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  • If you don't have dislikes, take away the likes as well so results aren't skewed. People can use words to show how much they agree as well

  • What exactly are these for? Skill shots?

  • Well that would present a problem. I have turned on conversations. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • The ancient Dwarves have resurfaced from the northern mountains and seek their fellow beards. We are small group of industrious Dwarves with a long history of glorious battle and empire building! Are you a Dwarf? Can you conduct the following? - Honorable game play - Share victory and defeat in glorious battle along side your brothers - Not rage like a spoiled elf over the small things in life like loss of pixels - Show maturity and respect towards fellow Dwarves and our enemies alike - Sound yo…

  • I personally have no problem with market information being completely local. I simply stated I have seen that type of system before and it wasn't bad. If being privy to market information across the globe does in fact affect the localization, then I will support not having that. Thanks for saying something that has actual content Jonathan. I'm about open discussion and learning from one another. Not drawing hard lines in the sand and telling people to go play another game because they are not in…

  • Quote from Nervontuxis: “I think no one will regret removing the fast travel. Also, viewing the other cities offerings globally would also break the whole idea of localized markets, seriously, if you don't want a player run economy, dont play AO. ” Seriously, stop telling others to not play AO just because you don't agree with their ideas. Try explaining your point(s) instead. I'm entitled to put forth my opinion and I'll stick around all I want. This is supposed to be a discussion of ideas that…

  • Absolutely not! Many people and entire guilds get very much into the immersion of being able to role a particular race. It should not be limited just because you have regrets later. That's your issue and not a deciding factor. I'd like to see more uniqueness put into character creation personally. The changing of avatars as you level up is so impersonal and doesn't make me feel very attached to my character. Diversity is a good thing and makes the game fun and interesting.

  • I can't help but wonder if discontinuing the tablet support would help speed up progress. I just can't imagine the tablet being a viable tool to play this game. Seems a novelty and waste of time to me.

  • Great. The easy-mode-instant-gratification gamers are getting their way. I used to die from this but I learned how the mechanics work and adjust accordingly. That's really the basis of gaming if you think about it. When I go to a mob spawn and the density is different, I know better. I appreciate that the mobs are relentless. Keeps you on your toes and stays challenging. I've already lost this battle. Time to change my sig as well. /in my day /shakes fist

  • When I first read F2P I was pretty pissed. But when I learned it's B2P I had no problem with it. The reasons they did it are pretty clear and believable so I really don't think there is any lying going on here. It's a business change based on measurable data. Although I really don't think it's going to minimize gold spammers as much as they are hoping. Money can still be made via B2P so it will be done. Whenever you put money into any kind of pre-release, alpha or beta, expect the plans to chang…

  • Quote from Tensu: “Since they seem insistent on implementing a criminal system ” Where? Link please. I'd like to read up on it. Your system seems just a bit too complex for the simplicity of this game. Dumb it down a bit and it might actually work. Keeping black ffa is smart.

  • Quote from Kimoshu: “Hypersensitivity would actually be the reason to talk to a professional. ” You think being offended by an alliance/guild name that for all intense and purposes says KKK Kill Niggers is being hypersensitive? That is sad and frightening all in one. I feel sorry for you. Anyways, I'm done with this convo. Can't reason with sick and/or ignorant people.

  • You clearly don't understand what hurt is Kimoshu. If you're incapable of feeling pain from words, you may want to talk to a professional. That's a serious condition. Words are powerful, and If you don't agree, stop using them. Please.

  • Just a thought. How about weapon switching? You'd simply have another slot for your second weapon and have a single key assigned to switch between the two. Maybe a small cool down but nothing that doesn't hinder the flow of combat or break combo's. This would allow three more skills and offer combo experimentation. Skill, fun and challenge! This could still be done on the restrictive tablet as well. Kind of on topic: It bothers me to see that tablet restrictions holding back what could be an exc…

  • Quote from Triikor: “Crying about the name [KK]Kill nicker's? Harden up sunshine, people are so soft these days god. ” Trying to brush off a serious matter that has caused serious trauma for many decades. Time to evolve human, people are so ignorant these days, dog. It's unacceptable. No intelligent and secure person can argue against that. Hammer time. <stupid humans>

  • If they put the hate on, bail, they're not worth your time. Plenty of groups who are very casual and let people enjoy the game on their own terms with low pressure on performance. Unfortunately, it's the big high-pressure groups that tend to advertise the most. Talk to folks, find out who has a good attitude and understands this is a game.

  • Somewhere in between would be nice. No global chat of any kind, trade or otherwise. Keep chat to it's region.

  • already a poll. Think it's still active. POLL: Should There Be "Fast Travel"?

  • I think this every time I go into a dungeon. Levers that open doors and such would be cool too.

  • Murder System

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    Quote from Frostweaver: “Why not let players establish that themselves instead of forcing it on us by the game system and design? People will make alliances or simply not attack some people if they deem it not worthy or if they do not want to make enemies out of someone. There is a lot more possible alternatives happening in a game with more open choice for players rather then theme the game around certain set of rules. Game becomes just a carebear heaven and dies out. ” Ideally, that would be g…