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  • Quote from Gunnar216: “Quote from Parallel: “Actually, my guild is constantly there ganking and we are not in alliance. ” So you choose to go after the biggest alliance in the game in their own territory and think that's smart? And think if arch had 6 hideouts per zone instead of 12 it'd completely change the game for you? lol ” Yes. Except I don't think it is smart, but I have taken 4-8 people and killed 50 many times. I usually die but it's fun.

  • The way you counter this build is simple. Simply clear the dungeon while they sit on the fire trap in an effort to pull him out of the trap and into an area your build has an advantage over his. I have a vid ill upload of me spawning the boss and pulling the guy to the boss to fight, timing the bosses abilities and wasting him. The only time it isn't easy is if i run into a fight blindly. Or you just bring a resist pot swap? It isn't that hard. I like the fire trap damage, I am usually a victim …

  • Quote from Gunnar216: “I am usually on the opposite side of the map so didn't know lol. But I see its alot and is essentially only ARCH that has that though. Again don't think limiting it to 6 or even 4 would make significant difference. Not like you're constantly in Redtree ganking if you aren't in their alliance ” Actually, my guild is constantly there ganking and we are not in alliance.

  • Yeah I think there is a zone with 12-14 in it right now. Longarm Fen is also 10+ hideouts if I remember correctly.

  • Current ZvZ warfare is hot garbage.

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    Who enjoys massing for 1 hour to sit on a territory, castle, outpost, and not fight unless you are overwhelmed with numbers? Who enjoys being cluster queued somehow with 1600 IP? Who enjoys going to 10 ZvZs and skipping 1 then all your friends telling you how you missed that "epic fight". I really want to ZvZ again, I can't believe I am actually missing the zone lock wars of last summer. Those fights were so much more fun than today and they were toxic. I think the only solution is instanced ZvZ…

  • I think the problem is that the black zone is so safe due to the hideout that it is no longer a black zone. Royal zones are more dangerous right now. There are no territories or hideouts. It's a pvp game and most of the pvp is becoming instanced. The only issue is they haven't instanced ZvZ which is what really needs to happen.

  • Prime example: At some point, Albion needs some kind of censorship code added so that isn't a problem. We used to have a guild channel where we posted ridiculous names we found in game. If I wrote down any of those names I would be banned from the forums, lol.

  • Sword is countered by a good frost player, on crossbow I die a lot to sword players. Sword is very strong but it isn't S tier right now. It's great at smashing most newbs. Fire counters xbow pretty hard if played properly. Invidiant did pretty well with a wildfire staff originally but I do agree that fire needs love. Bloodletters are balanced with the recent patch, they can't fight AND kite they have to do one or the other. Crossbows really aren't S tier meta right now due to the new royal helm …

  • I think it would be cool if you could inscribe things on items, purely as a vanity feature. For example you could gift someone a blade and write a quote on it. It would be neat if there were a way to sell inscribed items on the auction house.

  • Quote from MxKHD: “I also think 1h daggers are now dysfunctional. With the chain slash nerf on top of it, it's too much of a nerf. PLUS, the patch notes are completely wrong. It should be 35% life steal on mobs, NOT 50% damage AND healing on mobs. Please fix! And basing how a weapon is doing based on how a single player is performing, is... just bad logic. ” It isn't a single player. It's how a lot of players who can't play most of the meta builds are earning infamy/pvp fame. They are incapable …

  • I've seen entire fights turned by open world polehammer 5vX

  • Removing health regen out of combat is a bit extreme.

  • Devs just need to rework the E. It's still stupid strong. It shouldn't heal. It's like they removed the one shot pike build and added one that doesnt need to be invisible and has stupid sustain/resets.

  • "I can beat them in a duel" CDs arent duels. See attachment, I am just going by hard data not opinions.

  • Necromancer / Summoner

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    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from yaaseth: “I dont see any gankers running log pog ” I dont see many solo's running it either. It doesnt work particularly effectively anymore. ” I see Leyos still crushing people with it. Newbs can't run it and be good though, you are correct.

  • As you can see, dagger nerfs were not too extreme and most of you just sucked at dagger until someone else found a build for you. Dagger is again meta with nerfs, proving its still all powerful. Bloodletter is STILL meta with nerfs, proving its still powerful. It's more balanced, but still too strong. Claymore/crossbow/frost are not the strongest builds, they are the 2nd strongest still to dagger/cursed at the moment. The meta is rapidly evolving but dagger is undisputably still S tier.

  • Yeah you just suck at this game.

  • They nerfed all the builds and created a new one so we don't have variety.

  • And here comes wave 1 of 1B PvP club from Corrupted Dungeons, myself included. About 20-30 people are quickly approaching the Top 10 already. Crazy.