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  • Development Roadmap beyond Merlyn

    Immel - - Developers' Statements


    Holy shit, everything looks amazing! Thank you SBI for always improving AO.. It's currently my favorite MMO out in the market.

  • Best guild and community in AO

  • [POE] - Scouting

    Immel - - Forum Banter


    I'm not even a fan of dungeon scouts (since I hate them) but this thread is just lol...

  • Multi level Dungeons

    Immel - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Definitely find quite interesting all of the ideas proposed. The current design unfortunately sucks and doesn't give many options to small groups wanting to FF in peace. I'm all in for PvP fights against groups trying to FF but the current setup and design doesn't really help at all these types of scenes (where a group wants to Fame Farm for a while without being completely interrupted). Out of 10 FF dungeon attempts I do, 7-10 are probably a clear wipe from my team due to 10+ man groups dungeon…

  • HCE ruin the game!

    Immel - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zitat von KolKhara: „HCE is just a way for people to finally bypass the horrible never ending grind of this game that people long ago got sick and tired of. When dungeons are infested by 4.1 gankers turbo sperging all over the dungeons every 15 minutes interrupting the efficieny of said dungeons people are going to seek alternatives. It's basic risk management and time efficiency. If you want more people in OW then properly incentivize my reason for being there. Better rewards are good start, bu…

  • Zitat von ryandro: „ “ What does this prove exactly? aside from the fact that it just proves that you guys are salty as always. Btw, nice private msg trash talk as well, gg! 7+vs 2? Great accomplishment right there... It's guilds like yours that constantly turn the AO environment into a salty and griefing climax. Wouldn't join this guild even if I was paid to enter lol.

  • How to change email adress

    Immel - - Beginner's Questions


    Zitat von WoodyIII: „That makes no sense, people change their email addresses all the time. There should be a way to change the email address. “ Sure it makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the reasons they didn't allow it was due to preventing people from easily getting rid of their accounts by selling it etc.

  • Keep the 25% Fame Boost

    Immel - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zitat von DaiKyoko: „Charge an additional Gold fee to keep it on a daily or weekly bases? “ Zitat von Nvs1980: „But this game is just grind for grind's sake. That's been the problem from Day 1. What character progression is tied to the grind? The last skill unlock for most weapons is at 40. Most players run around in 6.1 gear, so the last gear unlock is at 30. And beyond that you grind, grind, grind... and the return on that investment is miniscule. So miniscule in fact you won't even notice it …

  • Been with Conflict as an Organized Chaos member in the same alliance months ago before OC disbanned and merged with them not too long ago. One of the best guilds I've been in, great and friendly environment where the members respect each other. Very well managed by our leaders. Recommended if you want a nice and friendly environment to play in. PS: Requirements aren't even that steep

  • Zitat von Phex: „Zitat von Raithe: „Zitat von Phex: „Increase Manacost for Naturhehealers. I'm so sick of seeing them everywere. “ Decrease dmg dealt by at least 50% by all dps classes. So tired of seeing all the ranged and melee classed ppl everywhere. “ I would be okay with that. The Difference is, there is not a single DPS that outclasses all the others in every situation. I startet as holy healer but dropped it because it is so useless. Nature is better in almost every situation, and i reall…


    Immel - - Recrutamento de Guildas


    Não sou da guilda e nunca fui mas só por estarem na aliança TRUTH (no qual participo a um bom tempo e até mesmo antes de ser criada), já é um ponto positivo para mim. Neste caso, recomendo! Alias, sejam bem vindos a aliança White Skulls, espero que se sintam bem vindos! Member of Conflict

  • Zitat von NoobCake: „How does 4.1 everything (axe, and torch) kills warbow 7.1.(cape 7.1, assassin jacket 7.1, mage cowl 7.1, hunter shoes 7.1) I have played this game for 2 months now and basic any lower tier melee build will kill me on 1v1. Lets not talk about this retarded great nature healer build or forever stuns. And Albion promoting season 3. How the fu!k this can be season 1 when most of the stuff is so unbalanced! Servers are lagging, mobs are teleporting, even more after steam lunch. A…

  • Negative reviews on Steam

    Immel - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zitat von Kinrad: „To the posters above is your answer to anyone that points out how empty this game is, is to tell them to play wow? I don’t play Albion anymore but I hope before it’s cancelled due to its small player base they will add more stuff to do and fix the pvp system so it’s not so toxic. I’m waiting for crowfall and pantheon to come out, those games look promising. “ Empty? lol.. This isn't a game for most so I don't expect you to enjoy it. Game probably lacks content yes but there's …

  • Zitat von casiria: „Zitat von Dhivine: „Zitat von casiria: „Zitat von Dhivine: „Zitat von casiria: „Zitat von Dhivine: „You should look at Conflict. Not in any of these alliances but still a top guild. Also meets all your requirements. “ Definitely not. TRUTH has been dying since the end of last year, and it's not going to last very long. Conflict might be a top guild but there's a reason it's not a top Alliance.I don't suggest joining basing off of alliances Bajoli, as guilds within each allian…

  • Next Content Update: Merlyn

    Immel - - News & Announcements


    Overcharging items? Terrible idea! You guys already added the ability to respec skills which made things much easier than before. You can simply remove lvls from x skill and add to another. Why would you guys want to add the ability to overcharge items? Other ideas seem fine but please reconsider adding this overcharging ability ingame.

  • Lmao.. Everything you pretty much stated is irrelevant. Game is fine as it is... t1-t4 in gathering is a joke, t5-t6 is a little time consuming but still ok, t6-t8 is another joke. The only thing really time consuming regarding combat training, are the artifact specs. Aside from these that take time, maybe 80-100 (none artifact) takes a little effort as well but nothing unbearing. I think you haven't played many MMOs if you think AO is "hard". Try grinding in BDO past soft/hard cap to earn 1-2% …

  • Battle mounts change

    Immel - - General Questions & Discussions


    Sorry to say but, you snooze, you lose. Game is always changing and unless you can't live with nerfs/buffs, then you shouldn't be holding on to specific items when they get hit with updates.

  • Very nice.. What about getting the IOS version to work though? Updated the game yesterday but tried it this morning and says client version is not updated yet TestFlight gives no option to update =/