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  • No nerfs. Just buff Nature as needed right now.

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Pressing the "Sort" button in any inventory display (chests, banks, personal inventory, etc.) will now sort items as follows: Equipment items, further sorted by slot (Weapon, Armor, Accessories, Mounts, Tools, Gathering Gear) Consumables Consumable from inventory (e.g. Tomes of Insight) Farmables Simple items (e.g. resources, cooking ingredients) Furniture items Journal items Any other items (Uncategorized, etc.) Within each of these item types, the sorting will work a…

  • Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from Obelis: “Hideouts are better at crafting than refining. ” Why is the Outlands so bad at refining compared to the Royals? The crafting bonus makes sense: you should be rewarded for being the Outlands. But the Royals being inherently better at refining has never made sense to me: the Royals are already powerful compared to the Outlands. ” Check the Specific Itens bonus intead of the Generic Bonus.The Specific Itens Bonus…

  • As far as I am concerned that's it, that's the whole info: setting either a buy or a sell order for gold costs 10 silver. I guess the * is stating exactly that, setting orders is not completely free.

  • I like all these changes, but I see a harder time coming for gatherers. Please check whether gathering gear can receive some love: right now specializations are much harder to get and they are mostly tier-locked.

  • Yes, I use space for auto-atack because: Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “Yes obviously, since the albion mouse targetting system fucking sucks and as a bow player you will kill marmots, attack monsters, chop a tree and click a friend before you manage do click your enemy again to auto attack. Never in my life have i seen a game with such a weird mouse with terrible precision and prediction. ” and changed ALT+1 and ALT+2 for potion/food

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “74 is indeed a % - as my actual CC stat is like 258. Also if you read the tooltip (which I referenced) it says CC spells are only 26% as effective. Its definitely a percentage. ” Well, according to your SS then they should add the % after the number 74. I mean, It shoud read "CC Resistance.....74%" not simply 74. Edit: I checked the tool tip in game and yes, it is indeed a percentage. But the % symbol is missing. Quote from Captainrussia: “A percentage (at least in mit…

  • I guess it is fine the three separate numbers, since the values are different for PvP and for PvE. Note that your base CC Resistance (74) is a number and not a percentage. You gained +39% CC Resistance vs. players from the pie, which means you CC resistance number is 102.86. On the other hand, you gained 33% CC Resistance vs. mobs, which means your CC Resistance number is 98.42. I am not sure how such numbers (74, 102.86, 98.42) actually plays in-game combat, though and I would like to know that…

  • That is precisely why I gave up taking fishing seriously. I kinda regret reaching T8, even though I heard (read, actually ) rumors devs may be working on a revamp.

  • Yes, it is an overpriced mount. Avalonian energy will most likely go down with queen update, because there will be plenty of sources of such energy in Avalon (of course, this is just speculation). My guess is that the mount, foods and tools will be only craftable in Caerlon after Queen.

  • guys i need help

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    Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Sas3bg: “this game it is trash. I am leaving coz muted for 9 days for nothings good luck all. ” So you're quitting because you got muted (not even banned) for a short period of just over 1 week? Pfft.... you still have discord and forums to talk to people. Or maybe take a quick break from the game - go and enjoy some fresh air for a week (you can still play btw... just use Discord.... I barely talk ingame anymore - only on Discord) ” An automatic message rep…

  • meta...

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    Healer have been nerfed enough. I'm always up for diversity and viability, though.

  • Yes, please! I need this badly.

  • Mount Abilities

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    Quote from Tsujihagara: “Honestly, mounts giving combat bonuses (giving moral to soldiers) makes more sense than mounts giving gathering bonuses (your mount cheering you on?). ” I laughed hard with your response, but I still think that mounts could give gathering bonus: a giant woodpecker mount might give a lumberjack wood yield bonus, for instance.

  • Yes, I realized that too and it kinda bugs me to this day.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “If my group of 5 is engaged with a group of 9, and a group of 4 adds on the fight with a solo player getting 2 deathblows... how much gear trashes? ” That´s easy. The % related to the maximum group size, which is 9 in this case.

  • I love the grind, although I would like it to be a little less repetitive or maybe have more grinding options. Regarding skill unlocking, I'd rather have skills attached to item quality/enchant/tier rather than to mastery, but meh, it's also somewhat fine how it is.

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

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    Kinda off topic, but... Alliance system should be revamped. Instead of the current system, individual contracts between two guilds could take place, for a silver cost (sink). There may be different types of contracts: for instance, 1- trade (allows friendly-fire in the open world, but has lower fee and allows for crafting associate taxes in both town and island plots); 2- combat (does not allow friendly-fire in the open world) The important thing is the contracts must be renewed from time to tim…

  • I am actually moving to Caerlon and I'll get rich.