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  • The developers said recently they are going to add the ability to allow you to move islands for exactly the reasons you guys are saying. So chill on your island now, keep playing farmville on it and you will get to move it before too long.

  • Combating "Gold Sellers"

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    Here is a fix: If you buy gold only a certain amount is immediately available to you no matter how much you buy and you have to wait 3-5 days for the rest. This way people still impulse buy, or if they lose their gear and don't have enough to replace it they can buy gold and get enough immediately to regear, but not enough to make it profitable for the gold sellers. If a gold seller buys $200 with a stolen CC they may get say enough for say 100-250k silver immediately and the rest doesnt come th…

  • What I am most interested in is political pvp. What I mean by that is guild v guild and alliance v alliance that emerges organically. I believe the best way to achieve that is through the careful allocation of resources to the world map. I don't mean static resource objects that have to be captured, but rather the specialization of zones. If certain areas and regions and even cities have a greater quantity of certain economically important resources, pvp with real stakes will emerge. These areas…