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  • I feel this design is going to make it so small guilds like Judgment with only 10-20 active members and a single devoted gvg team will struggle to have a black zone territory.


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    Still have a core group of extremely active players, looking for players who want to fame and get high specs for hell gates and one day gvg's. Now part of the alliance Null.

  • How much is 100,000 k?

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    When ever you see the K in a number it is just replacing three 0's So 1k - 1000 10k -10,000 100,000k - 100,000,000


    Linvara - - Guild Recruitment


    This looks like a great guild for new and old members looking to have fun.

  • Quote from Korn: “Just to confirm, guild / alliance affiliations do not count inside of the arena. Inside of hell gates, they do, but there are also many good arguments on why they actually should. ” bump to get that answer.

  • I am a healer and I think something should happen, but I honestly think there should not even be an outlaw timer if you are in hell gates or the outlands. Only if you are red attacking blues in a red / yellow zone. "dude sick spear where did you get it?" , " oh this i got from killing a guy in the lawless depths of hell" *outlawed*

  • I am not going to take time to explain why this shit it getting old, but just to ask if this is going to get fixed? I personally think that stealths should not drop monster agro. it would solve the issue, but does anyone else have a solution to fixing this?

  • In the old beta versions of the game if you wanted to get fame for t5 gear you wore t4, if you wanted fame for t6 you wore t5. and had to kill high tier monsters. But now you can just go to a black zone in 4.1 and kill t5 monsters all day and get to t8. I believe this is a very large issue but thats for another post, I was just wondering if anyone knows why they made this change? if a dev could post would be nice.

  • Flag up in a red zone , kill players, queue for expedition, get out of expedition unflag.

  • Bump this thread to get them good ole' reasons for the hell gates to have guild / alliance affiliation from @Korn.

  • The KoS comes from the fact that its a full loot game, and sometimes what might make you win the fight is being the first to strike, you win and they lose and you keep your gear another day. But this problem even goes further then just my little guild. There is rules in big alliances when they are in the hell gates if they run into the same alliance that they share the bosses and the mid boss, something like a hell gate starts to lose its appeal and risk if you can abuse it by just being in the …

  • My guild is rather small but we will get things done and play a lot, but I still have friends in lots of other guilds/alliances. There are times when they want to come play with our group or times I go play with there group. And since its a mmo, and they are my friends we do just that. But in this game problems comes up now. If my friend from R3D or ZERG is with us, and we run into a bunch of ZERG members in a black zone and they attack us, my friend cant help us and just has to watch us die. If…

  • I just want to thank everyone that replied to this thread , people actually gave good feed back and didnt derail my topic. Thank you for that, I am very happy to see what others think on this topic and I can agree with the points you guys made, I do under stand the 9 out of 10 reference you make a good point. I just wanted to add my thoughts about how they are changing things and see what others think, thanks

  • Gear is inflated thread

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    Quote from Targun: “Maybe try leaving the yellow zone before you start having ideas? ” This may be the dumbest reply to a discussion thread I have ever read. Its common for people to not give feedback, or elaborate on there comments on the forums, but you Sir gave me cancer with this post.

  • Lately there has been a lot of talk on the forums about expeditions being to good of fame, they are better then open world, there is the incoming chest hunting changes, because they are better then open world. I just wanted to make this post saying, maybe instead of nerfing the silver from chest and the fame from expeditions, why not buff the dungeons? This is more of a post asking the devs and the community why is nerfing always the answer instead of buffing? This makes me think of the warbow, …

  • There is a Feedback & Suggestions area in the forums, if you post this thread there is might actually get some traffic.

  • Last time I used mushrooms I ended up talking to a poster on my wall for 40 minutes, so I can see why this tank does not like them.

  • I personally use the Divine staff but I can why people dont like it, the shield does not have its own armor or magic res so even tho the shield is blocking 2k dmg its not the same as giving someone 2k more hp. and no shield or orb is an issue, but I find the hefty heal of the Q in combination of a well timed shield so I can get back mana or top people off is very strong in hellgates and pvp. For long sustained fights like GvG I can see why not having an orb would be an issue.

  • A way to fix hellgates

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    In red/black hell gates I think chat should be disabled (maybe keep party chat) and names and guilds should not be displayed. And then make it so what ever guild / alliance you are in does not matter, 5v5 full loot. Just how I think it should be done. Any other ideas people have you should post them, I would like to see what other people are thinking.

  • I have a few friends in some of the major guilds , because of this issue I can not hell gate with them at all, for if we run into an enemy from Vendetta or Conflict. I lose half my fighting force. The current system makes hellgates locked to only playing with your guild, and coming to a understanding of one team leaving if you run into the same alliance. I don't have a solution but I do see this as a problem.