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  • Minor bug

    vvvvvvvv - - Bugs


    When looking to water my firetouched mullein on my herb farm. I got an error today that said "You have to feed an animal before you can nurture it." I thought this information might be helpful. It allowed me to water it after I closed the window and tried again.

  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

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    Zitat von Laronnar: „Thanks for the hard work. I feel kind of sorry for whats going on in your beginning after 5 years of hard work. Somepeople may say u didnt worked as u should and thats why this is hapenning, and they have right to say so, but as you said except this Game to be for a long time. It remembers me Ultima Online, Any oldy Guy around like me Who played It? I miss those years when we were fewer but very loyal ingames “ yes, it is what you do in adversity that speaks for what you sta…

  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

    vvvvvvvv - - News Archives


    thank you devs for doing the right thing and keeping your patience. respect

  • Zitat von Carpazzo: „You shouldn't take it personal , people say stupidity all time. Here on forums or in game. Even when you trying to help, putting the best of your efforts to be as clear as possible in another language and still people being rude. But racism exist everywhere, and some tend to say things easily when have no consequences. “ so they can have some consequences then. Me and anyone else who wants to fuck over these racists in game, that's our prerogative

  • Zitat von Reptar: „Brasil Forces have been around for almost 3 years, during Beta 1 and Beta 2 we were always part of International Alliances, We played together with guilds like Infinity, BDW, Lingua Mortis, Wild West, Swarm, Undead Etc. We always treated other guilds with respect and we were treated in the same way. I made a lot of friends from all over the world and the day I leave this game I'm glad that I have made more friends than enemies. A few weeks before the release of Albion we were …

  • Zitat von Pashgan: „Although AO launch is really bad it's not as bad as Anarchy Online launch was ~16 years ago. To me Funcom is the champion of bad MMO games, but SI is in the shortlist for "worst launch of the decade" category. “ bro anarchy online? (amazing game in its day) i mean funcom is a joke but that is literally like 300 years ago in MMORPG game dev time. I get that every MMO has trouble at launch for obvious reasons but in 2017 it should have been brought along further. like, for exam…

  • Zitat von AndroidofGracia: „a lil off subject but i hope that the devs make more things exclusive to us founders, not just the island but market place slots for buy and sell too, so we keep our founder status on mats etc earned in the starts, just like real civilizations work. “ real civilizations like to pretend they are meritocracy and give unearned rewards to people just because their ancestors had the right geographic location, right skin color at the right point in time. video games shouldn…

  • I know I'll probably get flamed here but as someone who put islands in the royal city and caerleon on my alt, I'm not too bummed out. I really think they will alter the map at some point to make the royal cities more valuable. Otherwise those areas will completely die and the new player (and perhaps end-game economy) experience will be horrendous. I only see value in having access to new building plots with the resource rates that perhaps wouldn't be the same rate in caer. I think it's inevitabl…

  • yeah if you are spending all your time in the black zone you probably want to be in caer. personally, i make a lot of money taking shit in and out of caer, in addition to the black zone, so I just left my island at fort sterling and travel back and forth. Its not far at all, but yeah if you are going to be based spending all your time in the black zone you obviously want your island to be next to the black zone.

  • Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von InsertNameHere: „Most of you are talking about the problems with the PC version of the game. But I am also talking about the ANDROID version. Lets not gloss over the fact this is a mobile game, which can be played on PC. The graphics, the gameplay, and it appears even the servers, are geared towards lower end PCU's to play. Yet the Android version is essentially NON EXISTANT. This is what irks me. In any event, I do not want to garner the wrath of more fan boys, I…

  • step 1) paint your wall black step 2) stare at it

  • Zitat von Zayuke: „Zitat von Evertone: „"I don't believe in supporting a game in it's testing phase..." That alone shows the kind of greedy grabby person you are. lol. You REALLY want to play a game! .......... But you don't care about bug reporting, issue solving, stability etc. The hell? Know what? Why don't you join the line of douche' bag players trying to stab a company in the back for being attacked by outside sources. By the way, how is it you got all that fame, all that silver, that isla…

  • Can't login last 4 days

    vvvvvvvv - - Server Performance


    feels bad to log in every day and see premium days going down and yet i cant access the game... hm

  • Server starting? Wow

    vvvvvvvv - - Server Performance


    what a time to be alive

  • Zitat von Harbonah: „Zitat von burt: „Zitat von Harbonah: „Zitat von Shozen: „We investigate the Iron Bank Drama including the effects of illegal gold sales and how they directly impacted the Iron Bank. Sharka the GM of the Iron Bank gives a detailed and well spoken account of the events that led up to where we are now. More Albion Informer available at…ellers-costing-you-silver “ Unless you get both sides of the story you are not invest…

  • Zitat von Thefatsloth: „Zitat von imperialxs: „ has received an estimated 26,293,000 visits over the last 30 days. “ Zitat von XJosh: „feel free to add a tldr version for us people who know nothing about this. “ This game is popular, but not 26,293,000 visits popular. “ yeah, in my company we had a DDOS hit us, it was not targeted for us specifically but we were connected to the DDOS and it went from 10s of thousands of visit on an average day to millions of requests.…

  • What happened to [FAME] alliance?

    vvvvvvvv - - Guild Discussion


    Zitat von BattleBeaver: „lol, I think you all need to move out of your parents basements and get a wife and have kid's. “ :thinking:

  • Zitat von Dygenn: „Zitat von vvvvvvvv: „Zitat von Dygenn: „You can laugh, but can you dismount long enough to harvest anything? “ spoken like someone who doesnt gather in bz “ Correct. But if a pack of other players are trailing after you, and you're perfectly safe because you're mounted, can you dismount to gather? If they follow you to keep you out of what they perceive as their guild's territory, are you going to be able to dismount and gather? Or do you just need to go find somewhere else to…

  • Zitat von Dygenn: „You can laugh, but can you dismount long enough to harvest anything? “ spoken like someone who doesnt gather in bz

  • Zitat von Archaegeo: „But foals are no longer bought from the seed merchant, they are bought for less off of the AH now. “ largely an effect of the global discount, no?