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  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

    FoxTheOne - - News Archives


    Zitat von Roknori: „Zitat von Starf: „I don't want your premium time, I want my money back. “ Zitat von FoxTheOne: „I don't want your premium time, I want my money back. “ As these two so far have posted, a lot are gonna feel that they should get their money back. In a perspective, you can blame the Steam Culture for this. However, what do you think SBI should do with your accounts after refunding you? Leave your account alone and let you play? Reward you with the 14 days Premium Time that we're…


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    EU rules > Albion rules. ANd under EU rules, a trader must repair, replace, reduce the price or give you a refund if goods you bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised. So they have to give a refund to everyone who request it. If they dont - petition and class action in court. That what we have to do to protect our rights as customers.

  • Whats wrong with support?

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    First reply after creating ticket - 4 days, after that support asks me to provide additional info, did it, and 1 more day pass after that- no response. Its some kind of weird joke?

  • WTF Gold and city plots lost 4 days ago, still no response from support TICKET NUMBER: 60166 Created at: 7/30/17, 8:48 AM

  • Are u kidding me? Yesterday after restart, before maintance i lost 57550 gold and 750k silver, i instanly post msg on forum / emailed to support / writed a ticket / private msg to Talion. No reaction at all. After that, I lost my 3 plots in Bridgewatch because i have no money to defend it. And i have no chance to get more plots in cities as i planned. I dont need 7 days of useless premium, give me back my 3 plots and my gold. I played 10-16 hours a day to have a possibitity to be the city plot o…

  • WTF? no rollback after maintance/ no answer from support via email

  • Hey guys 57550 gold and 750k silver lost after restart, i need it quick, today is auction omfg

  • Possible exploit or server bug

    FoxTheOne - - Bugs Testserver


    Ok so after 2 hours of server restart and fresh start in Bridgewatch: 15+ territories belong to DefoNotGuskey 10+ to pockets 5+ to 1111 And gold price to high for a 2 hours server Devs pls check it, we dont want another wipe after release

  • FTP download of the Patch

    FoxTheOne - - Bugs Testserver


    devs why dont u give us a torrent with full client? thousands of ppl wasting their time downloading with 20 kbps