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  • Time for you to accept your 21:9 overlords and ascend to ultra wide yourself. Once you go ultrawide you never go...ehm...back...shit, no rhyme...

  • Cheaters are good for SBI, if they actually ban them, they buy new accounts

  • Why you even care for that? EDIT: Oh wait, I remember your name from ingame chat. No need to talk to you.

  • Because the servers can handle instanced arenas well and they just need to build a tiny map, copy the basic systems of YHG on it and a ladder. Adding a few cosmetic items and call it a large feature.

  • Read the road map, immediately realizing that I was hoping for quite more. As it is, the game is super barebones and I expected a lot of features to be patched into the game to make it a full game over the next year. But these things mentioned won't keep me interested for long, I believe. Well, I enjoyed the month I spent with the game so far (minus the lag , the server issues, rubberbanding, rollbacks, logging in at other places where I logged out, etc...) and got my money's worth out of it. Ho…

  • I am just watching a video of a guy using the zoom hack and reading in forums how people enjoy ganking unsuspecting people with it. Hackers seem to have a good time in this game

  • Unplayable Lag 7pm UK time

    Blowfeld81 - - Server Performance


    Zitat von Dreamerbg: „no worries their status website shows all is fine so even that thing isnt made right ... “ The status page shows some severe issues. You just can not see that yet, because of the big lag on the status page

  • Zitat von StyleZ: „Zitat von Dygenn: „The first time I went into the red zone I went with junk gear on and it took almost an hour of wandering to find somebody who would kill me. “ Exactly. I've spent hours in red zones without even coming in contact with a pk'er. Getting to T6 exclusively in blue / yellow zones is mind boggling to me. “ Every time I go into the red zones, the amount of PK is either zero or 1; Once I farmed about half an hour and am ready to head back I get ganked by an amount o…

  • Suggestion: Family System

    Blowfeld81 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I don't know why, but I would like this...

  • Gathering, mining, farming

    Blowfeld81 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Create a time machine and travel back to the day the game released, push ahead hard and get into black zones asap. There, no you can follow your dream.

  • Zitat von JohnDruitt: „Zitat von Blowfeld81: „Zitat von Axolotl: „(Test Server) Launch Patch #4 - Gathering now improves Reputation five times faster than before “ This might make me pickup my gathering again. Going for t6 I started to lose interest when I got gangbanged hard by zergs and saw my fame level rising with the speed of a 40ton truck uphill... “ Change is to reputation gain - not fame gain, “ ARGH

  • New Expedition

    Blowfeld81 - - General Questions & Discussions


    Zitat von Rokov: „Expeditions designed just for players, who have not enough time for real open world dungeon in current game session. Since they are instanced, expeditions should be pretty boring and have low reward, otherwise people will just farm them again and again instead of openworld farming. Thats why your idea will not be implemented, probably even t6 is a bit too strong already. This game is not about instanced group pve at all, just go to black zone for t5 group dungeon - they are emp…

  • Zitat von Axolotl: „(Test Server) Launch Patch #4 - Gathering now improves Reputation five times faster than before “ This might make me pickup my gathering again. Going for t6 I started to lose interest when I got gangbanged hard by zergs and saw my fame level rising with the speed of a 40ton truck uphill...

  • If you play with low settings at 1024x768 or 800x600 you should be able to play it. But don't expect it to run perfectly. But that laptop is definetly not meant for any kind of gaming. Good price value, if you use it for work, some surfing or watching videos.

  • Reshade

    Blowfeld81 - - Beginner's Questions


    Well, they ignored this topic (with a simple "yes" or "no" at least) for 3 weeks and I start to not even care anymore. Game has bigger issues...

  • My compensation senses have been tingling and led me straight to this post!

  • So many brilliant and useful ideas, yet all we get is smart cast, a feature that should have been built in from day one, as you guys obviously chose moba fighting. This whole topic gives me the idea, how great the game could be, yet all we get is a UI that feels like it comes from a game that released in 2007, not 2017!

  • Zitat von Captainrussia: „Zitat von Blowfeld81: „Well, bloodletter... the weapon where even my little sister can escape ganks. And she does not even play this game Still nice that you use every chance to show people how great you are “ you forgot to mention that being "great" gets me a huge fan base as well... now the real question is - do I get to include your little sister as my fan, or will it just be you alone? “ Wow, such internet badassery. Very impressive

  • Enough is enough. I'm done

    Blowfeld81 - - Bugs


    Zitat von Eyra: „I've now been stuck in permablack screen forever. Ive tried multiple days to log in and still not fixed. I submit a bug report no reponse, I submit tickets and they close them without responding (and I'm still stuck in permablack screen. I was given 14 days extra premium for server troubles. I've been more than patient during the DDOS attacks and willing to oversee all the issues, but closing my tickets without responding and allowing my premium to be eaten up while I'm stuck in…

  • Zitat von RockLobster: „Lol. How about a few titles for people who actually die to zergs frequently enough to be mad about them? 75-100% of deaths vs. 11 or more - The One Who Ignores 10+ Orange Names On the Side of His Screen. 51-74% of death vs. 11 or more - The Visually Impaired 26-50% of deaths vs. 11 or more - The Semi-ADDed. 1-25% of deaths vs. 11 or more - The Perceptive. 0% deaths vs. 11 or more - Using Bloodletter “ I fixed that for you!