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  • Zitat von bobcar: „Skid good to see you don't have a life yet. Good people no elitist, although McChuff can get on ones nerves occassionally . Wish I had more time to hangout. Guild is always there to help. “ Wow, I come home from work , Sit down, open this page up and it seems I got what I wanted But this actually hurt man, I don’t ever remember being hurtful or mean or non inclusive towards you, clearly it was a troll /shitpost but you had pierce me through my heart...mah soul....mah neck.

  • This is the absolute best guild really if your looking for fun content and winning most of your pvp fights. Friendly group of people who enjoy just having foon. No elitist or asskissers in this guild. Just all aroun great, it’s always a fun time to just chill out n play with these guys.