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  • Combat Balance Changes

    NagyMedve - - Feedback Testserver


    In this game moving spells 90% useless. In pvp and pve both you wanna group up your enemies. Maybe if you give us a spell option to move, follow or stay on the spot dat whould be cool. Maybe glacial staff would be the new meta with a opponent following option Blazing going through the enemy line in a S path...

  • Solo boring in this game...

  • Bows

    NagyMedve - - Beginner's Questions


    You can craft it at the artifact foundry. Its more like gambling then crafting. i just saying buying it on the marketplace is much cheaper

  • - Making the whole blackzone outline circle full faction pvp zones. - Removing alliances, This way casual players can easly involve in bigger fights and get into the big world. If you know arch history why they have more then 10k players in a alliance then you will understand the decision. If you wanna capture a faction fight territory. Then beforehand you have to sign up as a solo player, small group or bigger zerg to get a defensive or attacking point. It will be more objective oriented gamepl…

  • Idea for hellgate

    NagyMedve - - Feedback & Suggestions


    they just have to make it harder and harder to run away with some path barrier. what is slowly recreating it into a maze with dead ends...Maybe after the bosses are dead then every 2minutes one path will get a block. Collapsed pillars, lava flooding and you will take more damage while you going trough, boulder blocking the path or maybe anything.

  • Do you have any dates when you gonna fix getting rooted when you use a dashing skill and get teleported back. Its just a eye burning bug. need some love spear E, dagger dash, hammer slide etcc

  • SBi could just make soft counters not hard counters like this. If it just remove the half of the dots that could be fine too. Maybe mage robe would remove buff/ damage, not all of them once. Locus just have too slowly remove healing overtime effects like nature Q.

  • Glacial whould be a cool weapon if it would follow a target, Maybe they could reduce the skill time

  • Before random group dungeons swiftclaw and any fast mount was a elitist or ganker thing. Everybody used t5 armored horse as a cheap option.

  • They will add a new weapon for every existing weapon node, They not gonna do a new one. It will be the same as the avalonian gears

  • Oke maybe 2-or 3 players could gain less from killing players. If you wanna play healer for every situation its good for you but its more fun if you have a chance to fight back with 2-3 dps agains a healer team. Yea spear, carving and warbow are a very good option. They have a high mobility while they deal a huge damage. Mostly you dont wanna die, this is why this buff could make a new meta for lower mobility weapons. This way you could swap your guardian helmet and cultist robe for a more usefu…

  • I just wanna suggests some reward for killing players with small numbers i mean really small 1 to 3 players. This kind of players dont have any healers or face multiple enemies. It would make solo players more viable. This kind of buff give you overtime healing, energy regain and cd reduction. It has 30 second of cooldown. for example:: 1 player after killing a enemy in solo they gain 16% max health, 10% energy and 20% cd reduction in 5 seconds 2 players:12% max health and 8% energy 3 players: 8…

  • Saabotage if you thing it is a hard competition then just win the Olympics...

  • Can you add some option in-town activities? Maybe players can build house with some gaming table. It can be blackjack, poker or boardgame table. When a player enter they have to pay a entry fee or pay the % of the winning reward when leaving. If you ban a activity then give a another option...

  • Bring IRL stuff here SHAME ON YOU.

  • Is it real? dat would be awesome

  • Its not really a suggestion. more like a idea for discuss. Nowdays a have little bit more time to think and thought about this game. As the tittle say i try to rethink some classes as a different weapon but with same mechanics.. (The numbers only numbers dont compare to anything. Its for the mechanics) Nature Staff Fighter: Ranged to melee Describe the weapon look: Blackhands but more look like some tendril going up to the shoulder Class type: Frontline healer, Juggernaut, Self-sustaining tank P…

  • i have to write again but why? 1. in oberon the random dungeons with infinity numbers and rune/soul/relic droprate change made the artifact prices low and made all of the normal weapons worthless. 2. badon cant interrupt any mob skills, its just worthless 3. at the moment in ZvZ everybody using ONLY artifact weapon with non-reflectable damage what make every other weapon again worthless. If you think locus good for everything and demon armor for kill anybody with reflectable damage maybe you fuc…

  • Reinstalled but no change.Any suggestion? When i try to do anything albion just stop working and close. rEmLJZc.png