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  •…21959cfc3bc3b6fe4dd674927 Picture made on mobile, so quality not much.

  • Shark/Spyglass. Shark - one shark give +5 happiness up to 10 labourers, so you need 2x shark for one GH if you need bonus from it +5 happiness to all 15 your labourers. Spyglass - one give you +5 happiness same as shark but only up to 3 labourers so for one GH with 15 labourers you need 5x spyglass if you need bonus +5 happiness to each your labourer. And ofc general trophy (t2-8), no other trophy can add happiness to yours crafting labourers. But gathering or mercenary labourers its different s…

  • Okay, after the daggers here we have nature staff. Okay, let's bring nature staff into the light. And why limit yourself, let's bring straight the whole destiny board into the light! Some ideas? My idea is that everyone will have only a stick, 8.3 normal stick ..

  • @Draedark Hi, t5 GRD(as solo) in YZ, with satchel is around 1,4 mil fame credits per hour.

  • Tutorial help

    CassX - - Beginner's Questions


    @Hellements Hey, I would eliminate the need to wait 15 minutes before I can leave the starting zone. When I do alt characters due to focus points, I have the tutorial ready in 11 minutes and the need to wait 4 minutes before I can leave is annoying.

  • Quote from Apotosariel: “Steve Jobs had a net worth of 10.2$ billion dollars and ultimately died of pancreatic cancer. What's your point? ” But I did not write that money will save you from all diseases, yes, there are diseases where even millions of dollars will not help you, but in most cases people with money can get "better" health care or buy medicals for which, for example, a poor person does not have money. Quote from Apotosariel: “ Meeting basic necessities can be acquired in many ways, …

  • Quote from Apotosariel: “Money doesn't rule the world. Outside humans' minds, they have no intrinsic value. The world itself is much bigger and greater than humans. With the advance of science, this ought to be common knowledge already. ” Please do not write such nonsense here, try to live like a homeless person, or like poor children in ghettos on the street or in gangs, try to have a sick child, watch him suffer and not have money for medicals, etc.. Please try to live at the bottom first with…

  • Quote from Kjerst: “Corrupted dgs chest loot are garbage lol. ” But always can be nerfed more! Quote from CDEEKS: “hahahah PISS OFF MATE YOU LOT FUCKING CRIED FOR PVE SAFETY NOW YOU HAVE YOUR SAFETY U WANT GOOD LOOT GO BACK TO THE SRD not closing after 90 secconds. u cant have your cake and eat it. you carebears have ruined this game now. am so happy now SRD loot is trash bec u lot are now suffering lol ” But he talks more about bad loot in group dungeons..

  • Quote from Tabor: “Haha I love when people play the MMO means not solo card. ” It is better to love women!

  • What happened? 90 seconds of waiting until absolutely safe farming, that's it happened. Of course the loot is bad, what did you expect?

  • @Dannyboy Hey, but still you can harvesting on your island all day long, so yes, its good time for comming back and conquer crop economy! But if you're looking for "risk vs reward" then you're at the wrong address.

  • @Draedark Hey, a rat, it's something nasty, long tail, it breeds astronomically fast, scientists kill them in the labs for thousands and still in nature are milions. In AO it's the same thing, The SBI can fight the rats all they want but they never get rid of them, they always find a way. So that's why a rat, it's a comparison, something nasty, something like that if you see it, you using poison (at least 8.1!) on it and no one likes them (like at home). But i like dogs, my one has name Jessy!

  • Quote from Tschloerin: “Quote from CassX: “Guys, if you're going to quit, can I have your stuff? ” You could at least have tried to read the whole thread... ” Well I read something in a quick but..You know.. But the effort was! And to the CD, I don't call them that, to me it's a content called "run Forest, run" and what I was hoping for is something different than what's in game now, but you get used to it after a few updates, so I personally don't deal with it..

  • Guys, if you're going to quit, can I have your stuff?

  • Mobile: Planned Improvements

    CassX - - Mobile Version


    Quote from Merkur: “Store Integration & Updates Finally, we plan a release on both Play Store and App Store next year. With this, we also want to make manual installs and re-downloading the client with each small update a thing of the past. ” Hi, any information about this here? The year is coming to an end and all is silent..

  • Quote from Lewke: “its good streaming content... ” Not really much, I don't look at a few streamers anymore because either they talk in CDs when they meet an equivalent opponent and they don't want to risk death and or I'm tired of watching "run Forest, run" for 20 minutes where it ends up destroying crystals anyway.. So..

  • Quote from MerliN1st: “They killed dive dung content and so many old players unistalled. ” Old players with bilions of silver is not the future! New players pumping dollars into the game, buying gold, that's what every company wants, profit! Quote from pesadelo: “Did SBI even said why they changed this timer? ” Yes, we're all waiting for SBI to finally adjust it for at least 40 seconds!

  • Quote from Tomperon: “I am curious about How much fame and silver you get by doing hce. Assuming you alway have a good party and Counting repairing cost of the gucci itens. The repair from a single death with Gucci can cost an entire expendable set ” One guy recently wrote in RT forum that out of one lvl 15 HCE map has around 2mil fame credits (I can't confirm if it's true and that wasn't a new satchel in the game yet) and I think the somethime repair of items doesn't really bother these people.…

  • Quote from Parallel: “Quote from CassX: “@Parallel In the first row AO is just a game, no more, no less. From a position in the rankings you have nothing but a sort of imaginary feeling that you are good at what the game is aimed at (pvp), but that's all you get. If you're good at team pvp, you have a team so you participate in activities that you benefit from, or time to time tournaments that SBI hosts etc.. Yes, pvp fame what can be earn from a CD versus other pvp activities is laughably high …