. If …

  • Quote from AveNkg: “Да лааадно?! Сам Зумзат в АО?) С Евой уже окончательно всё?) ” Zumzat Guardsman Member since Mar 23rd 2014 AveNkg Recruit Member since Feb 8th 2018

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Главная причина не абсолютной топовости рукома в этом сезоне - это множество хороших игроков, которые выбрали раков вместо БО. ” hqdefault.jpg

  • Quote from Sinatra.SUN: “The rampant portal camping is idiotic, and quite incredible that SBI doesnt adress it. just make 3 entrances into the portal zones instead of 1. Creating a choke where everyone has to go when going back to town is pretty weird design. ” TBH making map design with 'gateways' between zones was a bad idea in the first place. I mean I do realize why it has advantages from a technical perspective (i.e. isolating server nodes), but from a game play perspective for a fantasy se…

  • Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “I do agree cursed skull is a bit weak, even in small scale 2v2, I feel it's just the constant pressure of my Q's + grudge that wins fights there and my E is a nice to have but not the difference maker. ” Have you tried to combine healer fiend robe control with Haunting Screams? I saw ppl utilizing this combo effectively.

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Вот ты пришел, в любое время, предположим вне прайма, в тихую, успешно воткнул убежище (20 минут некому было его ломать). ” Quote: “Hideouts can only be placed during the first 4 hours of the region’s battle time (see the region map to find a region’s battle time) ”

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Pike was pretty dead, then they decided that pike E does not remove Q stacks And suddenly pike is played What needs be done is applying pike change to all Spears ” This, because spears, as against swords for instance, heavily rely on their bonused auto attacks to deal damage, so keeping stacks after E is more crucial for them. Also Spirit Spear ability draining too much energy (its energy penalty hits even through royal cowl) makes it more mana intensive even than casters…

  • А что означает слово Aduptus?

  • I think back in HCE days, assuming 5 men is still best number for PvE farm, the best comp was incubus + blazing + boltcasters + healer + arcane/curse/badon in royal jacket depending on the map or mob faction. Most likely it is still strongest comp for PvE.

  • As food supply & durability are atm. Quite tired of traveling half map just to find out that crafting capacity is at zero <_< Many thanks in advance.


  • Black Screen Carleon Market IGN: Zumzat

  • Q0JvZgL.jpg

  • AFAIK violation takes place only if you interact multiple characters with each other in open world. If you use them in separate zones, or trade on auction, craft in a city with one while simultaneously farm fame with other character - that's totally fine.

  • Quote from Evoque: “Hey again, Easy Anti-Cheat got back to us, and unfortunately since Yolomouse is not a digitally signed software, they will not be able to make any changes. Therefore, we will instead start looking into ways to provide this within the game itself, which also means we will pass on any ideas and suggestions you share on that here to the dev team. - Evoque ” Hi Evoque, It would be best if you just allowed to customize the cursor. Tho following parameters need to be customizable: …

  • Ultrawide screen.

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    According to dev statements, nametags appear before character vision on any resolution that the game supports. Of course 21:9 players see your character earlier than you see them with 4:3, but at least you both get a nametag warning simultaneously. Quite easy to test btw.