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  • Offhands are terribly bugged

    letwolf - - Bugs


    That bug is known and its about all items, not only offhands. Shortly: When you look at any item that is not on you (laying in inventory, inspecting someone, or from destiny board), it shows you parameters calculated with the base stats for that item (Tier+enchant+quality) + Spec bonuses for YOUR CURRENTLY EQUIPPED ITEM from the same slot (head for head, boot for boot etc). No matter if the type of that item is completely differ. If you have no item equipped at the slot atm, the calculator takes…

  • Healer build for HCE

    letwolf - - General Questions & Discussions


    ain't now Muisak better for all 1hand heals, especially Hce's?

  • I'll give you some lovely yolocursors some time later, after I get home

  • are you guys dont like t3 Plate Healers ? thats,new meta, try it on arena)) Damn good name for guild, t3 Plate Healers, the worst Nightmare of all Arenas xD

  • Remove melee weapon since they are useless

    letwolf - - Rants


    is there 1st April outside? You all are kidding me!! After balance patch (exactly MOVEMENT SPEED buff) the melees are OP now!! It takes a .x fraction of second for them to reach caster's face and tear it. Damage of melees is very high. Avoiding AoE areas now easiest as never before.

  • You'll probably get a ungodly amount of money selling that closed info or just using it yourself, by investing in those items that only coming to get buffed, and selling them right after official NDA's appear. It's like having all horse competitions results straight before they starts, just like Marty McFly and Doc Brown from movie Back to the Future. back-to-the-future.jpg

  • Zitat von Drake_IronHeart: „Zitat von Hollywoodi: „Oh, i am surprised, i did not propose the solution, as it is basically at hand... 1) remove the "must meet team" dogma from hellgate 2) Just match teams that make sense, else give free gates 3) by doing this, more people will play hellgates How it works: 2) just match teams that make sense 2.1) Calucalte per team member the amount of K/D fame in HG or the number of successfull HG runs and fails 2.2.) on entering check if this average number per …

  • write "Y" for YOLO MOUSE cursors integrated in game! Y !!!

  • Idk if I missing something or not, but this "each of which can hit up to 5 targets" means that for group of 10 mobs we need 2x number of arrows now. unlike all others "normal" aoes, which dont downgrade when number of affected targets more than 5. I'd be happy if devs make this new mechanic for PvP only, and make no such limits for pve.

  • Fack, I am constantly losing standard cursor in the zvz.... Only Yolo mouse was so good to help me last months... Maybe developers just implement YOLOMOUSE's cursors into game?!

  • I dont care much about pvp here, as clumped groups of 3+ players is not so often (and if is, its only their own fault). But in PvE if tank clumps 10 mobs together, there were 100 procs (10*10 explosions, each affecting all clumped mobs), now its 25 . nerf by 75%. completely dead in pve.

  • Zitat: „ Explosive Arrows (Bow) - Capped the number of potential triggered effects at 25: each Rain of Arrows hit can now activate up to 5 Explosive Arrows, each of which can hit up to 5 targets “ How it is supposed now to use Longbow in fame farming? When tank clumps up to 10-12 mobs at a time. And you nerfed each explosion to affect 5 targets only. I dont mean about PvP, but for PvE it is pretty bad change, that have just killed Longbow from being usable in PvE !

  • Where do people fight?

    letwolf - - General Questions & Discussions


    Ramboeing 10 people with 1 is fun only for "Rambo", not for people he killed. Why for all saints 1 ppl must be worth 10? 10 x the efforts ? 10 x the gear costs? or 10 x donation to win?

  • Where do people fight?

    letwolf - - General Questions & Discussions


    @baibiscuit kick few extra pple from party and go to 5v5 HG. There you get fair and guaranteed fight. Almost no one will fight in OW without proper scouting an enemy and checking if this is bait. not long ago I decided to fight 1v1 with solo guy. Shortly after that, 5+ of his friends show up to beat me. Wtf then reason to fight "fair"?

  • shuffle teams in HG seems very interesting idea. I confirm that you basicly cant get 5 pple , play an arena or two, and hope to fight another team like your. You gonna be matched against "super-puper AAA team of pro players doing HG's 24\7". No balance ever made. @Korn ?

  • Я думаю, они утилизуют в полной мере поговорку "Собаки лают, а корован идёт".

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  • Better just delete all ranged classes and casters, they are useless now.

  • Zitat von Funstealer: „so my guild has been scriming on the test server most the day and 1 of the main things im hearing complaints from is with the increased movement speed players are getting RDPS have a very hard time against melee now the skillshots are much harder to land it seems and they just came seem to cast without being dove by melee as easy, a class like swords get a bunch of movement speed from Q and W and just sits on the back line and seems like they cant do much, which has result…

  • hi i'm new here from israel

    letwolf - - Introduce yourself!