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  • Quote from neptunium: “Quote from Shroomiest: “Scouting isn't free. You have to organize it, someone has to do it and can't do anything else in the meantime. How is scouting not free when you can just open an account on a second screen and have it sit in the entrance to your dungeon with no gear, how is that not free, are you stupid or something? or just not read my post properly? ” ”

  • Quote from iRawr: “Everyone who's defense diving, didn't even read topic. Its a good content, we all agree. Small scale pvp is fun, we also agree. But players use scouts not because they dont wanna fight 4-6 vs 4-6. They just dont wanna die 5 vs 10+ All you says about "fun to get dived", have nothing similar with 5 vs 10+. 5 pvers vs 10+ pvp is fun fight? -No 5 pvers vs 10+ pvp sometimes win and sometimes lose? -No 5 pvers vs 10+ pvp is good content for both side? -No 5 pvers vs 10+ pvp have sam…

  • A new 16+ lymhurst guild to screw around in, no rules, do what you want, low tax, crappy guild island, drug friendly discord, discord kill bot, blackzone and redzone gathering runs, black and redzone dungeons (solo and group), regular joint breaks, help and support for new players. johnny-depp-what-the-fuck-are-these-people-talking-about.gif Message me in game, username is Shroomiest, or come along to discord