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  • Castles Outpost

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    Dear, I would like to talk about the design of the outpost castles, and this topic could even be taken to the design of the territories or any atack and defense post. I think that in the medieval era, the leaders and builders, tried to work on the development of the castles started from the terrain, taking advantage of gorges, rivers and mountains to gain an advantage during the defense. At least, I have never seen a square-shaped castle in the '' clean '' with two entrances where you are caged.…

  • Quote from glokz: “Parabéns, It's a great success for SBI, but the downside is that we have now so much instanced content the open world is pretty much vast and empty, even considering growing population. Reasons for that are many, but most of them come down to the single reason - hideouts and corrupted dungeons. While i can't really blame players to enjoy single mode game, the invisibility shrine and disconnection between open world and pvp content is having major impact on the original game st…

  • Apparently the roads were not designed for fishermen, any solution on this topic?Another point, is there a possibility to create an aspect for fishing? a small river with a whale or something? a kraken?

  • Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from JitaJones: “Earning a premium is getting harder every month. ” 'Earning' premium was never supposed to be easy. They obviously want you to subscribe. Without subscribers there is no game. ” no one will pay to play a mmo where they cannot find other people, besides the cities. More (+) + Loot in Black Zones and castle chests + Chance of items to break (TRASH RATE) + Conflict over rewards. + People for the gank to kill. + Need for items (good for craft). + Need resou…

  • Cluster Queue

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    The only way to remove the hand hold would be to remove the Alliance and Guild tag in black areas.

  • About: Quote from Retroman: “ Arcane Staffs - Magic Shock (all Arcane Staffs) - Range: 12m -> 13m - Cooldown: 5s -> 3s - Damage: 150 -> 125 - Silence Duration: 1s -> 0.85 ” I'm glad you're paying attention to Magic Shot, but it still won't make the wizard a wizard. This change will give you a boost, I see some constructions that can be worked on, but still, it will not be used with cloth clothes, it will still be a support. 3 seconds and 0.5 cast time is still bad. Treating and silence, it is a …

  • I'm sorry if I'm being ignorant, but Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Other Changes - '' we've reduced the Silver output and Black Market order generation in a number of extremely valuable areas to compensate and bring them more in line with projected values. The resulting variance is roughly only 5%, which applies to black zone cluster bonuses and bonuses derived from black zone cluster bonuses such as Hellgates and some difficulties of Corrupted Dungeons.'' ” Did you decrease the drop by 5% in the b…

  • Yes, Magic Shock, has 5 seconds of CD and 0.5 seconds of cast speed. It sounds like a joke. As I said before I would like you to join the W ability in Magic shock climbing with cast speed.And in return, change buff skills in area to 1st and 2nd W.

  • Quote from DildoSwaggings: “Ehm what? Need more solo capability and better scaling of support skills, not new support skills ” If you pay attention, with the change in the magic shock (Q) it is not only viable in dungeons, but would also be used with a cast speed wizard. It would be a goal to have an arcane in all groups. If you want a debuf magician to use cursed, if you want a magician that uses a burst of damage to use fire, if you want a group control wizard, use a frost. The changes are to …

  • I like the suggestions, but I think the arcane should be a buff wizard. what I suggest: Q (abiliity) - Q (Energy Arrow): Heals the mana of 10 allies. (abiliity AOE) - Q (Arcane Shield): Casts a shield on all allies in an area. If the shield is from 2000, it is divided by each ally that was hit. 1 ally = 2000 shiled, 2 ally = 1000 shield each. (abiliity AOE) - Q (Magic Shock): Cooldown 0 and cast speed 1,5. Remove silence and instead, join the skill of the first W, where each enemy hit by the are…

  • Rests

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    Place NPC (the island merchants) to have personal and guild islands in the rest areas. (Morgana, Merlym and Arthur)

  • I hope that when the factions rework they add missions and tasks. MISSIONS also serve as a guide for new players.

  • I dream of a roads

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    2-person paths: - green chests for two - solo dungeons - solo and dual resources 7-person paths: - blue chests for 7 peoples - group dungeons for 7 peoples - group resources - hideouts acess 20-person paths: - white chest for 20 peoples - avalon group dungeons for 20 peoples - high group resources Lastly, green entry matching green, blue entry matching blue, white entry matching white, quick respawn. just a dream.

  • Roads of Avalon

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    I've already lost my hopes that commenting on the forum will improve the game. I think the game is still playable, but more and more it is moving towards pay to win. pró - sometimes you find a good duel. con - walk a lot to find resources and chests - you never know what map you're on. these days on the same map there were 3 chests, in one the mobs were level 4 in another level 8 - I don't know who the genius is who put group 2 roads together with group 7 and 20 - slow respawm, empty roads. litt…

  • cover

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    could we have a rework on the cover? where it is advantageous to bring a layer of fort sterling for example level 8 than a level 4.the intention is to make tier4 cover accessible to new players, benefit those who bring a t8 cover and encourage even more the transport of hearts.

  • good way? 300 hp with a 30-second cooldown. It really won't be used by 98% of the players. I think the last balances are terrible, it seems that certain builds are protected from nerf.

  • Not being in an alliance makes you find pvp all the time. But you need to forego territories, hideouts and all safes zones included on the map. You need to choose a side, either the one that kills or the one that sneaks into hiding.

  • I agree that the pve is very time consuming, increase the infamy won by mobs, to reach 500 quickly. In general I like the dungeons, many bugs will be fixed in the next patch. But we need an urgent change of balance in general, guardian helmet was already considered OP 2 patches ago, why is it taking so long to balance this set? mage robe?

  • Quote from Georg51: “You can make money while farming through silver and loot drops. Cant do that while sitting in town eating tomes. Not sure why its hard to understand they are too different functions in gaining fame. ” Is that the will to criticize speaks louder than the will to think.

  • suggestion open world

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    I suggest that all veteran (starred) mobs found in the open world, give season points. It can be from 1 to 5 (center of the map). I also suggest that elite champions give season points, from 15 to 35 (center of the map). And world boss goes up to 70 points.