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  • so my guild has strong access to a static at all times. we have been trying to kill veteran bosses whenever we can. so i have noticed some spawns have the veteran boss that gives season points. some dont. the one that does has a spiky yellow circle underneath and much more hp. how many times per day can the boss that gives season points spawn in 1 dungeon. can it only happen once per day per spawn location? if you kill the same boss spawn multiple times do the points start to reduce? i noticed i…

  • as that team continues to smash on lower leveled players their mmr goes up and they will have to face teams with similar mmr. make a smurf account and do the same thing? you can only do this for so long. and you do not score season points for your guild unless you keep creating spots for all these smurfs.

  • is there any development into using some form of a mmr or elo based rating for crystal league? i feel especially at lower levels this would make games much more competitive and less lopsided. i find it unfair when i go to play crystals and i am paired with teams known to compete in the lvl 6 or 7 range while in a level 1. i also find it unfair when i am paired against a team that barely even knows the strategy behind how to win a crystal. i feel this could also increase competitive gameplay and …

  • i would also like to know. i have done maybe 50+ standard t8 maps. not random ones found on zone. mobs are 16% stronger. i do notice i get higher fame and i cant say 100% but it does seem i get slightly better rewards. also got 2 gold chests. i would like to know the scale or risk vs reward in doing 8.2 or 8.3 maps.

  • faction missions?

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    is this old or dead content? i remember being able to find a sort of undead/royal/morgana etc hideout. they had an npc in them that would give you a quest. like go kill heretics. go kill undead. go kill morgana. or they would ask you to collect things. they would give you silver, you could gain reputation with them, like morgana or the royals. and you could at a certain point purchase things from them. i swear i was roaming around farming recently and ran into one of these npcs. i didnt have eno…

  • i have a full legendary adventurer set. hat boots chest and cape also the normal adventurer set and the tier 2 sets let me know if you want to purchase the sets with an offer. pm me in game or here is fine.