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  • These are gank loots. You cant even touch the guild chests in PoE cuz its syndic’s personal property lul


  • I’d say go for pest lizards, second Choice spectral direboar but its so ez to kill.

  • You should use the passive to the mobs around . If you accidentally hit a player, its still not a big deal cuz that mount never lose its gallop. Just run through the safe zone. Im saying again, the other mounts just thrash against to the gankers who know what they are doing.

  • imo, this game is WAY TOO GRINDY

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    Search discord there are tons of people trying to live in Albion. The first step is to find a guild that grinds in group dungeons. That’s where you’ll learn the basics and joy of the game. When you get valuable loot from the chests it motivates you to play more. When you in higher tier zones it’ll be more exciting as well as fun. When you get good lot, bringing it to a safe zone is another thing. And trust me fame is everything in Albion, try to find most suitable one for you, solo dungs, group …

  • Well I have no further info. But prolly its about the permissions.

  • Equal numbers on ZvZ

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    So I have an idea and really want to hear your opinions. Lets say a map has its prime time 17.00UTC and there will be a fight between 2guilds( ofc there will be 6-7 guilds attacking only one guild ) what happens there will be 100players on attack Side and 100people defence Side? Only 1guild can open the war to the territory. And for 20minutes the map will be closed for other players or the neutral players can only pass the map, no gather, no attack etc. Is this doable? What are the downsides?

  • Did you claim them? When you click on the bilboard, there should be ‘claim’ on the Upside of the page.

  • imo, this game is WAY TOO GRINDY

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    Dude screw who says bye to you. Im sad here. For the new players its no lie that this game is hard. You do the tutorial and then what? You are all alone. I was lucky that I started when the game was not this crowded and had to chance to farm solo dungs in yellow zones. However, the Biggest leap was when I Join my guild. We are almost a family now. we’ve been through everything. We died, we killed, we farmed, we bored together. NEVER EVER JOIN A BIG GUILD IF YOU ARE NEW CUZ THEY SEARCH SLAVES FOR…

  • As a cancer ganker, I’d say dont bother making builds since you’ll be dead when you got dismounted. We have chains to pull you back and purge for your shoes and stalker Helm for your invis . Just dont get dismounted. And I’d say pest lizard with a fort sterling cape takes most of our time to catch. Try it. And just a random running build but like I Said its pointsless if you are dismounted.

  • Tcero is cancer in hightree lake

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    Im not writing this for to cry. Actually I am writing this while laughing, but these nerds stay all day long on Hightree lake road and dont let anybody to pass. When they see you they just Crawl into you like the goblins attacked the brotherhood of the ring in moira deeps in LOTR. They just dont stop coming . Not sure the numbers but it seemed they are endless. I dont know the point of this but its cancer

  • Everything

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    Everything ZvZ alanında en iyi Türk oluşumudur. Başkasının yalaklığını yapıp utanmadan alfa guild olma gibi bir inançları yok. Dün hideoutundan çıkamayan yalakların bugün PoE’yi yalayıp 8maplerini gatherlayıp sonra da alfa guildiz demediler. Böyle devam kardolar takipteyiz.


  • Im not a slave in a big ally or guild. My whole guild is 30people. And we always gank maximum of 5people. Well no more comments here. Albion was fun when the players were not pussy. Thanks. Have a good game abusing the mechanic. No more comments

  • and also numbers is everything in Albion. If you are tired of getting ganked by higher numbers what about FFing with high numbers as well? The thing u are saying is ilke, oh no t5blob attacked our territory but we are only t1 blob. Oh no its unfair??? Diving is mechanic, diving with 20people is being a gypsy, scouting is pussiness

  • Dude its what the is all about. If no one dies, how are we going to sel our loot? Imagine in terms of economy. Im not saying I want unfair fights in dungeons, no. I want fair fights in dungeons. If a scout is used as a warning signal that a fight inc. Thats fine by me. But go rivercorpse fount, every teleport dung is made by hammer and sickle people by 8.3items. And when we dive them, they a out immediately and they Run through their hideouts. And we are only 5of us ganking the whole party. Man …

  • and also if you are getting killed by flat 4 gears while you have t7+ ones please consider l2p. I was getting dived by 4people everytime I faction farm in thetford solos, still able to get them. Sometimes I die too. But I will never put an illegal scout on a fcking solo dungeon. Thats the thing crybabies do

  • I dont understand why you call everything as’crying’. People Said ratting was a game mechanic when I ‘cried’ about HGs. And HGs didnt mean to Rat. Then we have a nice HG system how it should be at the first hand. Now I am pointing out another non-game mechanic thing, which is absurd btw. I myself FF too and when I got dived ,mostly dead, I accepted it and moved on because ITS THE GAME MECHANIC. That’s why its called full loot game. Again I am insisting on this very topic, scouting is not a game …

  • Dude thats the point. If you want the fame, you should be Ready To DİE for it.

  • The ones saying ‘people don’t want To lose money’ crab; this game is Based on high risk high reward factor. If you dont want To lose money, go farm Yellow dungs. The higher Tier Maps give more fame because there is a risk that you can lose your stuff. But 10m fame people farms those t8 dungeons right now. My first T8 dung were 3months arter I started playing lol. And here in this topic that quick exit mechanic can solve it I guess