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  • The new world of albion

    Nefczi - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I cannot belive anybody could complain about world being too big in a rpg/sandbox game... Having to travel long distances to get certain resources is amazing, as it only encourages trading and player interactions. It creates content. Look at Eve Online, you often have to travel through tens of systems/warmholes to buy specific ship, kill specific npcs, find specific planet resources or find a hacking site. And Eve has probably the best economy system in any game out there. Furthermore there are …

  • For me tThe main diference between Eve and Albion is that in Eve(at least at the time when I played it), if you choose, you could successfully play as a lone wolf/solo even outside of "safe zones". Due to enormous world you could venture into dangerous territories without fear that you constantly gonna get murdered on the spot. A lone wolf approach was perfectly possible, and you didnt have to be really hardcore to do that. And as you can play and progress as a lone wolf in Albion as well, its m…

  • Testserver - Doors are open!

    Nefczi - - News & Announcements


    When I select test server in the launcher it says that the current game version is When I hit "update" the launcher closes itself and nothign happens

  • Zitat von Munch: „Zitat von Nefczi: „The fact that "the game features mass PvP and Guild vs Guild combat" doesnt mean that you have to join a guild and run only with a bunch of friends either. Solo shoudl be harder and more dangerous path obviously, but it should not forced as well, like it is right now. “ It doesn't mean that you have to. Nobody should be forced to do anything they don't want to do, BUT in a game where it pretty much requires you to join a guild to get most end game things done…

  • Zitat von Munch: „Zitat von Nefczi: „System like this woudl give some breathing room to more solo oriented players “ This isn't a solo-oriented game. If you read all of the reviews and anything talking about the game, it states that the game features mass PvP and Guild vs Guild combat. That doesn't mean go out in the dangerous world by yourself and then complain that you can't solo things. This is a multiplayer online game. Make some damn friends ffs. The casual, solo-oriented mindset is what ki…

  • Farming, resource refining and trading Also trying cooking currently but cooked stuff supply/demand seems to be messed up currently and it doesnt look lie very profitable venture, so far at least.

  • Zitat von Munch: „Zitat von Redorian: „But eventually after a certain amount of kills, your name turns red and you are flagged as a murderer. “ No, just no. This is punishing players for PvPing in a full-loot, hardcore PvP game. “ This is also a sanbox game where ppl should have freedom in what they want to do and how they want to play the game. But in current state the sandbox aspect of the game is seriously limited, not becouse there is full loot pvp, but becouse if you wanna be successfull or…

  • Test Server (Mordred) now available

    Nefczi - - Bugs Testserver


    Still cant access staging server. After choosing Mordred in launcher it says: "An update is required in order to play. Your version is, latest is 1.0.264..." But after clicking "update" the launcher closes itself and nothign happens. Any suggestions?

  • Test Server (Mordred) now available

    Nefczi - - Bugs Testserver


    Afer selecting staging server and clicking Update, the louncher closes andnothing happens. Maybe the server is offline?

  • Dont quote me on that but I think I read somewhere that Hurricane is a chanelled skill that knockbacks & deals damage to enemies few times, you also can move during the channel.

  • I'am still a pvp noob in this game but I think It depends what type of pvp you have in mind. I'm rolling mostly solo and becouse of that I like Medium armor the most with my Quarterstaff. Medium head piece gives me either CC immunity or another speed boost on top of boots. Medium Chest has invisibility skill, and I like to have an "oh shit!" button like this. Its probably not the most optimal build for some situatons, but its good all arounder for my needs. And it works very well for pve grindin…

  • Crafting Focus points still used when turned off.

    Nefczi - - Bugs


    Same problem here. It just started happening since yesterday(didnt have htis problem before). Refining consumes Crafting focus points even when turned off.

  • Zitat von Korn: „Hi all, we actually have a great solution to solve the issue of excess crafting supply/lack of demand. It is not 100% set in stone yet, but this is the idea: - There are training missions for crafting - As part of the mission you need to collect a certain amount of fame and craft a certain amount of the relevant items - When you hand in the mission, you will have to hand in the crafted items as well - As a reward, you will get bonus fame against the relevant destiny board node T…

  • Soup is your best friend, seriously. Wheat Soup costs around 1k and lasts an hour, and gives you massive 200% HP regen bonus outside of combat. I stopped using the chest heal when I found out about it

  • Zitat von LesnaeJ: „this is an interesting topic and i also want to share mine. I'm a pure tank warrior means i'm going with 1 hand weapon which is mace and a shield, also straight heavy plate armor which is tier 4,5,6 and so on. One of my party member told me that .2 and .3 weapon class is two handed even mace. Well i just wanna say but its not helpful for you. To craft mace i need Metal and Fabric. To craft armor and shield i only need Metal which is good but need a lot of metal. I'll start wi…

  • Zitat von Darlantan: „Zitat von Nefczi: „Zitat von Kilp: „You get 10% bonus crafting in town. You won't ever get that on your island “ But you dont pay any tax on private island. If the tax is set too high then the 10% more bonus maybe be outweight by the tax you have to pay. Altho I would have to do the math. By the way, anybody can tell me what is the % tax based on actually? “ I believe it's based off the item value for each item. “ Do you mean average marketplace item value? Or some kind of …

  • Zitat von Kilp: „You get 10% bonus crafting in town. You won't ever get that on your island “ But you dont pay any tax on private island. If the tax is set too high then the 10% more bonus maybe be outweight by the tax you have to pay. Altho I would have to do the math. By the way, anybody can tell me what is the % tax based on actually?

  • Dammit, you forgot to pee... hang in there buddy!

  • Zitat von drasked: „Currently using the t5 cursed staff will not give you fame towards the 4.2 cursed staff, you need to use the t4 cursed staff. “ The requirements of unlocking 4.2 Cursed staff says: 1/2: Kill creatures tier 3 or higher worth 270k Fame wearing Adept's Cursed Staff(T4) or better. So in theory a T5 Cursed stuff should also give you fame towards 4.2. Unless there is mistak ein discription

  • Zitat von Cross: „Zitat von Nefczi: „Relying only on making silver through combat may not be best idea. But crafting your own gear(or parts of it) isnt the only option here. You could complement your combat focused character with gathering profession for example(even if its only 1 type of resource), which could actually work quite nicely, if you gonna spend a lot of time out "in the wild". Bringing few stacks of resources(that you gathered while famring mobs) when you come back to town and selli…