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  • Zitat von Fred_the_Barbarian: „It's his fault for not getting the payment in the trade window if you didn't pay him tbh. Not saying you didn't pay him though. “ He got the payment in the trade window but now says he didn't. I didn't see that coming and neither would you see that coming. Could happen to you too. You make a normal trade like everyone does and after the fact there is no way to show what has been traded. Not sure if support could help. I'm not really motivated to open a ticket over …

  • Considre HG endgame content. Don't go there with your lvl 20 dagger spec

  • We need logs of trades

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    We need logs for trades between players and auction house please, devs. Link thread: Is there a trade log?

  • Zitat von Bogul: „no, nor is there one for the auction house “ would be great to have something like it

  • If you trade with someone is it documented somewhere? How can i get that info? I traded someone items for silver and few days later he comes and says i didn't pay him which i did. Is there a way for me to prove i gave the silver to him? Help is apreciated.

  • Zitat von Valkie: „Fact remains that Daggers remain the games favourite weapon by far and cant blame anyone for using them as you can basically engage in any fight you want and if you are losing disengage with impunity... Facts speak... Past month top 10 fame kill value per weapon 1) DAGGERS : 237,5 mil fame ( almost double than next contender ) 2) Holy : 142,82 mil fame 3) Spear : !40,73 mil fame 4)Qstaff : 137,32 mil fame 5)Nature : 136,59 mil fame 6)Axes : 134,56 mil fame ( and the ones that …

  • first they nerfed the claw, then they nerfed merc jacket, then they removed the stack of merc jacket with poison, now they wanna nerf it again. Tell you what: People will only stop complaining about dagger builds once they are completely useless and it's impossible to kill anyone with them. There just is too much crying on the forums from people who get killed by daggers while they gather. In reality 1h dagger is useless in pvp, dual dagger needs an elaborate and expensive build to be useful, cl…

  • So you're saying there shouldn't be a place for solo pvp in the game?

  • New and valid trial keys [closed]

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    Both keys have been taken. So don't bother trying to activate now.

  • Nature Healing

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    nature: strong with aoe and HOT holy: strong with single target and insta-heal they both have their place. Nature heals on the move while holy requires you to not move while casting. You use the holy on the tank and the nature on the rest of the team.

  • New and valid trial keys [closed]

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    I got them for some friends of mine but they never showed up so i give them away to you here now: V6T9K23LPDYZXF7KJGRJRH3HD and KLC7AC2JA26Z6JZVC4VV7RUND enjoy

  • Custom colours are not good because we rely on colours and design of items to identify what someone is wearing without having to inspect them. The colours represent the tiers and enchantements of the gear so it's not a good idea to let people change that. Everyone is just gonna run around in white anyways to fake t8.

  • Zitat von letwolf: „Remove servers from NA and bring them to EU better “ That just reverses the problem to NA players ;D

  • Zitat von Uncle_Monty: „Good Afternoon, I do not think that the ability to shift-click loot is the problem here @Rixlette. Surely if these guys are really your friends they would be sharing the loot regardless of who picks it up? Kind regards, U_M “ That's besides the point. This translates to: EU players have to beg NA players for loot. ---------- Another idea: Loot on dead bodies could be split between everyone who got an assist on the kill according to the damage they did. The game could hand…

  • It is solved by not dropping a pup on death but instead rolling the dice on every tick (or even only the last tick) in a hide node. So they just gotta change what triggers the pup to drop. Right now killing the animal is the trigger. They could move the trigger for the drop to skinning istead of killing.

  • don't make it a hard cap. Introduce penalties for alliances which are too big. Don't tell them they can't be big just introduce an exponentially scaling tax for being bigger than a certain number. Could work similar as items. A tier 1,2,3,4 alliance is cheap to maintain but a t7 or t8 alliance will be very costly (so to say). Base tax: x 200 players alliance pays x 400 players pays 4x 600 players pays 8x 800 pays 16x and so on ... for example tax them

  • I'm EU player and i have a hard time getting any loot from dead players in the OW when i'm playing with my american friends. Their ping is 40 to 60 while mine is 120 to 140. I can't count how many times i thought i was the one clicking on an item first only to find out i got nothing. If an american and an EU player compete for the loot of a dead player the american player has a big advantage to the point where the EU player gets next to no items from looting dead bodies. To counter this i'd sugg…

  • It's all a marketing plot by the demolition-hammer-crafters to make you buy their t8 hammers ...

  • Introduce slotmachines and daily bingo!

  • Goodbye Albon!

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    If you wanna know the truth you probably made some bad decisions in the market and that silver is now with someone else who can better handle it than you can. If people would really buy that much gold and sell it for silver as you claim they do then why is the gold price not dropping? Your story makes no sense. Less silver in the economy = lower prices for items more silver in the economy = higher prices for items and that's all that is to it... Like i said: you probably just made a few bad deci…