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  • Zitat von Elogar: „You are the reason why its hard to listen to players. Just one of the crybabies that are not able to to provide constructive and meaningful feedback. There is a forum thread for rants btw, so no reason to post it here. “ I dunno seems like he laid out what's wrong with the game pretty clearly? The guy is right though for the most part about a lot of what he's said.

  • Dagger Q AOE

    ViLEuo - - Ideas for Items


    Zitat von letwolf: „Ok, give them Nuclear bomb laucher on Q, that kill anything in sector, maybe then poor players of "underpowered"(not) dagger will stop complain “ Sounds a tid bit OP though...

  • Is there a trade log?

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    Take a video clip next time unless your computer sucks?

  • Zitat von Wadefu: „Zitat von PrintsKaspian: „Fixed a bug where spells would still go on cooldown even after failing due to target being invisible “ No offense... This is bad... Invisibility worked like an interrupt and should work like an interrupt. “ Bullcrap it was an obvious bug and shouldn't happen. Why do you think people should lose their cooldown just because you invis'd while they were casting it? It was a much needed fix. It still "interrupts" because they stop casting it but they don't…

  • Misc NDA

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    I am so incredibly happy for the MS increase, from the moment I logged onto this game it's felt WAAAAAY too slow. It makes it very unappealing for a lot of people how slow the movement speed is on the ground. They should do this no matter what and fix whatever unintended consequences happen from it. It's MUCH NEEDED to just improve the overall gameplay and feel of this game. This is something I've asked for since I started playing and I'm incredibly happy it could be coming to the game. Movement…

  • Would love to play swords and would have loved it this entire time but....yeah it's the kind of things you guys speak about that make them not the best choice.

  • There may be no consistency in what you're talking about but fighting mobs isn't going to prepare you to fight other's just not gonna happen. It may help you become aware of your skills and how to use them but there's not that much benefit because players are so much different than mobs in this game. PvE is not PvP so I don't really get the point of this?

  • Specialization Milestones

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    Zitat von letwolf: „He taks about that all skills will be available on t8 gear, not on t6 as it now, if I understood him correctly. Imagine you take a t7 bow, and there is no Ray of light skill. Its only at t8 bows. Even if you 400/400 in bows. Its bullshit. “ Hmm not sure...I actually think it'd be a great idea. It'd force people to use more expensive gear depending on the build. Would help the economy right? Lol. The idea he's actually talking about would be good for the economy as well and it…

  • Zitat von Theat: „Zitat von deviljim: „Zitat von Theat: „Zitat von RottenH20: „Zitat von Theat: „If they nerf bloodletter then nobody will ever force a dismount in this game, free running across the entire world. “ ?What?How the fuck do you jump to that conclusion? This just tells me that the only thing YOU can dismount people with is a bloodletter Further proving why they should nerf it “ Because it's really easy to run away from zergs and ganks if you're smart.Without bloodletter, it would be …

  • It'd be cool to have a "new world" with their own zones which players would have to create new characters and do the server reset thing. The characters in the new world and their items, etc, etc every few months when the "Season" ends could be pushed into the main world with all of the other characters then a new season begins when it restarts. Make it so already created characters couldn't go to this new world but you could leave it anytime with a character you've made here just not being able …

  • You know what would happen with these items? They would sit in Caerleon and never be used except by the guy who would equip his new legendary instead of his recruiters cannon. They would almost never ever see combat, if something is so valuable people wouldn't be willing to risk it. Especially if there's only 10 in the entire world.

  • If it's harder to do or find and takes longer then it's more valuable which makes your time extra spent on it equivalent more or less to the others.


    ViLEuo - - General Questions & Discussions


    This craps been happening too often for a game you actually had to pay for. I expect this kind of crap from shitty asian f2p games...

  • Curse's Q

    ViLEuo - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Zitat von RottenH20: „Zitat von Kayl: „Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von RottenH20: „Go grab a cursed weapon and try and do something in a zvz “ lemme grab that damnation “ have u even played this year? “ Actually yeah I have and I dont know what game your playing but what cursed weapon is remotely good in zvz? I mean like longbow/brimstone/wailing/seige What cursed weapon is as good at that in zvz? Edit: I even made a post on what they should do with cursed weapons for ZvZ Also how does me compla…

  • I definitely think 100% there should be a cap on guild members and members allowed into an alliance, the number is the question. The more guilds/alliances/etc fighting each other the better.

  • Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von ViLEuo: „Population is absolutely 100% dropping and has been since the faction warfare came out, I stopped playing for a couple months right after factions came out and it's a huge huge huge difference between the population now from only 3 months ago. People are sick of this crap and I don't blame them. “ false info lets goooo “ Bull...anybody denying the population is the same or higher than 3 months ago is full of crap. It's dropped a lot.

  • Population is absolutely 100% dropping and has been since the faction warfare came out, I stopped playing for a couple months right after factions came out and it's a huge huge huge difference between the population now from only 3 months ago. People are sick of this crap and I don't blame them.

  • T8 Node Changes

    ViLEuo - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zitat von rds: „Its supposed to be a party-play game, yeah. My point is that this update just made getting T8 resources even harder for medium-small guilds/alliances, just because they cant really fight someone that big. Is this game made only for the biggest alliances? If yes, this would just kill chances of new alliances to grow enough to fight the biggest ones, dont you agree? In the future, this way of thinking can just change the game into one big zerg vs another big zerg. Is this what they…

  • I get issues with rubber banding since Lancelot while I have extremely low ping and people are just going to tell you its on your end. Doesn't matter how well built your computer is, doesn't matter if you have lightning fast internet that doesn't lag on anything else, doesn't matter if all of your drivers are updated, DNS flushed, etc, etc, all you're gonna hear is how its on your end and their servers are amazing.(they aren't)

  • Crystal GvGs Bugged

    ViLEuo - - Bugs


    Are you surprised? This game has major bugs every patch that don't get fixed for months. Wrong forum though.