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  • Thanks so much for the replies everyone! I have enabled auto-respec on my armor skill now.

  • So, I am wearing some armor now that is not far from 100. I understand that after I hit 100 with the mastery, I will start getting fame credits for respeccing. But if my mastery remains capped, I will only gain 20% of the fame value towards the mastery bar. (For example, if I kill a monste which gives 1000 fame, I will only get 200 fame towards that pool). I read that it is also possible to manually remove skill ranks from your bar by paying silver, which would then let me get a 100% fame gain(S…

  • Quote from iRawr: “There is few possible ways. 1. Arena 2. Blue zone hellgates 2 vs 2 3. Yellow zone PvP. No faction flagged. You cant lose gear if use this ways of PvP. But well, the quality of your opponents will be also not so good. ” Thanks. I did my 3 PvP arena wins today and it was cool.

  • Heyo, Currently looking to get into PvP. Is there a low/no risk PvP mode? Can I for example gear up, join arena to play around without risking my stuff? I understand that I have to learn things - especially weapons, abilities and so forth so that's why I am asking. Right now I am doing black zone fame farm exclusively and there's not much quality PvP going on so to say.

  • Quote from iRawr: “You r right. You can lose token, if it is in your inventory. If skin is activated - its yours forever, no one can take it. You also can use it on other characters on same account. So, if you ride on dire wolf with specter wolf skin and get killed, you lose just a mount. Same rule for everything else, if you die in PvP - you will lose just gear on you, and items in your bag. Also, you not lose silver and gold if you die. ” Makes sense, thank you!

  • Heyo! Long story short: I purchased an Founder's pack in 2015 and haven't touched the game since, now I am mega confused! I would really appreciate some help. I understand that this is a full-loot game and I am curious as to how this interacts with any claimed rewards. I have successfully claimed my rewards but right now they're all sitting in my bank. How do mount/gear skins work? If I consume the skin, for example the Specter Wolf for the Dire Wolf mount, is it possible to lose the specter wol…