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  • Oh boy. I think your way with the cluster/world.xml is correct if you're looking for fixed spawnpoints that level designers placed. Without having it verified, my assumption is that there are some fixed spawnpoints for the giantstag in steelhide meadow and deadvein gully, but 99% are random spawnpoints. But if you're looking at randomly placed mobs (random spawnpoints) it gets way more complicated: First you'd need to find out the correct mobname you're looking for. (T4_MOB_HIDE_STEPPE_GIANTSTAG…

  • About formulas: I think Retroman is gonna post something for you About the resource nodes: We placed a number of high/medium and low nodes in all templates to have a bit more control over where high/medium and low tier resources will spawn. Since in a T5 royal cluster high nodes are the only ones able to spawn T5 for example, you can influence in which areas T5 resources appear the most. A lot has changed over the years since I was a level designer, but I think in general it's still correct to s…

  • Well that would still give you an unfair advantage since you'd still get the locations of all the resources without having seen them at all. So no, it would remain illegal @letwolf.

  • @MEATCUP Would you be fine with it if it was only not displayed for yourself? Others would still see your helmet, but you yourself wouldn't. If so, then this is on our backlog already @Itsyurboix. - Lino

  • @Cathair I'm back in the office and ready to go with more knowledge and insight. First off I need to crush some dreams: Your assumption for which preset to take from the resourcedistpresets.xml for Alderwood is wrong. Let's look at Alderwood to stay with this example: Alderwood is a Tier 5 (T5) forest (FR) outland (OUT) wilderness (WLD) cluster in Cumbria (MED - since Cumbria is in the mid-outlands, low being Anglia and high being Mercia). That means we need to take T5_FR_OUT_WLD_MED for our res…

  • So. First off: It looks to me like you're on the right track in general. Your first 4 steps are correct I'd say. The templateinstance we're looking at here, is the what we call "master template". It's one of many templateinstances that are used to generate this cluster. I'm at home now so I can't check but I think Alderwood consists of ~29 templates for example (including the border and exit pieces). In the example you provided (point 4.), we see 8 different layers that are activated just for th…

  • Looking at "Alderwood", the resource node counts are still too high. I'll give you some "target ranges": Wood: 360-400 Hide: 240-280 Rock: 140-180 These are not necessarily 100% accurate, but should cover most of the forest clusters. It's normal that they differentiate a bit between tiers and clusters. That's intended. But as you can see, your total number is still almost twice as high. The same is true for the roaming mobs. That should also be a lot lower (~350 I believe). I'm not sure where th…

  • @Cathair Compare your generated map to the actual Alderwood map: You will notice that in your generated map, the exit positions aren't correct.The actual exits in the game are far more outside. I don't know if this helps, but as far as i know every single cluster exit is basically part of the outer border ring. I also took a look at your resource node numbers: they are quite far off from how many are really there. Our guess is you are reading out the template.xml data and take all layers into ac…

  • Looks sweet @Cathair! I'm impressed with how quickly you made this progress. Just an idea: Use the established tier color code for your map visualization. So T4 would be blue, T5 red, T6 orange etc. - Lino

  • slash commands

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    @Drake_IronHeart In case you didn't know: If you're typing in the emotes channel (/e or /emote) if you type something e.g. "is rolling around" it will display as "H4n1baL is rolling around". - Lino

  • Hey @Fusionbomb! Currently you can use /invite to invite players to your guild. I made a note to add a command for party invites. - Lino

  • Hey @Cathair! You can use #where to find the current position of your character. - Lino

  • Looks very nice! Thank you for your effort - Lino

  • The system was broken before and was fixed after you pointed it out. We consider this a good thing for the game. - Lino

  • PvE?

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    @Raithe Happy? Dev Update: Hidden Entrances and Randomized Dungeons

  • map zoning durations

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    @Equartus I'm not sure what exactly you mean. Maybe I misunderstood, but neither the caching process nor the cluster load times have anything to do with a resolution change bug as far as I know. - Lino

  • @Piddle But you should be pretty happy now since we adjusted the travel costs in the latest patch. Thank you for your input concerning this topic! - Lino

  • map zoning durations

    H4n1baL - - General Questions & Discussions


    Hey @solventh! We did some changes to our caching process that may have had an impact on the cluster load times. - Lino

  • Thanks for the report. That seems odd tbh. I'll make a note to check that. For future UI topics, ping @GrayMo - Lino

  • Glitch of the bow

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