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  • Quote from Holoin: “dont cry about it in the forums and maybe join a casual game ” I think you are confused, this is a feedback and suggestions topic, Also for me PVP is one vs one 2v2 5v5 etc.. also I like caps on dueling and fighting so one player is not over powered then another as close to fair dueling as you can get, Now for some people like yourself you might think that 5 guys killing one guy in gathering gear is something cool..but it does nothing for me.! And no more then you can tell me…

  • gankers have it to easy

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    Quote from Holion: “You need to do some ganking to understand how easy it is for gatherers and others to escape when they know what they are doing. ” I'm a old school gamer I use to play Runescape years ago and other games and I never., never stood in the black zone to steal from others.! its my personal choice not to do it ! I no more want to play the games that lawmakers are banning today which are rape and sexual assault video simulation games ., Its not me to jump on weaker players in gather…

  • I was wondering the same thing to be fair only two people should be allowed in a solo dungeon., because in this game gankers don't really suffer any real penalties and I guess that why its so many of them.

  • No real punishment, they need to even it out a bit or get it more balanced like maybe making reputation account wide, If you'er a lazy thieving bum who hangs out at portals ganking gathers, then let it be known this is who you are in game., goes for all three of your characters that you can make, and then dare them to make another account and get caught and get both accounts banned , Make reputation account wide and maybe there won't be so many gankers hang out at portals and gateways,,

  • gankers have it to easy in this game they need to revamp it ,

  • fishing on a 3 map in the black zone with tier 5,and 6 mobs and resources, but the fishing is like fishing in the blue zone it doesn't match you will not get master lvl fish t6 you will only get low lvl fish.,from what I seen the fishing is based on the map number and since your in the black zone and taking the risk you should be able to get the fish..

  • Ok so if I pay for premium but I still have to wait to get in.? If more premium player come on, does it then go by how much premium you paid.? No way will I pay for a game that I can't get into to play. They should use some of that money to buy more servers ..waste of my time..