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  • Why don't they just make it so BOTH players have to queue to get into a fight with another person. It won't stop the plateletters though from kicking your ass but maybe this way people more willing to fight would be pitted against each other. I'm sure a lot of players would hate this though. Do y'all actually get dove by players often who just immediately dive your dungeon then go and break crystals? Or is it you diving their dungeon so they go and break them?

  • Wait I think they listened....or did I misunderstand? And upped the damage from it i think? Maybe the bleeds won't be put on as often though. - Removed Rending Swing (all Axes) - Rending Swing (all Axes) - Damage: 50.02 -> 62.00 - The Bleed is now only applied if the outer blade hits an enemy. - The ability is now called Rending Spin - Added a new Q-Slot Ability: Rending Rage (all Axes) - A series of attacks hitting enemies up to 3 times in in a cone in front of you. Each hit deals 50 physical d…

  • They definitely should put a cap on HOs in a territory. Don't actively take down peoples hide outs but if one gets destroyed then it can't be replaced on that map until there's a spot under the cap. I think a smaller limit on HOs per zone would make it much more interesting overall.

  • I'm sure any medium to top end android phone will work. Where do you live some places get way better phones than other places. I'd try to find a phone with a bunch of ram. For the price of a good phone though you can build a pretty decent computer these days. It's kinda funny. Making this a mobile compatible game was the worst decision they ever did with Albion.

  • Quote from CigNus: “Quote from ViLEuo: “I don't even use fire staves but this would be a terrible change for them. ” why do you think it would be a terrible change? ” Why do I think firewall having to be channeled would be a terrible change? You really can't see how having to stand still and channel a fire wall would be bad for fire staves? Maybe I misunderstood what you meant but this would be a huge nerf to them.

  • Quote from CigNus: “ That's actually not a bad idea either. I dont think it breaks zvz either. Fire staff could use this change as well =P ” I don't even use fire staves but this would be a terrible change for them.

  • Quote from awanmakan: “Damn Black Zones. Full of looters and robbers, while the cops are trigger happy scumbags who kill first and ask questions later. ” Cop part a total lie.

  • Axes suck and need reworking about they fix animation on bear paws and avalonian axe before even considering something else.

  • I don't even know how they can begin to solve the issue of balance....seems like an impossible job when there's HGs/open world/ZvZ/corrupted dungeons/etc to balance around. If it was one or two kinds of content it'd be 1000x easier. They nerf something for a certain kind of content then it destroys its viability for other kinds of content. Maybe corrupted dungeons should have their own balance that only applies inside of those dungeons for 1v1s so at least those can be as fair as possible while …

  • Quote from Tabor: “I think preventing zone/city access at any reputation level is overly punishing. The outlaw suggestion makes sense I also feel a perma flagged approach at x reputation threshold would be a fair trade off for still always having zone/city access. This way low rep players would lose the option to "scout" kills prior to flagging since they would be perma flagged the second the step out of city. They would also be at high risk of being killed by blues when attempting to grind rep …

  • What a total crap crap. I'm 100 artifact in multiple armors/weapons and now I'm gonna have to do that again? No wonder I am hardly playing anymore with crap changes like this. I don't mind the weapon one but the armor thing is ridiculous. If you wanted to add a new node to armors why not do that when you release them? You just rushed the crap out instead of doing it right in the first place now we're gonna get punished for your mistake?

  • You're own fault...check your options...there's clearly a thing that says "Auto-Deny duel requests" check that box by it. I guess this is possible but I've never heard of someone doing this before "on accident" it's far more likely some naked dude dueled you for 1m silver and you got wrecked and you're pissed about that.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Black zones is rather dead as ever. Maybe it´s not about adding more zones, but people venturing more into black zone. Not to mention the stupid paradox that red zone are more dangerous than ever because of people being scared of black zones haha ” Maybe it's the zone you're playing out of? The t8 zone I play out of is nonstop with ganking, diving, gathering, etc. tons of ZvZ fights in it and the surrounding zones too. Obviously the ZvZ is just at a specific times but even …

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    Quote from Gratinus: “Please make instance zvz of territory! As I suggest: 1. limit the number of guilds that can attack a territory. example 8 2. limit the number of players per guild who can join the zvz instance. example 50 3. Create a pyramid-shaped instance where everything funnels into a castle. ” I'm not a fan of this at all...Instanced ZvZs would be a huge take away from what good this game offers. I guess if they cannot figure out a way to fix this problem and something like this has to…

  • I am t8 fiber gatherer, wood, and ore. I liked gathering before the small nodes, at least before if I found a node it was almost always full and i'd get a good chunk of change from it. Now I run around and just get one or two ticks every 5-10 minutes. Maybe it's the zone I'm in but I liked much better when there was just large nodes of t7/t8.

  • This would be so overpowered...sure, make end game rewards for faction stuff, I think their factions should be more similar to Ultima Online's faction system and warfare which was wonderful at the time. The actual rewards you proposed here are utterly ridiculous. Imagine zvz with stand there unable to be killed by anybody of opposing guild with positive reputation and you're able to buff the crap out of our completely heal a lot of people around you. It's a good idea to have end game …

  • Quote from sandstorm22: “Good stuff neef. Another issue is when you do target someone, press heal, and because they are out of range, you start moving towards them. I also wish the teammate tabs could be moved closer to middle and lower screen. Better los to see their health and still be aware of surrounding. ” You can move the tabs for player names to the middle of the screen or lower middle of screen so they're easier to click. You'd be better off though if in a 5 man party using 1-5 to target…

  • Holy is fine...anymore and it'd become a problem. Nature yeah needs something reworked I can agree there. The range is fine on holy...I'm gonna say it again anymore direct/indirect buffs to holy and it'll become a problem. Literally taken years of balancing to get holy in a place where its good but not overpowered. People got to remember how insanely hard it is for them to have a game like this and have healing be perfectly balanced. It's really not easy at all.

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    Quote from Lewpac: “Please stop making the system more and more complex, scrap it and try something different. Being zoned out of an area you are already fighting in is anti fun. ” Reset day we had a battle mount get CQ'd right into a group of 200 people and was absolutely nothing the guy could do. This kind of crap should never happen. Definitely anti-fun and just a dumb system.