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  • One of the best question / suggestions at all.. Potentially just pure lazy ness of dev

  • I can give u an answer how to help u self 1) Log in game 2) check rankings 3) hit individual player ranking 4) hit highest infamy - use this week 5) check player 1-10 klick Kills, check for corrupted tag ..that's 1 on 1 Right now u find Knightletter there, xbow on reflect, all Taproot, most on wanderlust aka soldier boots, u find 1h dagger on Taproot or torch with enhanced stun support for shadowedge.on helmet.. So plateletter, dagger hunter or xb root..

  • There is a different alternative. I have come across this build and many other one shot builds.. On top I meet a lot of Merc chests or giga boots.. Also the beloved jump silent shot bolt casters.. And cause of this I have removed my reflect or purge head piece to a simple cleric Chowl.. It is the answer to this..

  • YESSS! After PvP kill, No boss but fame reward + chest + next dungeon ..then if is a pvp game again..

  • The most annoying thing in Knightletter.. If u fcked up u can in 99% reset and retry till it works.. And if it doesn't work ...just break it baby.. That doesn't make sense at all risk reward wise..

  • Knight armor frost

    Hollywoodi - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I disagree... It is not a frost / knight armor issue Root cause: dodging a fight has no negative impact, in fact it is rewarding Why on earth is strategy - get 200-500+ K infamy and then just run & dodge fights so rewarding As always - design issue..

  • Ouch how can u have problems vs nature??? Skill issues?

  • How NOT to get ganked

    Hollywoodi - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from purpurcatrocks: “1. Always check the number of hostile players Below the map, there is a sword icon with a random number. That is the hostile player counter. What is a hostile player? It's a player that is pvp-flagged. Check the number before you go 2. Get undead cape It has an ability that you can go invisible if hp <25% 3. Don't even go to red zones if no good armor or weapon Albion Online is a dangerous game so gather stuffs first in blue/yellow zones. Wait until you have good armo…

  • Broadsword.

    Hollywoodi - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from The_Support_God: “The tradeoff is you have less range on E and longer stand time compared to other swords and it is as easy to dodge if you have seen people eye frame claymore and dual swords. i think it is a fair trade off for such high damage single target with low cooldown cause you would not have the AoE of other sword types or their cc/range /utility /mobility that other sword choices have. well the only reason this has come front and center is because of the corrupted dungeon me…

  • Right now, a situation as a thousand times before... I get intruded in the CRD Intruder comes, Great Axe, Cheese build, merc chest... Of course is in seconds on almost no life, but as always .. W movement skill ..and RUN.. Starts break crystal and is gone.. Of course i had wanderlust..of course i tried catch him, but 10 seconds fight ...and gone..even as intruder Boring AF and hands down you get you now have crap PVE till you can 10 seconds PvP again.. thats the main issue for …

  • Hmm maybe ..just maybe..the solution is what community suggest for years? After intrusion, shrink the area by time? Force pvp by time? E.g. after 3 mins the area starts to collapse and after 5 there is just boss room left.. You can break crystal - loose infamy if countered hard You can kite and distance try kill for 4-5 mins But then it is showtime.. The pvp players keep telling the devs this for years. We started it in 2hg.. we continue here.. Welp!

  • NDA patchnotes? Just look and stop cry

  • Quote from Balintor: “I typed in /suicide i didnt know that you will lose your stuff, and now i lost my mount, my gear and lots of valuable stuff. Is there a way to get back my stuff? ” just curious, what did u expect to happen??

  • Quote from PenguinSniper: “So nobody has anything to say about the ability to completely run away in Corrupted Dungeon to get out of aggro range, and get full health back? Nobody?! What the fuck well, I guess resetting the fight is acceptable in Albion Online's community. ” let me turn your question around Who of the developer plays competitive successfull corrupted or 2HG? Just list one or two that are good and known for pvp skill.. In an ideal world people like balance guys would be good in 1 …

  • Quote from Draedark: “CORRUPTED DUNGEONS Corrupted Dungeons are new single-player dungeons found throughout the open world. After choosing a difficulty level, players enter and begin cleansing corrupted creatures, which grant Infamy points. Players can also invade or be invaded, with the invaded player given a choice between fighting the invader or destroying demonic shards to banish them. Killing another player grants a portion of their Infamy; higher Infamy levels give access to higher-level d…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Yiotoo: “Not defending this mechanic but It is a strategy for corrupted, they just fight if they are in advantage. If they have disadvantage, they run. It is a Win/Tie situation. ” And that´s a cancer. Tank bloodletter offers far too much room for mistakes. Even if you mess up, you can just escape and regen and try again. Big problem is that if you are losing, you can easily escape pretty much from anyone. Even bigger problem is that people CAN´T escape from bloo…

  • too less solo pvp

    Hollywoodi - - Feedback & Suggestions


    After changes main source of solo pvp is corrupted for me But I enter, find someone who doesn't want pvp and goes for crystal 3-5 min Then I need to grind 10-15 mins mobs And after 20 mins I have a new chance for pvp But I find 3 people on average that just want farm before I find one to pvp And even here, if I win, they run to crystal.. Is it just me??

  • I dunno what is your problem 1) I think it is super thrilling to do 15 min pve for 29 secs pvp 2) I think it is super cool to see crystal one there.. crystal two gone..and finally get to see your opponent on crystal 3.. 3) I really love the permanent practice if u win a fight and your enemy just resets the fight and you can do it again..that's so great! And the best is, this exciting thing happens in 90% of corrupted dungeons for me.. YaY, exactly what I was looking for.. I thought thi…

  • Quote from YUJlR0: “Jesus why nerf the loot. The loot is gradually getting worse from solo random dungeons. To my understanding this is due to the lack of players selling or willing to make the trip to Carleon. To me the fix seems rather simple. Make all the zones connecting to Carleon yellow. If the players doing dungeons or the players who are crafting are entirely responsible for the loot that is provided to dungeons, meaning these are largely non PvP players, why make the only route to this …

  • it just works because BL goes 8.3. free engage / disengage makes this overgear so strong. On top zero risk on entering.. Basically if risk to die higher u not see 8.3 any more and overgear cause of zero risk is higher Right now, use invis and bubble in portal or go from carleon..inside reset till u win.. Design issue 2 options to fix: 1) remove crystals and reduce area in pvp fast over time 2) add with 25% chance a third solo player.. so if an invasion happens.. let 2 invite..