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  • Man.. All you people bitching about being killed by Gankers is just funny. Doesn't matter if its 1v1, 1v10, or 1v20.. You still die, and lose your loot. In a game where the is no real winning, you decide what winning is. For some its killing as many people as possible to get the most loot/kill fame. Some people want to be #1 Gatherer, #1 this or that... The real question is.. ARE U HAVING FUN? Is the game ENJOYABLE? Right now, I am not, and it is not. I literally only play this game for PVP. PVP…

  • Yeah i think if you loot a dead body you should get a criminal timer for being a PILLAGER/LOOTER/THIEF. Very little risk to backline a fight and steal all the loot. IF you open a body you didn't assist on.. CRIMINAL!

  • Quote from ScottPilgmini: “Started playing Albion again a week ago. Played one-handed dagger to high specs because Bloodthirsty Blade was good for solo dungeon players and and now it's unplayable. Thanks Sandbox Interactive for nothing. Gonna quit this game again. ” It's too easy, too strong, its a braindead build that really did need a nerf. You should be lucky that the lifesteal and damage weren't nerfed in PVP. Unless you only PVE, which would be a shame.

  • Diablo 2: When you die in PVP you would drop some Gold/Silver and one of your ear's! You could hold onto these ears, and its a nice little reminder that you killed this person. Some people would even try to buy their ears back, so you couldn't brag about killing them. This would be a cool little feature, and it would be even more cool if it linked to a killboard where you could see other details!

  • Quote from LoganSilkCheeks: “you mean u dont like to harvest wood when you want to attack someone ? ” Prime example of what i mean. Another example is when you are over encumbered in slots, that popup that forces you to click yes.. i know that, and make you unable to do anything else during that time. Also happens when you overcharge but you don't have enough energy (if u forgot it, grabbed wrong amount, or some trashed by getting knocked down) Stacking .1 Food into regular food also prompts thi…

  • Hell Gate Sync

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    Quote from LoganSilkCheeks: “Quote from iRawr: “Cricket sounds. I like how the GMs, and DEV ignore the huge breaching of T&C, and just make it looks like they didn't know about it. ” i mean if they make them randomized you could end up spawning in an empty one ; only thing they could do is make them like cgvg on a set timer but then you would get more empty ones if not all gates are taken ” The thing is, its based off of how many teams there are.. If there is an odd amount, there could be a free…

  • I think a point missed here is.. These are wild animals that would eat you, if they're not a threat.. Why are they even there? Getting tagged by a mob can be the difference between getting ganked, and saying 'haha noobs'. If PVE was harder, more people wouldn't rage quit after their first time being ganked. I would propose we make the wilds more dangerous, that way the world feels more real and dangerous.

  • These schemes all kind of work badly. On classic, i must click to confirm everything. On button release, sometimes the skill does not go off and i must spam the ability. On quick cast, sometimes it will HOVER select animals and other critters. WHY WOULD I WANT TO TARGET A SNAKE OVER A PLAYER KILLING ME. 4000 or something hours in this game, this still trolls me daily. I use RTS Like controls so i can left click to select targets, without attacking them. But it is also tied to looting, which scre…

  • Ganking has taken a massive nerf with the mount change, and the incoming raven nerf will pretty much render ARCH gank blobs helpless.

  • Hell Gate Sync

    jaredxsimpson - - Bugs


    How is meeting someone in a Hellgate a bug or against TOS? Is it not the same as finding someone in a Solo dungeon and grouping up with them?

  • Storage capacity for Warcamps/Battle Chests is too limited. Too many times i go to a Warcamp, and its completely full from Ganking. Even my Battle Vault tab is full, It just leads me to throwing items out. Please extend the storage in these containers. 1. Can we add a silver sink through buying more Tabs? 2. Is it possible to add 'Shared' Storage via permissions that already exist in Chests/Guild Tabs? +This would open up the ability to send someone else to transport your loot from Warcamps/Batt…

  • @OotOot I agree with pretty much everything in your post. The only axe i play are Halberd, and sometimes Bear Paws, but the E gets interrupted easily and if you stutter step too much you will desync and throw it backwards. I tried using battle rush, and it works with double healer and hellion jacket, but i feel like its not that great.

  • I wouldn't be too concerned with loot on the test server because no one is playing black market, and nothing but 8.3 is trashing.

  • It's a question, not a demand. Are you proficient in any coding language?

  • Would it not be simpler to just split the artifacts out and give everyone the fame as credits so they can put them into whatever artifact they actually want to use? Leave all armors and what not at the levels people have earned. Personally i would invite the opportunity to not be full again, so i'd have some stuff to work on. being full 400 armors means im stuck building credits for just weapons, and avalonian weapons. But a backwards feeling motion is always going to have a negative effect with…

  • I personally think the swapping is kind of annoying. Yes, it adds more possibilities to win. But this brings us back to the 2v2 meta where you would bring a full escape set, scout, swap to knight armor hellion hood > steal all the chest loot. They patched the chest to have 6k HP, now people bring escape set + dagger set, kill the chest, reset, come back on escape set and loot then run. If you are locked to a gear set, you must actually be prepared to fight or run, and not just be like.. Oh i'll …

  • In the past few months i have only died to gankers while not trying to fight twice. BOTH times... I was watching something on my second monitor and killed by pro gankers. Pro gankers meaning, they have all the required items to catch someone. Fiend cowl, stalker hood, fiend robe, graveguard, etc..

  • I think holy is going to be completely useless for small scale with these changes. Everyone will be playing nature in 5v5.

  • I feel like every change is a do or die, and not a balance. Its just NERF NERF NERF. Graveguard boots, Murdered. Scholar sandals, cut by a 3rd Dagger life steal on mobs by 50% Demon Boots double the cd I feel like the balancing in Albion is just smashing everything with a Nerf Laser. Buff stuff that isn't used as much, bring it into the meta, instead of killing things people are enjoying using.

  • Would be nice if the market had infinite stacks of items for 1 silver just for testing purposes.