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  • Complaints about divers and scouts have been going on for over a year and we still haven't had any feedback on that. In contrast, new dungeons are being implemented. Either SBI ignores the community and understands that everything is correct as it is today, or the dungeons will undergo rework. The fact is that there is no balance on both sides and even more, there is no interest in correcting these problems.

  • For me, blue and yellow zones are zones for beginners.I do not think that the fact of the guy crushing dungeons in blue and yellow faction he will make an absurd profit, he will make a considerable profit that depends on the effort to crush the dungeons. Another issue is that commonly the yellow zones are zerged by pks of t8 or more. So in my view there is no problem, the yellow and blue zones are just for new players to learn and create courage to go to the red and black zone. And not a PvP con…

  • Cluster Queue

    Akhenaden - - Developers' Statements


    Quote from MikeyMike: “Just make it so that territories can be captured at any time during prime time. Instead of giving the guilds/alliances holding each others' hands the chance to form up at a scheduled time to dominate and lock down a zone and its entrances/exits. If a territory was able to be captured at any time during prime time, it would keep the defending guild on its toes during that time. If captured by the attacking guild/alliance, then set a cool down period before it can be capture…

  • Quote from blast204: “Why don't they do something down the middle, create a new item which works like the ava's. However you have to craft it in town and place it in the RD. Then it alerts the team when its broken, make it rather pricey. Divers then know that its a decent squad, and the famers are given time to switch sets to engage in pvp. There's no easy solution. ” Yes, I have already suggested other times to place energy gates like those that exist in Avalonian dungeons. However, to avoid th…

  • Great arguments for excuses.Where do you stay when we discuss unfair and just struggles? ''Look, he's asking me to end this system burle !!! I will try to do some kind of bullying so that the illegal activity I do becomes more acceptable and I place you as an enemy!''

  • The game is infested, any information?

  • Demon boots

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    Now just put soldier boots in the place of the demon and the escape mechanism remains the same. Would find it more effective to increase the damage over your life and leave a fixed sprint. 50%? Or change the name from the boot to the escape boot and continue with this beautiful change.

  • Yes, I agree with you, I would also like to see something explanation about these contents. I also think that the rewards of dungeons and the open world should be more attractive and in return there should be a significant increase in trash. But of course, before, they need to fix the many system burle. Currently Albion is summarized in empty maps, full HCE, content rat and subdivided megs.

  • Feel hugged friend. It is past time for SBI to wake up about this N + and Non-PVP game. Creating certain restrictions will not prevent players from sandbox, but it will not disappoint fans of that game.

  • New arcane Q

    Akhenaden - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    I am interested, my friend, if possible, give me your discord, or call me in-game.

  • Quote from tomipio: “Quote from Owlxzie: “So we love dungeon dives and stuff. Its a game mechanic and Im pretty sure the devs want it to be this way. However, there are some things that prevent it to happen . Like putting a Scout in the entrance. Thats not a mechanic of the game. And also I m pretty sure Im not the only one seeing the crowd near HCE portals. If so, delete the Random dungeons and let all the players do the fame farm through HCE’s and make all the maps full loot. Even in royals? ”…

  • Blue Zone

    Akhenaden - - Rants


    I believe that since Queen the game is getting more and more non-pvp. I mean, there are several things where it is possible to find a conflict, but everything is circumvented by the players, so we got to a point, where maybe the only content you can say, oops, a fight is in ZvZ's. And yet there are few ZvZ's that can be said that "" wow, what a good fight "". Very system burle. sad. Anyway, the game needs more risk, more adrenaline, especially for those who sit in the black zone, ops, I say blue…

  • With all respect. Allow only N+ hideouts places per aliance.(maybe only 6) Hideout with public or private option, without access to guild x or alliance y.

  • Spear E zvz

    Akhenaden - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    I suggest adding in the E skill of the triple spear, a kind of wave that leaves the center and goes to the end of the skill causing a knockback of 0.8 sec.

  • New arcane Q

    Akhenaden - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    New Q of the arcane, has an interesting idea but does not allow the use of it. I suggest that you make it scalable with cast speed, perhaps by changing the duration of the silence or adding some ability on the W to reduce the cooldown.

  • This has been discussed a billion times. All this is simply ignored, it seems that we are playing on the test server, where people get 100/400 quickly, each time megs who are the main abusers of the system become megs and the rest just leave the game. There is no risk and everything that was introduced since the queen fucked only minor guilds, circumvent debuf, queue expelling by IP, NAPs, Hideouts next to statistics ... finally, never before seen in Albion, the mechanics were so neglected as no…

  • Pau-Brasil Recruta

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    PAU-BRASIL GUILDA Quem Somos: Somos uma comunidade que preza pela humildade, união, coletividade e amizade. Nosso foco principal é o PvP, porém temos abertura para diversas formas de For Fun. Sobre o PVP somos bem competitivos e tryhard sempre no objetivo de vencer e conseguir lutas Épicas. Objetivos de temporada: Nosso objetivo é sempre alcançar o rank de PRATA Requisitos: * 1m de fama total * Jogador novo que não tem 1m de fama total precisa atingir 1m de fama total em até 5 dias guilda * Ser …

  • Along with this, put a correct IP cap. It is tiring to see healers from 8.3 immortals.